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Hi .. amazing theme… what about Blog section .. i cant find it! =)

Hi! There is no blog section. The main idea of the design is creating blog posts and displaying them in employments and portfolio sections.

is there a way to add multiple CVs? like people going in to the web site and adding their info to it?

Hi! Unfortunately this theme does not support multiple CVs.

Hi, is it possible to write a blog post and insert it under the portfolio? I mean in your demo, there are only pictures, so it´s difficult to know :)

Hi! This theme does not support blogs. But if you wont to have a theme for online cv with blog, please take a look at the another one

I’m a proud custumer. Now let’s see what can we do with it.

Thank you!

Kind regards, KiT.

I think it has some issues with wp 3.6 I will downgrade today and give a feedback about it.

Hi! Ok, we are waiting for your feedback!

Works fine on 3.5.2 however I will retest it on 3.6 (I think it should work on it too)

Hi Guys, any news ? The update is much needed. Thanks.

Hi! Update will be available this week!

I would buy if this was an HTML template.

html coming soon

I got notified about an update on this theme. Could you please describe the new features or bugs found?

The list of changes Version 1.1:

An option to put the link in the post Portfolio (Work result or link to the video) has been added

An option to display video or *.swf-file in prettyPhoto

The bug with messages after sending the contact form has been fixed.

An option to assign the font size for first name and last name individually has been added

Social icons for e-mail and instagram have been added

Hi, For those interested the files involved in this update (1.1) are:
  • template-resume.php
  • template-portfolio.php
  • style.css
  • index.php
  • header.php
  • functions.php
  • footer.php
  • \admin\theme-settings.php
  • \includes\type-post.php

“An option to put the link in the post Portfolio (Work result or link to the video) has been added” – Where? Thank you!

Hi! Now when you select gallery post that is associated with portfolio categoty (selected in theme options) new field link target displayed.

Hi There, Thanks for the update, basic question (sorry) how can I update without losing the existing content? Regards, Vincent

Hi! Replase the files in your theme folder with the latest theme version. The content will not be lost in this case. Also you can make a backup using WP instruments (export and import in Admin panel)

Thank you.

I recently purchased this theme, and I am trying to flesh out my resume. The “Years From” and “Years To” areas have no drop down menus. I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this problem?

I purchased right before the newest update, but didn’t start editing it until after updating. I’m not sure if the problem was there before or not.

Oh, you were right, I didn’t have the portfolio category linked (I had resume linked, just not portfolio). The Years From-To area still has no drop down menus to use. I’ll email you. Thank you for your time, and the theme!

Actually, I don’t seem to be able to find your email address. can you tell me on here? Otherwise, my email is, if you want to shoot me an email, and we can begin that way.

Hi! Ok! We will email you!

Hi I have just purchased this theme but once it is installed, it seems to not display anything at all. I have followed the install and have a few years experience with WP but this one has stumped me… the admin options are showing, running on 3.5.2 (have tried latest as well) just getting a white page as if there is no style? – Other themes are displaying fine

Working now, not sure what it was that fixed it. Great theme thanks!

Hi! Great that it works now. Theme was tested with WP 3.6 and works fine.

“Years to” and “Years from” dropdown isn’t present. The resume box shows, but there is no dropdown for these items. There is a textbox for Position however.

@shaneknuth Sure! I have done a lot of theme modifying to include things like birthdate and middle name. I hope he implements it. Let me find the code I changed and post it here. The original for these is a select dropdown. I removed it since it doesn’t appear and just made it a text box. Should temporarily solve the issue. The edited file is type-post.php.

Look for this snippet of code:

            'name' => 'Years from',
            'desc' => '',
            'id' => 'years_from',
            'type' => 'select',
            "options" => $years_from
            'name' => 'Years to',
            'desc' => '',
            'id' => 'years_to',
            'type' => 'select',
            "options" => $years_to

and replace it with this:
            'name' => 'Years from',
            'desc' => '',
            'id' => 'years_from',
            'type' => 'text'
            'name' => 'Years to',
            'desc' => '',
            'id' => 'years_to',
            'type' => 'text'

I am not responsible for your site breaking. This is to help people who are having problems until the developer can get to the questions.

My portfolio isn’t using the lightbox view mode. Goes straight to the images. When I import the dummy file, only those images work. But once I remove one of the images and re-feature it, it breaks.

Hi! The both issues were fixed in the latest update, please download the latest version!

jonny5v, I saw that you had posted up a few more comments with code in them relating to the Years to/from errors. Would you be able to put that back up? I’m having this issue, and I’m a programming beginner, and can’t seem to figure it out.

@jonny5v, thank you very much. I see what you did there, and that is a nice work-around. I have it working on my site now. Thanks a lot!

Hi! The issue is fixed in the latest update, please download the latest version!

The list of changes Version 1.1.1:

Bug with fields ‘date from’ and ‘date to’ when creating post in the category ‘resume’ is fixed

Bug with prettyPhoto in Portfolio is fixed

Sorry for the inconveiences we have caused you. now everything is ok

Thank you for the fix! Everything is working now.

Suggestion: Add a birthday field into the profile area of theme options since the “print” option has a birthday listed. Also, add the option for a middle name input.

I have implemented it on my page:

Ok! Will be done in next update.


Great work, love the design! Is it possible to add more pictures/photos in one post? For example a photoshoot. You dont want the whole series on the portfolio page, but click on the post-item and see all the photos in there. Thnx!

Hi! We will think about such option implementation.


Is it possible to add a custom logo instead of the profile pictuere and the name?


Yes, you can upload any image and disable name display.

What is about SEO ?

Hi! Sorry but favicon can be added only in iso format.

Yeah sure but im asking for ur design becuz it looks rly nice :)

We planned to add the hierarchy of headings as an option, and meta-tags in the next update.