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Hey, I really like your design. Nice work. But I have a question: On your preview-page there is a imageviewer: If you click on an image, an image viewer appears. This ist my page: When I click on an image, the image appears as a full page.

Is it possible to get the same image viewer like on your page?

Hi! Your theme version is not up-to-date, please download the latest update and the issue will be fixed automatically.

ok, thanks ;)


Hello there

We kindly ask all our customers who give us negative marks to clarify what the reasons are. Since we never came across truly negative feedback in the comments, in case of non-providing an explanation we will consider all this a demonstration of an unfair competition.

We always carefully analyze all the comments and try to help everyone who needs our support. Of anyone is not satisfied with the theme’s work or our support, we are always ready to hear all the critics and help solve any issue occurred.

We understand that most of the time positive impressions do not motivate so strongly as negative ones, however we would really appreciate – if you happen to like our works and our support – please, give us an assessment. In case you are not satisfied – please, contact us and we’ll gladly try to solve your issue.

Thank you so much for choosing our theme.


I can’t seem to get anything to show in the resume section. I created a post with content and category to go to that page. I have the theme options set correctly for the resume and portfolio section.

urls is

Thanks for your help.

Hi! This is what i see on your page. Both resume and portfolio sections displayed with content. If you still have the issue, please email us with your credentials.

Hello i’ve install the theme and the xml file from installer but i can’t find the skype icon to add on the index index. Any ideas :confused: ?? Thx Federico

You can yoursef edit the file admin/theme-settings.php, by adding on the line 22 ‘l’ => ‘Skype’ (afer facebook) . Or you can wait for an update

I’ve add icon. Thx Federico

Hello, I installed the theme but it doesn’t seem to include the backgrounds that I was able to pick in the demo at: (I particularly like the clouds one)

My questions are: 1) Are those background images “included”, which means, can I just save them and upload them on my website? Or they are not part of the “license” I purchased? 2) Is it currently safe to update wordpress to version 3.6, or should I wait a future release to fix any compatibility issue?

Thanks. Great theme btw! Matteo


1) Unfrotunately, background image is not a part of the theme and cannot be included into the archive.

2) The theme has been tested on wp 3.6 So you may update your version.

Thank You!

Hello there,

Is there any way to add the months to my resume page instead of only the year?


You can order theme’s customization from us, since this funcionality was not announced in the description and we didn’t receive such requests form other customers

Hello, my theme works fine except that in theme options – social media it only shows me a blank page and i seem to have no ability to add the social media icons on top of the page. can you tell me why this happens? thank you, best regards

Hi! Email us with access to your site. We will investigate the issue.


great job! But i have one question: is it possible to change the social icons? i would like to have Researchgate and Xing instead of Google Plus and Dribble for example.


We are preparing upate where you can upload any social icons on your own

Great, thanks for the answer and the great theme. I have another question: i need to have a imprint, so i have added a link in the footer, and put all informations on a page ( The problem is that this page shows nothing. Is there another way to show this informations? I tried it also with an uncategorized post, but this shows only the starting page. Thanks a lot!

Hi! Email us with access to your site. We will investigate the issue.

Are the print/download versions generated to look similar to the design of the site or do they need to be uploaded on your own? I’m looking for a site design that can produce a “print friendly version” from the site

Print-version is being generated automatically based on the data you have specified on your profile. As for the download-version – you should upload it yourself.

Hi guys!

I just purchased the theme today and I’m really loving it. I just need your help on the following:

PROFILE section Remove right side fields Show the blog side bar pencil icon so I can link the blog

RESUME section Color palette # for resume (apple green) used in the demo How to change down arrow colors for the sub-section to light blue How to change right pointing arrow colors from black to light blue How to custom arrange the order of the items under roles, education, and recommendations apart from ascending and descending How to activate the widget for the skills

CONTACTS section How to solve this Transmit Failed! Error Send Message!

hope to hear from you soon :)

thanks, Chris

Hi! Please provide your purchase key and we will answer all your questions. Also please note that all your quetions seems to be related with ShiftCV theme not FlatCV. Thanks!

Hello i’ve a questions is it possible to open another category from portfolio button but different for example About thet containt html? Thx Federico

Hi! Yes it can be implemented. Please provide more details what page should it be.

Hi REX i want add a sampe article with a title and paragraphe and a photo (no slide, no lightbox ecc.. only static image). But i want open it to portfolio tab. Thx Federico

Hi! It looks like customization, please email us with more details, screenshot will also be helpful.


Congrats for the design its trully amazing!;)

I have a simple question to you guys, is it possible to use a logo instead of the name in the top area?


Thanks for ur kind words. The theme is designed as as personal website. You difinitely may use logo instead of name, but you will not be able to do this using Theme Option. You are going to have to use help of specialists, and get a little customization.


I would like to ask if it is possible to show more characters on posts titles because I get ”...” where the title is long.

Thank you

I changed it (to 90, 500 etc) but nothing happened

You guided me to change the title length value for portfolio. I wanted it for the Resume :)

I changed it: template-resume.php (line 63). Now it’s ok.

Thank you :)

Ok sorry for the typo.

Hi when you click on the print you get the date of birth label but there isn’t any input field in the theme to add this.

Thank you.

Hi! Will implemented in the next update. You can also edit manualy in lines 60-63 of template-print.php file.

Hi, thanks for the great theme. Its perfect for a quick resume site!

One question: My gf is not a creative so she doesn’t have any creative work to display in portfolio section. Instead, we wanted to just have a blank wordpress page where we can add in content as a post type.

Is this possible to do? Thanks


Hi! This theme does not support blog so the blog posts can not be displayed. The only way we can help you is disable portfolio at all.

Hi, just purchased the template – missed one or two points – so let me ask:

- is there a way to integrate some kind of blog? I know, i’ve should have been looking for this option in front. But i didn’t :(

- how can i add additional social services? In Germany there is “xing” which is pretty popular here, so i want to add it.

Maybe you could help me this issues….


Hi! FlatCV does not support blog. Xing will be added in the next theme update

By the way… all the way down your link in

“Before you install and set the theme, please look through the documentation carefully”

here on themeforest leads to:

Which might not be the target you intend ;)

thank you so much! fixed!

Need Help !

The theme FlatCV doesn’t Work :-(

New WP Install (3.6.1) + Theme FlatCV 1.1 = Doesn’t Work

No Extensions activated

Ca you Help me ! Please


Hi! Can you please provide more details? Do you get some errors or just a blank page?

The site only displays the header pages. No other page content not displayed. After searching, the bug comes from the translation files.

I am French and I had translated files and default.MO and .PO in my language when installing the theme.

However, in our language we use the ’ sign. If the PO translated contained sign ’ then site bug and displays only the header page. The content of the pages do not display then.

The character ’ therefore conflict with the PHP code.

It would be nice to fix it.

Thank you.

Hi! We reccomend our customers to use screening for the symbol ‘ ‘ ’, but we will search for any other issue solution. Thanks!

I would like to embed YouTube video and Soundcloud audio in the Portfolio. Is this possible?

OK, so YouTube works awesome. No Soundcloud support I take it?

Hi! Sorry we do not support Soundcloud for sharing.

Hi Great theme! Can i add youtube video in portfolio page?

Thanks! Yes, this option was added in release 1.1 (‘An option to put the link in the post Portfolio (Work result or link to the video) has been added’)