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Congratulations for the great, great template. I’ve been able to custom a bit in some way, but I’m using only the whmcs side, as I love the essential mood. One or a couple of questions: how can I integrate nice social buttons in the footer, and why don’t you manage a nice group of media icons? The second question: is it possible integrate the slideshow in the whmcs home page, without using the html template (or at least upload it for this proposal)? I accept a quote apart, if you can do something for me. Again, congratulations for the fantastic theme.

Hello Dicusclub,

Thank you :) I’m glad you find this useful.

As of version 3.1, I have added a complete Font Awesome Icons. You can see the demo here :

You can also download the latest version. However its currently only for HTML version. You’ll need some tweaks to make it work with whmcs or wait for the next update :)

You can also add a slideshow to the WHMCS page if you want, You’ll need some tweaks. If you can send a mail to

I’ll be glad to assist. But only tomorrow. Its almost midnight here :)

LOOOL..please rest your eyes. Yes, I will contact you soon to get some (paid) help. And thank you so much.


nusaint Purchased


How to remove or disable sticky header?



Just remove the class “navbar-fixed” from the menu. And if you see some spacing, remove the margin from CSS.

If you have any doubts, Send me an email to


Danirub Purchased

Hi nice design . In the WHMCS i lose the lock in the ssl. What can be the problem that happens?


That should the problem with Google Web Fonts. Head over to /template/flathost/header.tpl file. Change http to https://

That’s it.

Just purchased the template pack and so far I am happy with it, have only uploaded the WHMCS side of it and I have 2 concerns.

1. In documentation it states: To make Domain Search and Login Popup work, You should change the Form action Path inside both form

It does not say which files need to be edited, so I might miss something. This needs attention.

2. The invoices at url viewinvoice.php still looks horrible, I hoped that this would have been modernized at least.

Then I have a question, since I purchased this, am I entitled to future update? I did not see any information regarding this

Lastly, many thanks for the template


Thank your for your purchase and I’m glad that you are happy with it.

To address your concerns

1. Domain & Login are intented to use with Flathost HTML version. But in your case you are only using WHMCS. So there is no need for this. Because WHMCS comes with a working domain & login.

2. Can you send me the website URL to I’ll be glad to fix any issues.

3. Yes. You have access to future updates for free. Just re-download the package from Downloads page whenever we got new updates. make sure you have checked the “Notify me when this item updated” in the Downloads page. So that you will get a notification via email.

Let me know if you have any further issues via my email.

Thank you.



dacovi Purchased

Hello I download your theme and it’s fantastic. I have a doubt about inster the map. You edit this code in your folder. <iframe src=”\\1m8\\1d3151.835837652496\\3d-37.817313999999996\\1i1024\\4f13.1\\1m22sEnvato+Pty+Ltd\\3m2\\2sin!4v1408780745585” width=”100%” height=”250” frameborder=”0” style=”border:0”></iframe> And I try to insert and iframpe with my map and not loading. Can i edit more something in the code.

So about contact form, can i edit something ? i look at id=”phpcontactform” ? I have to edit something ? thanks.


Thank you for purchasing my template and glad you liked it.

However I couldn’t understand your issue. It looks messy in this comment form.

I’d suggest you to send me an email to with your website link and a detailed description.

Thanks, Surjith


fish911 Purchased

Hi Surjith I sent you a message vis email I believe? Just disregard it please if I’m able to find a solution here. I have a question about installing the multi-page version of Flathost.. Do I upload all the multiple page HTML and CSS files to the templates directory or do I need to edit the header.tpl, footer.tpl and CSS files separately and add the multiple page HTML and CSS files ?

I’m after the look and feel of the demo basically.

I thank you for you help in advance. Fish

Hello Fish,

I’ve already sent you a reply.

Regading your concern, Please note that the HTML Template & WHMCS Template is different and it works separately.

First you should copy all files inside multipage folder (HTML and CSS files)to your “public_html” folder in your server.

Then Create a sub directory or subdomain called “clients” or “bliing”, This is where you install WHMCS. Then You should copy whmcs/flathost folder to your server/clients/templates/ folder.

Now everything will be fine. Please check my email where I’ve sent you a link that might help.

Please reply me to that mail, if you need further support.

As, comments is usually for pre-purchase questions.



fish911 Purchased

Thanks Surjith sorry about posting this here I had a hard time locating a support forum and was not sure if your direct email would be the best means of contact thanks for making that clear. I will go check out the email.
Thanks again for the help. I must say I’m very happy with your product and the support you offer,
Anyone considering the purchasing of a responsive WHMCS theme this would be a great choice.
I anticipate a large increase in people updating to responsive over the next week with the new google mobilegeddon changes..


Thank you for your kind words,

You can contact me on . I’m not using any support forum, because I feel email is the best and easy (also, friendly) way to communicate.

So feel free to email me, I’ll be glad to help.

I have a PRE-SALE question:

Will your template allow to change the look of the WHMCS Front-End as well as the Back-End?

I am using WHMCS only for my hosting site.


Thank you for your interest.

Flathost comes with an HTML version and WHMCS version. So, Yes. It will change the look of WHMCS front-end. But it will not change anything in the back-end.

Hope that helps. If you have any other doubts, feel free to email me on I’ll be glad to help.


Great template. Had some issues at first but Surjith was able to fix them. Fast support.

Thanks for your kind words :)

The live demo is not working.

Thanks so much for letting me know. Its fixed now.


I’m very interested to buy this theme. It looks great.

I just wondering which version to take, the WordPress or HTML version.

Which one can you advice in cases of speed, security and SEO? What are benefits of the WordPress and HTML version?


Thanks for choosing this template for your awesome project.

You can choose HTML version if you know how to edit HTML & CSS files. Its lightweight and will load faster.

If you don’t know how to edit HTML, you can choose WordPress where you can edit with WYSIWYG editor.

Hope that’s clear.



DeanoX Purchased

Demo is not working.

Thanks for noticing. It should be working fine now.

The 3.2 version will come?

Sure. It will. If you have any feature request, Let me know. I’ll be glad to add those also.

Sorry for the late reply as it was weekend.


Revolution Slider :)

Noted. Thanks :)


yehanny Purchased

Hi Surjith, I purchased this template and it’s awesome! I really love it and it change the look and feel of the WHMCS’s web page to my clients. But it has some bugs in the “clientarea – productsdetails” Tabs are not working and it shows the whole content of the others tabs in the same page, how can we solve it? Another bug it’s the “Go to cPanel” button doesn’t work as the “Go to WebMail” button does very well. How can we solve it? Also I want to use NON-HTTPS connection so my client enter directly to HTTP. Finally the easing function for links in homepage doesn’t work neither. I appreciate any help, thanks for the good work!... :)

Hello yehanny,

Thanks for purchasing this template.

I’m really sorry for the trouble caused to you. I’ll be glad to help. But I need some information.

1. Your Website Link
2. A Demo User Login details (if needed)
3. Screenshots of Issue you are referring to.

Could you please send these info to my email



neoriche Purchased

Please provide better instruction on how to get the Login to work with WHMCS. Like what is the actual file(s) you edit to get the login to work on all pages.

Hello neoriche,

I’m sorry you got some trouble regrading Login.

Its rally simple to setup. Open HTML & Find the Login Popup Section where you can see code starting <form action=”..> Where please change the action URL to your WHMCS URL. You can also find this URL in WHMCS admin => Menu => Utilities => Integration Code.

If that doesn’t help, Please send me an email to

I’ll be glad to help.


(Replied with in 3 minutes)

Will this theme work with V6?


v6 is in Beta version, we are planning to release a compatible version once they released.


This is a great product! Thank you.

Glad you like it. You can also rate this template on page.


Is this theme ready for WHMCS v6?


The current WHMCS version is V5.3.14. And its compatible with that version. We will make it compatible for v6 once they released it to public. Now its in beta.

Hope that helps.



i have a little problem in Safari on Mac. When i click the login button and close the popup again, the font of the navigation item gets thinner. Could you fix this please?

Best Regards Jörg

Sure. I’ll be happy to help.

Please open a Support Ticket on with your Website URL