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i have updated to the latest version, however on the quotes page (once logged into WHMCS) the box comes along side

0 Records Found, Page 1 of 1

and goes off the page. when its on a mobile device this looks ok, just on desktop view.

cjrisk Purchased

I have just done that now for you!

cjrisk Purchased

For the time being i have made some changes to a couple of the files, and it seems like it has fixed the problem.


(Line 310)

.table-framed { float:right }

And i added the following to Bootstap.css

.pagination{ float:left }

Can you let me know if these are ok changes, and if a fix will be coming out in an update?


Hello, This is fixed and sent you the files, For others, I will update it soon with that fix.

Hey, i found a bug on WHMCS templates, can you take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpqgg156ark&feature=youtu.be

Thank’s a lot :)


Hello, The bug you have shown is working fine here. Are you using the latest boostrap.css file?

Could you please send me your website link to support@surjithctly.in

Do you have wordpress version?

Can you pass along the code to create a dropdown menu in the navigation on the HTML site?


Nevermind – found it on the demo!


Great. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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1. Can you confirm the slider buttons aren’t working, even in the preview? They are not responding to click and touch. I’m using Windows 8.1 Enterprise (10 touch points) along with the stable Chrome release Version 40.0.2214.111 m.

2. I’m trying to use the latest Bootstrap 3.3.2 with jQuery 2.1.3 but the template has broken badly. I’m going to stick with the older one for awhile. Are there going to be any updates anytime soon before I release the live version of my edited template?



Could you please send me your website link and related screenshot to support@surjithctly.in ? I’ll be glad to fix if there’s any issue.


1- I’m interest to buy this template in case of support RTL, could you do that? 2- after Purchase can I translate it and make any changes such as change footer copyright, style, etc..?


Hello, Yes. You can do all of that. Its very easy to customize. RTL support is just away from one line of code.

You can contact me after purchase : support@surjithctly.in

I really like this template plus I like the WHMCS version. Problem is, I don’t use Wordpress, I use Joomla. If you made a Joomla version the I’d be all over it :)


Hello, currently we don’t have a Joomla version. But the page you commented is for HTML. May be you can try that.


Could you please update the following plugins?
  1. Bootstrap v3.3.2
  2. Modernizr 2.8.3
  3. jQuery 1.11.2
  4. FlexSlider 2.3.0
In new versions there are many impovement and bugs fixup related to browsers. Also it would be nice if you add few more things in Theme like:
  1. FontAwesome Icons (4.3.0)
  2. Server Status Page
  3. Custom 404 Page
  4. PHP Captcha verification in contact us form (4 PHP files Added)
  5. Mail Chimp Newsletters Integration

Regards, Hardik Shah


Excellent. Thank you for your suggestions, I will update it soon. I would like to talk to you. regarding this. Please send me an email to support@surjithctly.in

Can you explain in detail about how Seo friendly is this template?


Hi, I have used all sematic tags. Also I’ve put a Meta description to put your keywords.

But your website should perform well to get better ranking. Because its all about the content you put.


FYI, you’re being ripped off. Someone changed the header/footer images and look to be passing it off as their own work + selling/auctioning it as well.


Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate your effort. I already submitted a DMCA against them. Let’s see how it goes further..

“This website is all set up and ready to go. A brand new free version of WHMCS is installed, the template has been created by one of our web design firms and all the code and HTML has been written by us. This isn’t one of those cookie cutter start up websites you get from eBay. We built most of the great website from scratch.”

Strange since last login I have these ‘responsive’ menu on the left site of my hosting page. Don’t know how to put this back to a normal menu.



It seems you are using a monitor screensize less than 1200. I have added responsive menu for devices below that. However if you want to bring them back, Follow the steps.

Open /templates/flathost/css/flathost.css file. Go to very bottom, Where you can see a section called “RESPONSIVE MENU” Just below that you will see a code like this

@media (max-width: 1200px) {

Change that to

@media (max-width: 768px) {

Note: This will bring back the normal menu, But there is a chance to break these menus if its too long to fit.

Also, Please note, I will only provide support on my support email: support@surjithctly.in If you need further support, please email me. Comments is usually for pre-sale questions.

JedWafu Purchased

Will this work on the latest version of WHMCS 5.3.12?


Sure, It will. If you found any bugs, Let me know. I’ll be glad to fix if any.

JedWafu Purchased

Thanks for the response. Hope to see more features in the future.


If you have any feature request, let me know.. I’ll be glad to do that. Email me on support@surjithctly.in

You should add a slider option for VPS as this is something i had to manually create. I’m sure others will want it aswell.


Thank you for your suggestion,

I always wanted to hear new feature request from buyers. I will consider this as well.

But I’m not sure I understand your request completely. What do you mean by Slider option for VPS?

Please send reply to support@surjithctly.in That would be much easier to communicate for both of us.

hyperd Purchased

Can I download v3.1 update?


Sure. Head over to the Download page, and click the download button. Boom! Now you are the owner of v3.1 :)

And if you can see the five stars besides that, don’t forget to click that to rate this template..

You will also get future updates for free.. Keep checking, Keep downloading.

If you need any assistance, Send me an email to support@surjithctly.in

hostinap Purchased

Happy with template and the support provided by the author surjithctly

The response support time great with in an hour i got solved.

happy .


Glad I could help. Don’t forget to give it a five stars on the downloads page.

I am running the newest version of FlatHost. On order checkout page, the Checkout, View Cart, etc buttons are white and not styled. How can this be resolved.

See issue here: https://edgeserv.com/clientarea/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=4



Can you send a screenshot to support@surjithctly.in ? It seems everything fine here. Also try downloading a latest copy once more and replace the Modern orderform in the /orderforms/modern folder.


Weird, that seemed to work, reuploading the modern folder. Here’s a screenshot to show you what was happening. http://imgur.com/BHvdi04


Can you try clearing the cache? Also reply me on support@surjithctly.in (not in comments)

tylrsmllr Purchased

After the latest update, on mobile devices, the hamburger menu does not function. See here, using a mobile device, such as an iPhone. http://edgeserv.com.


Glad it works. It would be even great if you could rate this template :)

tylrsmllr Purchased

Absolutely! Rating submitted.



My WHMCS ver.v5.3.12

will the template workin this version?


Thank you for your interest Ameenov.

Sure. Flathost WHMCS Template is compatible with your version.

if you encounter any issues, Send me a mail to support@surjithctly.in I’ll be glad to help you.

fish911 Purchased

I purchased your WHMCS template about three days ago and have not been able to use it..

Can you please provide with with the installtion steps I’m missing if any?? Or possibly an updated version of the How_To_Install.txt file….

Please see the live version by clicking below. http://client-portal.xcurrent.org/index.php?systpl=flathost http://client-portal.xcurrent.org/

Directions on how to install the WHMCS template as located in the How_To_Install.txt file.

1. Upload the “Flathost” Folder to your WHMCS Folder /templates folder.

2. Upload the ”/orderforms/modern” folder to your server in same path (Replace the existing)

3. Activate “Flathost” Template from WHMCS Admin Panel Setup.

4. Make sure you are using “Modern” Template for Orderforms.

5. If you are already added Products/Services, Then change orderform to “Modern” Template in Product Group Settings.

6. Refresh the Client Area.

After following your step by step instructions on how to install the WHMCS template to the “T” THREE TIMES I am still getting the exact same results each time. The site looks as if no CSS at all has been imported???

I see comments above with support topics getting answered in less than 1 hour, my request was submitted three days ago and still no response.



Sorry for that. I have never received your request. But only this comment.

So, From the give link, I understand that none of the css or js files are not loaded to the website.

For ex: When I’m navigating to this URL : http://client-portal.xcurrent.org/templates/flathost/css/bootstrap.css

It shows error. That means either the file is not uploaded correctly or you have got some server configuration issue.

Please have a look on this, and make sure that every URL is accessible.

And let me know via support@surjithctly.in

I’ll be glad to assist. But no more request in comments please. Its hard to track of.