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hi, i wrote a personal message to you regarding a problem with the slider-images and netscape. i have not got an answer until now. please help and respond.

thanks a lot. lorenz

Hi Lorenz, sorry I overlooked your message. The site has been updated since 2013 along with most of the plugins. It is important to keep things to date so as not develop issues as you have stated. However, I checked your site on my Firefox and it looks ok. I would suggest downloading the template and replacing the NerveSlider files to see if this works for you. Hope this helps. Jo

hi josweb, using the latest version of your template means to do the whole work a second time :-( is it possible only to update the nerve slider? best wishes, lorenz

Yes that’s what my comment stated. :D

Hello, I bought the wp version long ago… I wanted to use it now, but I see it’s no longer available. I have the zip donwloaded, but I would like to know why you have removed the wp version and if there is any problems in using it.. thanks.

ok.. thanks.. mm what does a.w.o.l. mean?

Oh sorry! It means – absent without leave. They disappeared without notice, totally unprofessional.

Ok I see.. thank you again!


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Any chance you could provide an example how you would integrate a language switcher into the layout?

Hi, can you guide me to change home video background source from youtube instead mp4 ?

Hi there, shows the html5 video example. You can find help in the Slider Revolution documentation.

Hi, are you still support this product ?


Hi, no longer support ?


Great theme!

However, I can’t seem to get the “Cat Slider” to work on the Services page:

Test Site

I’m not seeing any errors in FireBug, so I don’t know if there is a bug present…

Have you got it working as it is for me?

Yes, we were able to figure it out. Thanks for the response!

Jolly good! :D

Is there other form elements supported? Radio buttons, checkboxes..etc? Is there a demo of what that might look like in this template?

You can see elements here –


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I bought your Theme and it looks really good. I have a question. How can I delete this? Screen:

Can you add me on Skype? – I write you my ID to PN. Have some other questions too.

- Jan

.slider-title:after {
    border: solid transparent;
    content: " ";
    height: 0; width: 0;
    position: absolute;
    pointer-events: none;


thanks for your answer. Is it possible to use “flati” for Wordpress?

- Jan

No sorry it’s not.

Hi, I like all of your themes! I just bought Flati and I’m looking at Qubit as well. Is there an easy way to use the overlay transitions from Quibit in Flati? Of course, there may also be features in Flati that I may want to use in Qubit. I guess I’m wondering if there is any technical reason I couldn’t copy the js and css from one to the other? Are the bootstrap and Jquery versions the same?

Thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to using Flati and Qubit! Tony

Hi, I can’t see any reason why not. :)

Great! I’ll pick up the Qubit theme now. I also appreciate the quick response.

Could you update the changelog for the new release of 2015-07-18? :)

Nevermind :) 18th July 2015 – V.5.1.2 Please replace > js > jquery.prettyPhoto.js

Hi, great work on flati. What changed in the new release since last week? It looks pretty much the same and I’m not finding the update info. thanks, Chris Tobin

Does it support more ? do more or fix more ? ( from an old IT guy )

It’s a security update that we all had to do if we are using Pretty Photo in our templates.


Hi there – I saw an update came through for this theme. Is there a place I can see the changelog?

18th July 2015 – V.5.1.2 Please replace > js > jquery.prettyPhoto.js

Hi Josweb, just like to leave a super positive comment for you!

You code is really clean, well laid out and this site in particular is incredibly easy to get into and use without much hassle.

So just wanted to give you a shout out and thanks for developing such a killer product :-)

Thank you very much indeed, you have made my day! :D Did you leave a star rating also?

Hi, unfortunately, my Revolution Slider does not work anymore, since my Wordpress was updated to 4.2.3 automatically. It doesn’t slide anymore. I’m using Version: 4.6.5 and would like to update to Version: 4.6.93. But how?

First I asked themepunch, but they said that I only get the update from the theme itself, because I bought the plugin within a bundle with Flati theme.

Then I checked in my download section if you had included the newest update in the theme. But there is the message written: Download not available Item removed by either staff or the author. But there must be an update, it says (Last Update 19 July 15).

So can you please tell where do I get the lates version 4.6.93 of the Revolution Slider? Do you have any other idea, why my slider does not work anymore?

Please help. Thanks Frank

Hi, sorry but I wasn’t the creator of the Wordpress site, it was made by another developer who went a.w.o.l and so the theme was lost. I am very sorry about this but there is nothing that I can do.


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multiple html5 videos (in index5) – using multiple source tags for additional videos is not working for me


This theme would be perfect for a project I’m working on, if it had RTL support… any plans to add that?