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Hi!! Awsome template. I think that I found a bug.

If the “nav-accordion” is larger than the screen, the vertical scroll bar does not appears in Chrome and Opera. Working in Firefox. Not tested in Explorer and Safari.

Tested using and locally with the last version published.

Browsers tested:

- Chrome: Version 42.0.2311.135 (64-bit) - NO WORKING
- Opera: 29.0.1795.47 -  NO WORKING
- Firefox: 37.0.2 - WORKING

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (x86_64; Unity)


thanks for your comments we’ll check it. :)

Hi, In the Owl -Carousel example you used here, , i noticed that the tabs PROMO, PHOTO & OTHER is not working. Can you send me some code snippets to make it work?

Also in the POPULAR Brand of this week “Dimond Ring” widget, how can i add multiple items.


Hi, we just give an idea about this section for demo purpose. you can use tab (bootstrap tab) option here.

In popular brand widget you can use any slider/carousel like bxslider/owl carousel or something else to make multiple item sliding.



Do you have an example of a vertically scrollable div inside a panel? I looked in the examples and could not find it. I want to add lot of info to a panel, but want it to scroll up and down

I am a purchaser of your product Thanks in advance

Hi, vertically scrollable div inside a panel demo is not available now. but you can do it very easily please follow this screenshot. for example we want like this panel and the code example is

hope solved your problem.


Great, solved it. Thanks.

Glad to know that :)

Hi -

Flatlab template is mobile friendly but unable to drag and drop the sortable todo list on tablet. Below is the link, please help its urgent.

Thank you, Adnan

Hi, we checked and nothing found any issue with that. We didn’t see your purchased badges anyway.


Hi, I am a developer and my client purchased for me. I got this issue while testing on the tablet and its still there. May be I am not doing it right, can anyone else confirm this please?

Thank you, Adnan

There would appear to be a bug in IE8 while using the template. If you click on the scroll bar and scroll down the page, occasionally when you release the mouse, the scroll bar still acts like you are using it and continues to scroll up and down the page. The only way to stop this is to click on the scroll bar again which then allows you to use the content on the page. We have found that many people using mice without scroll wheels, or laptops without scroll functionality built in to the touch pad are experiencing this issue while using IE8. Hopefully there is a simple fix for this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, thanks for your comments. We’ll check it in IE8 and let you know.


my blog urls are like this

we have used this admin theme please help me how do i do it ?

Hi, we’re not clear your comments. Can you please elaborate more.


One quick question. How can I open/close/toggle the left sidebar using javascript?


Hi, In our theme this option already have. and the javascript initialization in common-script.js file line no 34 sidebar toggle


How can i install these theme in wordpress ??

Hi, thanks for your interest. This is made only html, css and js. Right don’t have wp version. You’ve to work on this to compatible it to wordPress.



can this be used as the UI for a web app? Parse provide a Javascript ( and PHP SDK (

Best wishes


Hi, Our theme is made only html, css and js. So it should be used in any framework. And we’re really sorry to say we’re not well educated about “Parse”. As our theme is made just html and css so you can check it and try.


I’m working on draggable_portlet.html, unable to drag portlet to empty column.

Secondly if user lifts the portlet to move it to another column (after the receiving column adjusted itself but does not give any highlighted feedback) can’t take it back to the originating column.

May be I’m missing some minor thing, any feedback will be much appreciated.


Hi, thanks for your comments. we’ll try to fix it next update.

Is there a way to keep state of the toggle navigation? For example, if I toggle navigation (full screen) and go to a different page, when I go back, I’d like the screen to still be at full width without the side nav.

Is something like this possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi, unfortunately right now this option is not available.


There seems to be a small bug when I’m using the theme on Google Chrome smartphone browser.

When I click on the main menu icon (top left), the menu opens but when I start to scroll down the menu dissapears.

How Can we solve this without to update all theme? What files must we overwrite?


Hi, thanks for your comments. we’ll check it and let you know after fixing this issues.


Sorry. The bug was in v1.3.3. (I use this version). I like know as to solve it without to update all theme. I need now the files where bug is resolved.


Hi, I love this theme, however, I have a couple of questions:

1: Do you have any plan to add ‘Auto Complete’ text boxes?

2: How do you make the column widths on a table to stay at a certain width?

Thanks, Daniel

Hi, thanks for your comments.

1. You can check this link here have different type of autocomplete with code example. Hope it will help you.

2. We made default bootstrap table and it doesn’t any fix column width. Column width increase or decrease according to column content value.



CGeorges Purchased

Are there no PSD files that contain the full navigator bar ? Currently I see only a layer that hold the whole header.

yes current psd include as a merged layer for navigation. Do you need this? No problem we will include layered navigation PSD in the next release. if you need earlier please send us a mail to we will send you personally


bynitris Purchased

Hello, I need to put one red limit line in my chart, how can I do like the image.

Just red limit line in 0.7.

Could you help me?


James Schmidt

Hi, Right now according to our css structure its not possible. But one way you can do it suppose here we use 0 – 20 – 40. You can use like 0 – 10 – 20. I mean value difference would be 10 instead of 20. Otherwise you have to write javascript to find those line.



ajayksh Purchased

Hi -

This is a great Admin theme! However, I have a feedback/request for a fix…

On the side menu, when you click a sub-item, the whole menu collapses and expands, this is kinda annoying. Can pls provide a fix/enhancement to skip the collapse and expansion, and just highlight the sub-item?

Thanks, great work!


As its a html template and when click sub menu it goes that page thatswhy looks collapses and expands as different page load. But when this menu will be loaded in dynamically hope it wont be happen like this.



This admin panel is great! By the way, may I ask a few questions? 1. Is this usable with Meteor JS? 2. The mailbox function, how can I integrate my mail box into this admin panel?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, First of all thanks for your interest. FlatLab is made html, css and js only. So it should be supported anywhere if those framework support html css template.


How to applied jquery validation in radio button? and it’s not working in radio button.

Hi, we’re using this plugins for validation. So please check their documentation. Hope it will help you.