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Hi,there is a bug in toggle menu when using smartphone to view even in ur DEMO version. It displays menu correctly but the moment we start to scroll/slide down as the menu is longer, it disappears & have to scroll/slide up again & making the bottom of the menu link useless. Except Firefox, google chrome, opera mobile & safari having same problem both android & ios. is it a javascript error? Please update it.

Hi, thanks for noticing this, We’ll try to fix it and let you know.


hi, any update? manage 2find out the issue?

Hi, not yet. once we fixed it we’ll let you know.


Hi. I would like to use 2 sidebars (collapse) like the left default sidebar (menu).

Is it possible to do this?

The right sidebar open closed and when the user click on a button/link, it opens and the main content div (#main-content) reduce it’s width. In default right sidebar, it cames over the main content div (position absolute and high z-index, right?).

Obs: The right sidebar width could be fixed (pixels) or in percentage.

Hi, in this case you’ve to customize css and js as our default system is not available this option.


Hi, you did a great job on the theme!

I’m interested in buying your theme but I have a question first…

Can I purchase this theme and edit this theme in wordpress like a traditional wordpress theme (I’m not familiar with dashboards)?

Here’s an example of how I would like to edit the theme:

Please advise…

William C Matthews

Hi, Thanks for your interest and as our theme is made only html, css and js. So you can convert this theme to any framework/cms. Now this theme all data are static.


When the sidebar initialize hidden (class ‘collapse-sidebar’) it require double click for show. can you fix that?

thanks for your comments. we’ll check it and let you know.


Is there a slickgrid support for Flatlab?

I had used slickgrid control with jQueryUI for 2 years ago. Now I change the project to Flatlab framework. But some styles in slickgrid conflict with the Flatlab styles. I am not sure there is any idea to solve these conflicts. If the team can make a slickgrid component for the admin template, I think it will make more users choose the Flatlab.

The css issue can be showed below:

Please can you review the page…

Finally I like the Flatlab framework. Hope the team can provide some rich feature component.

Hi, Really sorry that we’re not familiar with slickgrid.



I think it’s better if you fix some issues of this template. Such as: - adding selected product to cart after click on order icon (In admin->shopping->list product).

- Multi file upload on modal compose email form (In admin->Mail list).

- Adding RTL files for support RTL languages.

Best regards

Thanks for your suggestion we’ll keep in mind and try to add this in future updates.


Hey, I have an app that will collect all kind of information.

I would like to be able to link a dashboard to my raw data extracted in an excel file. The dashboard will mainly include a few graphs, tables (to be downloaded) and pictures.

If I have a project with a pie chart and an histogram and another project with 2 pie charts for example, can I have 1 page for each project in my dashboard, and go from one project to the other? The dashboard will adapt its layout to each project?

I have no knowledge in coding Java Script etc… can I still do it? The other day I bought a website template which was not WORDPRESS and couldn’t use it. Is it gonna be the case here?

Thank you for your help.

Hi, Thanks for your interest. First of all our theme is made html, css and js only. All data are showing static for demo purpose. You’ve to build it yourself in your framework or your environment by using this theme.


The date picker does not appear to work inside the form ‘wizard with validation’. I have assured that I have all my references correct by putting a datepicker on the Form Wizard page. However once you copy and paste the datepicker into the wizard with validation form it does not work.

Hi, Thanks for your comments, we’ll check it and let you know.

Thanks for staying with us.

Hello , how can I use the style control switch ( <input type = “checkbox” data-toggle = “switch ” /> ) , In control of , specifically “checkbox ” of the UN

( < Asp:CheckBox ID=”CBX ” runat=”server” / > THANK YOU


Take a look at this URL :

The frontend template has some “Page speed optimization” issues. Such as : -image dimensions definitions -Serving scaled images -Serving resources from a consistent URL

Hi. thanks for your suggestion. We’ll try to improve it.


Hello, before buying, I need to be sure that all the PSDs are included with all the éléments (tables, buttons etc…) Could you confirm that ? Thanks !

Hi, thanks for your interest. We’ve maximum major design PSDs but not 100% all components. You know 100% psds are not necessary for admin template. But we cover maximum design.


Hey guy you have a big bug!!... in one asset (jquery ajax upload) allows to upload remotely a file (like a backdoor)... I had have many problems on my host by this bug, someone had uploaded a backdoor and erased and change many files, and my provider suspended my account, I have to remove manually this file and other corrupteds… please don’t be mad, check all files (external assets and libraries) that you use in your template!

Hi, thanks for your comments. We’ll take care of it.



I am very interested your Template for my use, I have made studies and observations regarding your template. Before I bought this template, I want to ask some questions for you.

1. What a difference license Regular and Extended, explain in more detail, because I did not understand the explanation in the table.

2. Assistance with reported bugs and issues, explain in more detail to me about this matter and give examples to me.

3. Future updates, these updates whether the permanently or instead and methods used to update, explain in more detail to me.

4. Are you will fix the problem (bug) as it relates to the Responsive Template, you can look at this link:

5. If the 6 months support from vectorlab has expired, can I reconnected with vectorlab.

Please answer this question.

Hi, Sorry for late reply.

1. Regular and Extended license both are for single product. You can use a single license for single product whatever it is Regular or Extended license.

2nd Issue: Regular license is only applicable when the end users will not use your product for commercial purpose. Suppose you build a website of your company. Then the visitors don’t use this site for commercial purpose. Here you can use Regular License. But suppose you made a school management system. And then multiple Schools will use this to build their business or something else. In this case the end users are commercial user. In this case you must need Extended License. Or you will build a Envato Product to sell it in this marketplace. In this case if you use our admin you will need a Extended license. Because your buyer will use this product for their commercial purpose. etc

2. If you find any serious issues in our theme then you can notice us and we’ll try to solve it. But only related to our theme not custom work, like you get the theme and customise yourself and the issues created by you then we may not be support you

3. Updates are overwrite our theme sometimes for improvement or fixing issues or adding some additional features. After update we mentioned in change log which is updated. But updated folder hadn’t store in previous version. If you think you need the latest version then you can download the latest version and modified your theme. Once you purchased you’ll get all updates free for forever.

4. Responsive issue you’ve mentioned these are silly. We can fix it and if you want we’ll assist you how to fix it.

5. After 6 month of course you can get back to us but it should be relevant our theme . Again we like to mention not custom work.



Can you make this model in Ajax please ?

Hi, Now have only BS modal supported. But you can make it Ajax. Please check this link here have different type of modal example with code.