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dimmov Purchased

Hey Ive just purchased the theme and installed it. But I cant see my sidebar. It is full width style and I cant see the theme in 2 columns. I chose the different options but it stays again like this. Please help

OK, send me access to the admin panel to PM

Hi, I’m using the theme, but for the article I’ve just put up, the image for the latest post on the home page renders and then disappears – It didn’t happen with any other posts before but I’ve tried multiple featured images and it does the same each time. Any ideas? Also what is the ideal size for featured images in the theme as I can’t find it in the docs. Many thanks!

Please send me FTP access to e-mail

Sent. Can you confirm you received this?

Not received :(

Hi, i have the same problem with you. See the image can’t load very well

You must unload the big picture. More than 675px width. Automatic zoom is possible with loss of quality

I have a problem with worpress 4.1, vtabs appear like this (disappear the icon an appear ” between words. do you have a solution Alex? looking forward your answer

class=”tabs_container vtabs”>

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I decide your problem soon

Ok thanks a lot

problem fixed quickly by Alex, thks

Hello, I purchased this theme and loved, but noticed that after updating, when mobile side bars are enabled, they show up even if I am browsing on a desktop computer, they just show if I click and drag to left or right.

Kind regards, Cristian

please send the screenshot to

Email just sent, thank you.

I have the same issue: WP_Error::resize() in /home/ckwe1039/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatmagazine/functions/startis-images.php on line 216

Any fix to that?

hi, send me FTP access to

Your server is missing any library for image processing : GD or Imagick . This library must be install. Contact your hosting support.

• Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::resize() in /home//public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/flatmagazine/functions/startis-images.php on line 216

On many pages, for example:

Uploading images larger than 300 pixels causes it

How can that be fixed?

hi, send me FTP access to

Your server is missing any library for image processing : GD or Imagick . This library must be install. Contact your hosting support.

I have an issue that the scroller shows no images: And as well the calendar overlaps text when scrolling it

Thank you for issue, could you provide more information about browser, screen resolution and (if possible) url to your page?

Any News on updating this theme to work with Latest WordPress 4.1? Its been almost a year since there has been any updates with this theme!

This theme is not WordPress 4.1 compatible!

Hello, thank you for report and patience! I’m working on it, hope fix will come soon.

I have a problem with word “Array” in the left-top position at all pictures-thumbanails – (WP 4.1). Is there any method to erase this?

send me FTP access to

 All buttons that appear in half?
see image ""

hi dear! i want to create website with this theme in urdu language. could you please tell me how can i use it ? here is an example to explain my question Jarida – Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog

after website complete in urdu

please reply me as soon as possible


Do you still have plan to develop the website? Any update planning? :)

Hello, I like your theme and I have several questions before purchase.

1) Can you install it on some server so I can test it for 2-3 days? 2) Does you theme support AdRotate plugin? 3) Can you provide me with visually diagram where ads can be placed? 4) Does your theme request for additional plugins to be installed? 5) Does your theme auto crop pictures for article listing? Since most of themes provide perfectly cropped and same sized pictures on live demo and look disgusting when you put them to work on site with different size photos on in

Hi, l already buy this theme but when l setting the menubar it doesn’t pop up in mobile device but in dekstop it still okay. Can you give the solution ? Thankyou before

hi send me ftp access

This is my purchase code 8c848182-18c5-4020-8ce3-a1c0d211a278 – 3 Jul 2015

Thank you sorry for bad english

Hi, any plans on an update for this?