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hi i need this theme in RTL please make RTL support i will buy it :) thanks.


hi, in next updates i will release this feature

To Daban8, I purchased FlatMagazine last year and the author has not supported it at all. I don’t recommend anyone purchasing this theme.


Hey, if the problem is not solved after the update, then I ask you to let me know, tech support now works fine

No updates, DONT BUY until theme gets updated again.


Hey, if the problem is not solved after the update, then I ask you to let me know, tech support now works fine

Update v2.0 – 27.05.2014

+ Added Revolution Page Builder 2.0
+ Added Icon Generator supported Fontawesome 4.1
+ Fixed Lots of bugs
+ Added New Mobile 
+ Added New Startis Option Panel
Recomendation: After Updating Save Your Settings in Option Panel

Hello Alan! I am very interested in this theme! I would like to know if I have control to change all colors or only these options? How to do in the case of wanting to the site in more than one language? Example: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Hug! Ps: i’m using translator! ;-)


You can change any color of main color theme, and background color. You want i add WPML support in next updates?


My friend, I would like if possible. Besides the original language plus two. I’ll buy it next month. Would place a custom radio? unintentionally abuse … :-)


In fact, the more languages ??the site can have, the better. Think you can put as many languages??? It’s complicated, my friend!

I’m having some problems sound the theme FlatMagazine 1. Giant Avatar 2. Hidden social Icons and banner 3. Can not disable author information 4. Exists no line break on columns

Hope you can help me

Estou com alguns problemas som o tema FlatMagazine 1. Avatar gigante 2. Icones sociais e banner escondidos 3. Não consigo desativar as informações do autor 4. Não existe quebra de linha em colunas


1) can you show me where, make screenshot 2) banner just delete from Flatmagazine option panel you can save ” ” 3) just delete info from user (information) 4) make screenshot please

futexcel Purchased

Hello, Alan Forgotten me? The theme is beautiful, but with many errors and too many slow scripts


I am looking for help with flat magazine I just installed. I cannot find a featured area or a carousel like the one used here www.thebravestonline.com

Here is what I have installed so far www.bringingbackbrotherhood.com

Thank you,



I am not using 7days page…I currently am using flat magazine, it does look similar. Please help?


not problem just send me your wp access via profile page http://themeforest.net/user/AlanArmanov


Excellent support by this product developer, I couldn’t ask for a quicker response and assistance with my questions! Thank you Eric

Hello Alan, I have FlatMagazine 1.4 in Wordpress. I do not receive any communication that is available in version 2.0. How do I update the theme without compromising the entire site? Thanks in advance.

Hi Alan,

After a long awaiting and tedious search I eventually decided to purchase your theme. Though, I was reluctant initially after reading few dissatisfactory comments. Nevertheless, I took a plunge to get one of your FlatMagazine Theme.

Being a complete novice and less tech savvy I noticed the theme has been designed in an easy and self-explanatory fashion. Between I’ve few questions as I’ve been juggling to play around with the theme I hope you would be able to help me.

To begin:

1. What Font have you used in your Theme Demo for the Logo (I liked its crystal clear)

2. Can you lend me assistance upon supplying me some of the websites that are been develop on the following FlatMagazine theme.

3. Is there a way to convert wordpress theme to html format.

4. Lastly, and most important I’ve been trying to create columns as a std static columns and rows for my website. An example of it could be seen here:

http://www.getcsstemplates.com/three-column-css-website-template-15.html http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/perfect-3-column.htm

Thanks again.


futexcel Purchased

The theme is beautiful, but with many errors and too many slow scripts

Also not supported

Hi, I’m trying to create a new search page template so that I can have 2 separate search results pages. So far I’ve tried making a new page template out of the default search page but I can’t get any results to show on it. If you could send me code to do this, it’d be greatly appreciated.


bcgal Purchased

Need help from Alan. I just updated my theme to version 2.0, but still having the same problem:

When I add a Content Widget area to the theme builder, add content, and press “Save”, the page redirects to the add new posts page in Wordpress, and the content area is never saved when I navigate back to the page builder. I’ve ensured that my sections are closed. How do I fix this?

Hi please assist with post featured images.

On your demo site your post images are show as “300×200@2x.jpg”, how do I get my post images to display as retina images?

I have checked the option for “Autoresize & Retina Images” in theme options for blog, but still my images only show up as “300×200.jpg”. How do I make them display as retina?