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Hi, how can make a slider in the home page with the latest posts in a category?

ok I’ll try to do for you in 2-3 days

thanks :) I’m looking forward to hear from you

updated v1.2 added recent posts slider

FlatMagazine Updated v1.1 – 22.09.2013
+ Added support
+ Added Responsive Video Shortcode – [video]youtube embeded code[/video]
+ Fixed Transition Menu bug in Chrome
+ Updated Revolution PageBuilder (Fixed some errors, and adding simply image slider)
+ Added New Fullwidth Home Template – its amazing works with Revoluiton PageBuilder (Any Layouts) – Look 3 Columns page –

I just purchased the FlatMagazine theme. I am trying to make a 3 column home page layout. 1/4 text left column 1/2 slider in the middle and 1/4 text right column.

When I lay it out using the page builder the 3rd column always appear below first column. It does not appear as it should on the far right. How can I get a 3 column layout to appear in 3 columns.

You can view the site I am working on here:

Thank you,


I think I might have figured out the answer. I have to put close section below each area I create…correct?

thanks for purchase! Yes, correct, for each column line you need close with close section.

Am really liking the theme only thing that looks a little weird is this

when you scroll down a little bit it all overlaps and looks really messy is it meant to do that or?

Thanks! if you want you can change it with little customizing in js/custom.js search – if (jQuery(window).scrollTop()>0 ) {
and replace 100 with 0

v1.2 now is good for you

Hi Alan, thks for this great theme, really nice. I’ve seen prettyphoto in the theme archive and I’m trying to use it inside my articles for the pictures, any idea? Looking forwards your help Thks a lot

In next uptate(today or tomorrow) i will add this in option panel, now you can translate it in fuctions/theme-settings.php

oh yeah thks, don’t seen it before ;)

you’re welcome, ask if there are any more questions!

Hi, my theme is a little bit messed up. 1st: when scrolling down, the main menu should be visible always right? in my case the whole header scrolls with, when i scroll down. this looks really bad. it’s like on that pic:

what can be done there?

2nd: the top menu doesn’t change, when i use a different one from the admin. what could that be?

thanks in advance, BR, jens

1)Thanks! if you want you can change it with little customizing in js/custom.js search – if (jQuery(window).scrollTop()>0 ) { and replace 100 with 0 2) Send me your wp-access via my profile page i will test for you, after check, are you select top and main menu

resolved, issue was with SEO Auto Links & Related Posts plugin

Hello I was wondering in this theme are you able to add your own custom logos,banners, and favicon in the page builder section.

Yes, sure, you can add this in Option Panel

this depends my purchase, it is possible that the menu does not move?

Hi, once you purchase I can tell how to do it, customization should be in three lines. Or, in the next updates I will make this option if you want.


Just purchased and initial impressions are very good, it seems a very simple theme to work with and it looks great.

3 questions;

1) Please explain how to insert the contact box.

2) I can’t seem to format something in a text box on this page

I’m only trying to insert a paragraph break but it never saves for some reason. Is there something obvious I’m not doing?

3) Are there any advert plug-ins you would suggest for sidebar widget area?

Many thanks,


sorry for my poor english :), in widgets,

OK. I’ve created a contact page. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of the map. Mine site is not location based and I don’t want the map. How do I get rid of it?

in template-contact.php delete from 70 to 106 line


i have 2 questions please: 1. i have modified the themes style.css and i would like to add the “Recent Posts Slider” and “Revolution PageBuilder Update” features from the update. is it possible to add only that? 2. is there a way i can make the search results boxed in a page? and 3. great theme!


1) Manual Update: You need replace files:

2) today i released v1.2.1, i added this page. Now marketplace approved and will be availible.

3) Thanks so much

Hi Another question

I have my homepage set up 2/3rds, 1/3rd with a widget Flatmagazine | Blog Tabs in the 1/3rd.

It isn’t displaying in the 1/3rd but in the 2/3rds section.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?



Phil, today i released v1.2.1, column issue fixed. Now marketplace will approve and will be availible.

Hi Alan

I’ve installed 1.3 this morning and I believe there is still an issue.

I have my site set to 2/3rds and 1/3rd.

The Flat Magazine | Blog Tabs has moved to the final 1/3rd of the 2/3rds block if that makes sense.

I’ve noticed that you have given the option to remove the map – many thanks.

Also, what resolution should the logo be?



Hi Phil, i looked your site, please give me your wp access via my profile page and i`ll show you that you doing wrong.


FlatMagazine Updated v1.3 – 26.09.2013
+ New Recent Post option readmoretext (you can now replace Read More on any text)
+ Updated Recent Posts Slider in PageBuilder
+ New Search Page
+ Updated PageBuilder (issue with columns)
+ Added in documentation info about Header Banner
+ Added in Option Panel for Map (Google Map enable)

If you like our theme, don’t forget to rate it in Downloads page
It`s give me inspiration for creating a new Themes & Updates, Thanks for your purchase!

The theme looks great! I am wondering if it is possible using the page building tools to build a custom home page with a full width current/recent posts slider with a free text/html box below it? I like the two column layout for posts and pages.

Basically, I am trying to duplicate the layout of my current site using this great, clean theme.

Current site:

Hi maxcirce, one half with slider and one half with any wighet area or element? yes, sure, its possible.

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. However, I’m not sure if it’s just me, or the website itself. There is a glitch to the website. I originally thought it was my computer doing it but I wanted to make sure with you. When i stop touching my mouse, the entire page flashes.

anyone else getting this?

thanks, can send a screenshot?

I would have to do a screen cast in video.

Hi! I really like this theme, super! But im pretty new to wordpress so i dont know a lot about it. So i have two questions.

Do i need to know Wordpress well to set up this theme?

Is it possible to add plugins for a newsletter and e-commerce?

Thank you ;-)


Theme have step-by-step documentation

woocommerce not supported this one. which plugin you used for newsletter?

Hi, may we setup different sidebars a. for each page b. for each blog? Thank you in advance for a short note. Tom

Hi you cant setup different sidebars for single page you can setup for blogs, for pages, for contact, for gallery pages

Hi – nextgen gallery cant load its options screen, are you aware of issues with this plugin? Thanks, Shannon

Hi again. Another issue – the text block element in the revolution page builder is not formatting the text – its all coming out as one para etc. Am I missing something? Thanks, Shannon

Sure its possible look in your site i used Portfolio items with PageBuilder

OK – thanks, but creating a portfolio item for each image is not the way for me, I need nextgen or something like it. Did you see what was the problem with the text editor? Thanks, Shannon

OK, nextgen is disabled but the text editor still won’t play ball. Please can this be looked into?

Hello, First of all thanks for the template. It is awesome. Question: I would like to get rid of the little smiley on teh bottom of the page when visited om an iDevice. Where is it hidden? Thanks for your reply.

Ok, Here you can find the screenshot . It is in the left bottom corner ( In the Blue part)

Yes i see thanks, i will fix this issue today

Hi, you need replace this in css/media.css

.boxcontainer #footer-container .content-wrapper { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #EEEEEE; }

Hi, I plan on buying your theme soon, but I have a question first. On the very right, there is a column where there are categories, ad, Facebook, calendar, etc…

Can I put this column to the left instead of the right ? And would I be able to put pictures and new buttons too (like a Twitter button for people to follow, for example) ? And can I add a banner abover the slider ? A long picture with the name of the website, etc…

Sorry, I’m French and my english is not that good yet, but I’m working on it !

Hi sure is possible, you change sidebire left or right position, and you can change layouts with pagebuilder its easy