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Hi Very nice theme, congrats pre purchase question: after digginr around comments it semms that the sliders donĀ“t make clickable imagens or even titles links to another pages/posts.

IS that true? Any workaround? Thanks

Sorry, my keyboard was hanging some keys. I mean…It seems that your home page slider is not capable of link to anywhere.

in new version this issue was fixed


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Hi, i need some assistance with the search results page. The images are not displaying and the whole posts are displaying, not just excerpts.

When there are results:

and when there are no results there are problems with display too:*t*

Can you help?


en10 Purchased

could you please tell me when we can expect the 1.5 version? I can’t go online without the new version.


en10 Purchased

I am waiting for 23 days to get a solution, the theme is useless with a broken search. I am checking this forum 5 times a day, i can not start my site like this.


en10 Purchased

hi Alan, can you tell me if the 1.5 version is comming soon?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to use this template. My url is

I would like to have some videos playable on the home page, and the only way I found to do this is with the Page Builder. The problem is that the columns do not completely fill the available space. I’ve tried one-half + one-half and also two-third + one-third, but the content of the second column gets bumped into bottom of the first column, leaving a big empty space.

What I have on the site now is one-half + one-third, which displays the content the way I want it, but does not fill the width of the area. Any suggestions?

I finally figured out that I needed to add the Closed Section after my columns.

Now I have two more questions. 1) How can I make the secondary headlines larger? 2) How can I personalize the copyright info and delete all of those icons at the very bottom?

How do u change the size of the font in the main menu? I’ve tried changing all the sizes in the style.css

Can you please look at the menu on my site and tell me why the second menu option diasappears when you hover.


I sended for you the ftp and wp user data, here The slider images not displayed, can you help?


I still with the problem and you don`t answer me, I already sent a msg to your profile as you requested…

I need you herlp..


take a look on the home page:

You will see on the Lastests posts, that LEIA MAIS (Read more) only show in the first post… and not in the others

Need to get it fix ASAP.

1) How can I make the secondary headlines and photo captions larger?

2) How can I personalize the copyright info and delete all of those icons at the very bottom?

Hi Alan,

I still with problem in my theme.

Could you please help us? I’m waiting for days… could you please be kind and at least answer us?

Hi Alan Any news on 1.5? Search is broken as en10 says, this needs fixing asap please – its a big deal Thanks Shannon

OK, me again. I see even on your preview the search doesn’t work – it breaks the layout. So you published with a broken search feature? When are you going to fix this please? The template is unusable for me without working search function.

Using a search plugin now. Blimey

Hi Alan, I haven’t decided if I will buy this theme yet but if you don’t mind asking one question. Is it possible to have the sidebar on the left side instead? I tried the demo and can’t see any feature about that. Thank you.

Also, i’ve come across the following issue while testing the demo. Resize the browser window to a smaller size, the header with logo+themeforest ad stays on top while scrolling down. Resize the browser back to full screen and the issue persists. You need to refresh the page to get it back to work normally. I think on mobile devices the logo+ad covering reading area might be a problem. Look into it.

hi, is this worked on wordpress 3.7 ??

The Theme looks nice and i’m very interested, but the Support seems very poor here. No Answer since 1 Month is’nt discutable. Think, no Support for complex Themes is to expensiv for me… And a broken search is so important for all Customers!

Hi all, after our office has moved to the islands of Thailand, we did not have a stable Internet connection, now we moved to the city in the near future, we will work in normal mode 24/7. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ok, when you release the v1.5, with more Options and without simple Failures like the Search Function and with normal, good Support, I’m your Man. In this good Theme are more Possibilities, as you know… ;) But little bit faster please… :)

When is this theme going to be updated? It is a mess since v1.4 update. I see there are tons of unanswered comments about a new update! have you taken a dive on fixing the major issues?

Still waiting on Update! what the deal here?


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Hi Alan, months of waiting and still no solution. Should we ask for a refund or will you have the 1.5 version online soon?

Hello Alan,

I have recently purchased your theme and being a newbie with WP, I’m kinda lost. Could you explain to me how to put the content slider and the counter of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube on the right, please ?

Also, I don’t understand how to switch between portfolio and blog, I’m a bit confused.

Thanks !


en10 Purchased

Hi Alan, Is the 1.5 version comming or not? I see people are still buying your Theme, but i don’t know if they are aware that you didn’t offer any support for over two months

Hi, Excelent theme! only i have one question. Its posible change the gray background color of boxed style to other?. I refer to boxed gray background at the place where have the contents (columns). How to do that? Thanks you