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On the newspage overview page the link of the featured image only links on the button half.

So when a mouse hovers over the image only the bottom half is a link. How can we fix this?

Can we request a refund? Seems you are no longer supporting this theme. You promised an Update but still nothing. Ever since the last update, it jacked up all kinds of stuff with the theme, especially the search feature. It would be greatly appreciated if you can let us all know whats going on here

Hi! When i try to watch the theme in internet explorer 8, show the main menu bar on the top, no header logo.

The error list on internet explorer was easing.1.3.js line 46 character 3 (The object is not accepting this property or method)

PIE.php line 57 (invalid argument)

How to solve this problem Thanks you


en10 Purchased

i must agree with mcpainter02, i think a refund would be fair if you can not offer any support for this theme (as the theme never was fully functioning), does anbody know if we can contact themeforest directly about this issue? It is a pity, the theme looks great and would rather have Alan finish his job.

Hi Alan, is it possible on some pages to make an exeption and have no sidebar ? I have tried to find this out for myself but havenĀ“t found anything.

Hi. This theme supports Google Fonts Cyrillic? The theme is compatible with the forum Simplepress? Where you can see screenshots of the admin?

With the support of the big problem here?


Looking to purchase this. Is what I am reading above true? No further support?

So… is this non reply my answer?

Hi, i need change the main menu bar background color (Actually is gray), but i not found the section code in style.css. I not want change the background page color like that admin panel, otherwise only change the transparent gray color on the main menu bar. How to do that?? Thanks you

Very Nice Job !

I just purchased this theme yesterday and I have found 1 problem so far. It looks like when you scroll down on the demo, the demo adds a class of “scrolled” to the body, but in the theme that I downloaded from here, it does not do this. Could you please let me know what I need to do to fix this? Thanks.

I actually figured it out. There was a conflict between the theme and JetPack Gravatar Hovercards. As soon as I disabled the Gavatar Hovercards, the header started working just like it should.

Think, the Theme is more as Dead. No Support, no Answer over much weeks. A real Pity for a Theme with much possibilities…


en10 Purchased

I think he must have encountered an problem he couldn’t fix. But you are right, this theme would have been great if supported the right way… but i see by the numbers, people are still buying the theme… i think it would be correct to withdraw the theme.

The search widget doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly or at least the out put from the search isn’t.

Any ideas?

Someone know the name of the widget who display the colorfull social counter of each social network at the top of home sidebar ?

Thank’s a lot to the guy who will can answer me :) !

What a shame! this theme had such potential and is now not being supported nor updated. I have all theme files and sure would love to know if anyone is interested in modifications and corrections with this theme? I am sure since its not being supported any longer there wouldn’t be an issue with making the much needed updates, modifications and corrections that are needed. Any Takers?

I’m very fury about these non-action from the Author. When it was a simple Allday Theme that all care, but the Theme has so much Potential…

Hey, if the problem is not solved after the update, then I ask you to let me know, tech support now works fine

I have an error box that shows only on internet explorer.. Can you assist me how to correct this error. thank you.. Website View Image error


strange issue, jetpack stats is not working on the websites I have your theme installed upon, would this be an issue with the theme or somthing else?

I just bought the theme and I should have read reviews before faire.J ‘have an error on my page and I do not think I’ll have support.

Someone got this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::resize() in /home/ckwe1039/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatmagazine/functions/startis-images.php on line 216

Hi there,

Is there a shortcode to display popular posts please ?


Hi, look in widgets