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I’m interested too. RTL support.

There are many sections. I’m trying it. If we succeed, I will tell you.

Hi , RTL Ready now.

It will be my first choice, if it comes in Magento Platform. :(

May be creating now im not sure.

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hello. I am currently on vacation. I will contact you after 4 days please wait


Hello Sir, I see the template and i need your support to see if i will buy it and need some extra small features please. Waiting your reply. Thanks

Hi Abdullah. Please check mail box. Regards

add RTL support and i’m in right away!

Ok. e’ll let you know if you completed.

Hi , RTL Ready now.

i’ve got some error on the product page, additional images template got messed up, ive already send email but theres no answer. please email me at


I’m sorry for delay. Send message in today.


im buying this in a day i need some extra small features so could you pls mail me at

Please send me a message for licence code :

Looks great. Couple questions:

1. Product Filtering, built in? Example: I want to search for a TV. I type in TV into the box Then i select a checkbox for Samsung (items are removed from search results) Then I select LED (more items are removed from search results) etc.

2) Color swatches on models. Example: Model wearing a blue shirt I select ‘red’ and the model’s shirt changes to red.


Hi Thanks.

1-) As a standard module has two stages. It is possible for the lower filter.

2-) For example, you can create colors as the upper filter. Then, you add all the colors below.


I want to be able to show my products in the menu system. eg when i hover over a category my products show in the sub menu

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Please send me a message for support :

Hello, just bought your theme, but do not work layout “allpages” can you help me with this issue? Thanks in advance!

Hi ,

All pages show which modules do you want? For this, select the option “default”


Hi! not worked menu om mobile device((( how (what) doing answer thise problem? (menu touch but not going in selected category). thise problem only by mobile(

or how off mobile theme?

Thanks’s. pls send me answer by


Have you tried with which phone model? Please let me know.

Best Regards

Hello again, installed your theme, but can not see any categories and products, and else, images in “Nine Theme AnyList : List of any products – anywhere” are visualised broken, you can see it all at home page Plz help me with this issue.

I do not understand what you mean, i can not see products in your theme, plz tell me what i need to do?

may be if i give you login and password, then you can setup it, be cause i can not

Any body help me with this issue or not? Where is support?

hey, does it support RTL ?

Hi , We’re working on RTL.

Hi , RTL Ready now.

Hello Sir, i need you to reply me email so to start the work.


Hi, We have a problem with the theme. The select sorting and filtering are not looking good on chrome and safari on mac..

The select is not getting the correct css


Thank you so much! Added an update package. This problem will be corrected. I am very grateful.


Hi, In checkout When pressing Guest checkout the

Symbol: fa fa-map-marker Disappears from payment-address div

Hi Thanks

I bought this template and have some problems, i need a full installation may you help me?


Your facebook installation seems not. Please read the documentation for the icons. Icons are being destroyed by OpenCart editor.

Icons problem solved, thank you very much OpenCart editar was destroying the icons. Facebook plugin only runs on Mac, doesnt work with Chrome, Mozilla and mobile browser

An interesting error. I will investigate it, but it comes from outside facebook plugin. I’ll try to find a solution. Maybe you have an update on facebook.

Please wait , thanks

i’ve got some error on the product page, additional images template got messed up, ive already send email but theres no answer . please email me at


I have already sent a message 10 minutes ago. Please check

Thank you

You’re welcome!