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nsrus Purchased

do you know what might causing this off aligned box and dropdown menu? here’s image link


Hi there. Please click the item support tab or email support@uxthemes.com to get help. That’s the correct way to get support :)


apaustria Purchased

Just got this theme and instaling it on a fresh install of WP with Woocommerce and I get this when I install the theme.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5484319-flatsome-responsive-woocommerce-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi there, you are using the wrong zip file. You need to unzip the main zip file to find the theme zip file.


reboot Purchased

Any news on the options/variation quick bug fix?

Compatible With wordpress 4.4.2?

Yes it is :)

hi! I can’t see any products on the homepage (the shop page is the home page) but they do show up on product categorie pages or product pages

Hi there. Please click the item support tab or email support@uxthemes.com to get help. That’s the correct way to get support :)


sejologics Purchased

Variable product *SELECT options bug fixed yet? Firefox is displaying a product category with wrong styling while the other browsers are fine!

Hi Guys, I’ve purchased this (even though it doesn’t come up as that I have) – I am in the back area of a edit block area. The area used to come up as a quick press and click add to that area eg photo, edit and add link however my areas are looking more like short codes. I am not a tech person, but can someone please explain how to get the ‘normal’ area back?

Just wanted to add what it looks like for me-

[featured_box title=”Get Free Shipping on all orders!” pos=”center” img=”11696” img_width=”42px”]

Get Free Shipping on all orders over $75. Items dispatched from our HQ arrive anywhere in Australia in 5-8 days!



[col span=”4”]

[featured_box title=”Amazing Customer Service!” pos=”center” img=”11700” img_width=”42px” link=”http://www.kolourbug.com/reviews-from-our-amazing-customers/”]

Our company prides ourselves on a high level of customer service. Want to see more? See what our amazing customers have to say about our company.



[col span=”4”]

[featured_box title=”All about us (ME!)” pos=”center” img=”11701” img_width=”42px”]

Thanks guys :)

Hi – thanks so much. but it’s like all of them have disappeared. I used to be able to on the home page click on ‘edit block’ and it used to have boxes that I could click on to update – now with all the blocks and product pages etc – they are all deleted? Or perhaphs I’ve touched something that I wasn’t supposed to. If you can point me in the area or some help that would be great! :)

G’day SHESwim, have a look at this link, it might help http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/80-shortcode-doesnt-display-correctly If you get it sorted, you owe me a slab, Tooheys New :-) Regards D

Thanks for the tip :)

Mate, your more than welcome. At least I was paying attention, well on that bit I was, but I have been reading a lot. :-)

G’day, I have a wee bit of a drama on the “About” page, the banner, where is it hiding so I can edit it? Does not show when you edit page, just the dribble and the Team block shortcode. Any clues would be helpful. It’s almost like searching for MH370 looking for this block!!! Regards D

Hi there, take a look here on how to edit the top content of pages: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/64-how-to-add-and-edit-content-on-top-of-pages

Your a Legend. Fixed in three clicks. May all your troubles be little ones, have a great day. :-) Regards D


I wrote to you a week ago + a follow up with no reply?page=445

Hi there, do you have a ticket ID? You did email support? :)

No we spoke on page 445. no email support requested from you

How do I remove space below slider revolotion and below menu??

My site requires a robust grid gallery so I have to add a 3rd-party plugin like Essential Grid or Envira Gallery. However, they cause a double lightbox issue—their lightbox is on top of the built-in Magnific Popup lightbox. I need to find a way to disable Magnific. (I’m only concerned about light boxes on pages, if that makes a difference)

About 4 months ago, user DiGeo shared a solution. I found the code he refers to in flatsome/js/flatsome-theme.js and I commented it out, but nothing has changed on the site. I’m still getting the Magnific lightbox.

Below is his solution. Any suggestions?


Here is what user DiGeo wrote:

I’m using Flatsome with Media Folder plugin, that helps me organize my images into folders and use these folders for gallery display. https://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-media-folder

The problem is that the images would popup in two overlay lightboxes. Searching in here, I found a solution: to modify the theme.js and disable lightbox in posts only (I still want it to work in WooComerce),using only the one that Media Folder is using. In the latest version of Flatsome I disabled the following part in theme.js. My question is: How can I keep the modified theme.js unchanged with every theme update??

line 144 /* Gallery Lightbox / / COMMENT OUT TO FIX DOUBLE LIGHTBOX POPUP ON POST GALERRIES, WHEN USING MEDIA FOLDER PLUGIN $(”.column-inner a[href$=’.jpg’], .column-inner a[href$=’.jpeg’], .gallery a[href$=’.jpg’],.gallery a[href$=’.jpeg’],.featured-item a[href$=’.jpeg’],.featured-item a[href$=’.gif’],.featured-item a[href$=’.jpg’], .page-featured-item .slider a[href$=’.jpg’], .page-featured-item a[href$=’.jpg’],.page-featured-item .slider a[href$=’.jpeg’], .page-featured-item a[href$=’.jpeg’], .gallery a[href$=’.png’], .gallery a[href$=’.jpeg’], .gallery a[href$=’.gif’]”).parent().magnificPopup({ delegate: ‘a’, type: ‘image’, tLoading: ‘ ’, removalDelay: 300, gallery: { enabled: true, navigateByImgClick: true, preload: [0,1] // Will preload 0 – before current, and 1 after the current image }, image: { tError: ‘url ”>The image # curr could not be loaded.’, verticalFit: false }, callbacks: { open: function () { var magnificPopup = $.magnificPopup.instance; // Slide to Close popup var slidePan = $(’.mfp-wrap’)[0]; var mc = new Hammer(slidePan); mc.on(“panleft”, function(ev) { if(ev.isFinal){ magnificPopup.prev(); } }); mc.on(“panright”, function(ev) { if(ev.isFinal){ magnificPopup.next(); } }); }, FIX DOUBLE LIGHTBOX POPUP – END OF COMMENT OUT*/


Hi there, great theme, I’ve just purchased, congrats! Now, a quick one: Does this theme supports in the catalogue mode, with activated hidden prices and hidden checkout process – the option to show the prices to the visitor, but only after/upon the visitor registration?

Keep up the good work!

Hey i think its better if i write a comment instead of email then everybody can read. I dont get the contact page or the about us page how do you get the header to top and i mean the map as shortcode and the banner like in the demo example. Believe me i looked everywhere some stuff are not userfriendly or am i to dump for this ?