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gangesh Purchased

Hi, page builder is not working properly. I can add stuff but as I publish it, values go back to last saved position.


Hi there. Please click the item support tab or email support@uxthemes.com to get help. That’s the correct way to get support. Include a link to your site if possible :)

Dear Support, Can I get 6 column product instead of 4 column in the product list? http://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-responsive-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/5484319


Hi there, yes that is possible in the Theme Options :)


smoodic Purchased

Hello. I can’t find a way to translate the “quick view” box. My page is in spanish and I’d like to show something like “revisar” instead on hover. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi, it’s possible have the welcome page?


susox Purchased

Hi there!

Flatsome Version: 2.8.5 | Loco Translate Version 1.5.5 | WordPress Version 4.5.1

I am trying to use your Flatsome child-theme in Spanish, my whole page is correctly translated except for some strings:

(1) the WooCommerce messages (e.g., success):

(2) form validation messages also remain in English (e.g., account page):

(3) some field validation popup messages also remain in English:

Using Loco Translate plugin I can see that all WooCommerce strings are translated into Spanish (100%), including (1) and some of (2), however those strings are still in English while the rest of my page is correctly translated into Spanish, any idea?

Related with the other (2) form validation messages (that are not listed by Loco Translate) and (3) field validation popups, where can I find/translate/fix those?

Thanks in advance



susox Purchased

My ticket ID for this conversation is: 27724

I have to add that I am using a plugin called “Say That?” that helps me translate some of the strings, however the “Original string” has to be an exact match (including %s, signs and variables). Without knowing in which templates/files those strings are, I can’t successfully translate them (only single words within the original string won’t work). Moreover, there are single strings that have multiple translations (singular and plural), using this “Say What?” plugin those cases can’t be resolved.

What causes that some of the WooCommerce strings are not translated, while the rest of the page is?

Thanks again!

PS: Awesome response time!

Hi there,

Have you tried translate the WooCommerce plugin?

All the stings you mentioned are controlled by the WooCommerce plugin and not the theme. Try translate the plugin instead :)


As I mentioned the WooCommerce plugin is fully translated into Spanish (100%), including some of those strings. String messages in (3) are not to be found (in the Loco Translate – WooCommerce package), a swell as some messages of (2), e.g.: “ERROR: The username or password you entered is incorrect. Lost your password?”.

My page is correctly translated except for WooCommerce some (1,2) messages (error, success, etc) and some field validation messages (3). I can only assume that it is somehow related with your Theme. Why the whole page would be correctly translated but some strings not? could be Loco Translate? this still does not explain for example why the “Undo?” link (https://snag.gy/drkPuW.jpg) or the “View Cart” button (https://snag.gy/1WqwT8.jpg) do not work on Flatsome and it is ok in Twenty Fifteen.

You can check the behavior and URL in my support ticket (27724).



fawazmek Purchased

How do i add a background image to the main navigation, i have already uploaded it the photo in media. If theres a css code please tellme what it is, and where do i apply this css code. In the Theme Options there is only change color.


Hi there. Please click the item support tab or email support@uxthemes.com to get help. That’s the correct way to get support. Include a link to your site if possible :)


oktikart Purchased

On the home page I have a slider with three banners 500px high each. They display huge on mobile with text cut off. How do I make them auto scale proportionally? Same with main product pics (fine in catalog but on singe product pages cut off and too long). Thanks

Try set a % height on the banner. You can learn more about the responsive banners and sliders here: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/89-responsive-sliders-and-banners.

Thank you, adding the code within the slider shortcode itself worked! Is there any way to also resize banner/slider text so it doesn’t get cut off? I tried adding: .ux_banner h2{ font-size: 200% !important; } (normal was set to 300%) in the mobile CSS but it didn’t change anything. Thanks!


pappydu Purchased

Just wanted to find out when an update with the Visual Bakery update will be available?

Hi there, we’re working on our on new Page Builder. We don’t have Visual Composer included in our theme if that’s what you’re talking about.

I have a stupid question: Can you sell digital downloadable products on an eCommerce site?

Hi there, yes that’s possible with WooCommerce :)


ergosum Purchased

Hi there, I am using the Slider – Homepage Slides block, I have created some slides that are 1200×500px and set the slider height to 500px, but the image is zoomed in and cut off, why is this and how do I remedy it? I also created a banner, it looks fine on the desktop, but is cut off on mobile, any ideas on how to fix this too? thanks.

Thanks for the response, however when I click on the link using both chrome and safari I get a blank page.

Ok, done that, created the slider to the recommended size of 1600×600px, cleared my cache, reloaded, still the same, the banner is zoomed in and blurred. I have just updated my ticket 27737 via email reply and added screenshots, could you please take a look as soon as you have time, thank you.

Great Theme. I have a question. How do I made a shop page with one certain category? Just like your demo on SHOP/SHOP MAN http://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-responsive-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/5484319 I installed the demo data but shop page shows all products. Thanks

Hi there. Please click the item support tab or email support@uxthemes.com to get help. That’s the correct way to get support. Include a link to your site if possible :)

Hi, is there a way to exclude categories from the Product Categories slider? I am using the shortcode [ux_product_categories number=”20” parent=”0” columns=”4”]. Thanks!

it his possible [ux_product_categories number=”20” parent=”0” columns=”4” offset=”0” orderby=”id” ids=”147,151,148,149,162,146” ]

Hi, Wordpress 4.5.1 is supported? All features will be working?

Hi there, yes it is :)

There’s a conflict with Yoast SEO 3.2.3

Hi there, we have tested it, and it works for us. What is happening on your site?