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Simple and very nice theme. Good luck Jono, and welcome to Themeforest :)

Thank you.

Great template :)

Love this template… would buy it instantly if it was a Wordpress Theme.

Thank You, There is a WordPress version of this theme on its way very soon.

Thats awesome. Let me know when and where I can buy it.

WordPress Version Available

Nice template. GLWS!

Thank You.

Awesome!Good luck mate :)

Nice Theme, GLWS ;)

Thank you for your comment; I appreciate your interest in my works.

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)

Thank you.

I like this theme very much! But is it possible to optimize it for IE8?

I will adapt this theme to IE8, possibly in the next theme update.

Oh! It will be realy great! Unfortunately many people still use it. Could you please tell me when the next update come?

Hoping to get the next theme update by the end of January 2014.

Hi, I bought your theme, and am happy with it – as well as with your coding style. 3 Things:

1. Given that you are already using ZURB Foundation I’d have loved if you had used Scss (with variables) for the styling. 2. Have you concatenated the plugins.js by hand -and/or do you have the individual libraries available (maybe you could send them to me – ac[at] I prefer letting my framework take care of the concatenation, to allow for a clean library upgrade path. 3. It seems that the mobile dropdown doesn’t work on a desktop?

Beyond that – great work! I’m enjoying the theme.

BTW, I just figured that by including the basic foundation.js file, the mobile nav also works on the desktop. Is there a reason you’re not including it?

This theme now is compatible with Sass (with variables) for styling.

Awesome! I’ll give it a shot when I’ve got the time.

Hi, bought the theme and think it’s great. Saw that you are working on a Wordpress version. Do you have an ETA on when that will be released?


Hi, I am hoping to release the WordPress version of this theme by 14th Feb 2014

WordPress Version Available


My WP Version does not have the same styling as the original. I like the bold headings in the original, can you tell me if it is possible to use the original css files with teh WP version?


1. You can now upload a top cover image to your default blog roll and static frontpage, if you decide to select this option from the settings link. Therefore no longer confusing as the media uploader fields are now grouped together and can be found under Background Settings tab in the theme options panel. You now longer need to go to the home settings tab for this.

2. I have fixed the repeating titles on the default template and will be available to download later.

3. Added a checkbox field under the blog settings tab where you can also have the control to show or hide the comments form from showing on the default page template to allow for more flexibility.

Thanks, we’re getting there now! I also noticed the CTA button text wasn’t central when viewed portrait on iphone 5s.


I have corrected the CTA text on 480 screen sizes. I can send you the screen.css via email, as I am not going to release the next theme update until the middle of next week.

Due to implementing the WPML translation plugin into the theme and adding a related items widget to portfolio + blog single pages. I am really happy that you are nearly there with the theme setup.


Simply amazing work you have done.;

Thanks you.

Hi Jono, thanks for the theme. I am having a hard time getting the hidden when scrolling down navigation to work, I am just running the project in mamp locally so I can’t give you a url to look at. There are no errors in the console, but the pages won’t even scroll unless I comment out line 596 of custom.js var niceScrollInit = {

Any ideas what I can try to get this working? I am calling foundation.min.js and jquery.min.js on my theme.

Hi Jamie, I have checked the jquery Nicescroll Plugin in Google Chrome and IE. The scrolling works on touch devices on window 7 touch and IPad etc.

But in Firefox the scrolling will not scroll on touch on a Windows 7 tablet laptop but will scroll on touch in Google Chrome etc and IPad.

Whereas in Firefox the scrollbar will scroll if you hover over the scrollbar and drag the cursor to scroll the page just like the default scrollbar. The scrollbar with automatically disappear when you have not hovered over the scrollbar area.

I have updated the jQuery NiceScroll Plugin to the latest version which will be available shortly via ThemeForest. Also I have made changes to custom.js on line 798 below:-

userAgent = navigator.userAgent, isFirefox = /Firefox/i.test(userAgent); // Check if is FireFox

if( IE == 8 ){
    /* Do Not load jQuery nicescroll in IE 8 due to a scroll bug */
    // IE 8 Stuff
}else if(isFirefox){
} else{
    // Initialize plugin on all general browsers

The niceScrollInit is a variable which is hooked to init() function shown above in custom.js.

I found it difficult to understand your question, but have tried my best to resolve your problem.

Thanks Jono!! Sorry I wasn’t very clear in describing the issue I am having. You managed to understand and fix it with this code. It was an issue with Firefox only as the pages did scroll in Chrome and Safari.

In Firefox the pages were stuck up at the top, I couldn’t scroll the page down. Thanks Mate! :)

Just to add that I can not scroll using Safari 8.03 either. Does the latest download of this theme include the fix yet? Otherwise, this is very nice Foundation theme!

Thank you.

Hi The latest version of the theme does include a fix for scrolling and should work on Safari 8.0.3.

The updated plugin is called jQuery Nicescroll, a jQuery plugin. Current version used in the theme is (3.6.0), which is available to download with this theme through ThemeForest.

Hi! I think this is a great theme, but I’m having a little problem with the Google Maps header. It works well, but, when you click on the location icon it opens an empty box. It also happens on your demo, and on the side box.

Any idea on how to display location info?

Hi! I have fix the Google Maps API info window when you click on the marker on the map.

To get this working you will need to open up a file called google-maps.js located in assets folder. Once you have opened this file you will need to go to line 147 and remove maxwidth: 0;

Also I have updated the Google Maps API script in contact.html file where you will need to replace <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> to this below:- <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

You will also find this update applied on the demo site. Now the info window now displays contact details when you click on the marker on the map.

I will update the theme files which will be available to download in several days time through ThemeForest.



HI we have a WP version but in this version I can see You do not load header image on mobile devices. How do I achive that in WP version?

I mean bg image.

Hi In the WordPress Version I have used a script called Adaptive Images which can be found at The same script can be easily integrated into the HTML version as well.



Would this be difficult to use with the Rails framework?

Hi! This theme should be easy to convert onto Rails Framework as the theme is written in HTML. You can use a helper app called ‘install_theme’. which will help you use any HTML template and convert it into Rails app.

The GitHub repository of ‘install_theme’ can be found at

I hope this helps. Good luck. Regards jono111ca

Hi Jono, one other question, can this theme be used in Wordpress or do I need to purchase a Wordpress specific version? If it can be, how do I install it in Wordpress? Thanks.

Hi! The HTML version of the theme cannot be used with WordPress. But if you have good coding skills you can convert the HTML version of the theme onto WordPress platform. Alternatively you can purchase the WordPress version of the theme which is coded for this purpose.

Regards Jono


In mobile no working :(


What mobile phone are you currently using? and what issues are you experiencing on your mobile, so I can resolve them for you.

I am currently applying updates to the demo site, which can be found here:-

I am updating the themes JavaScript plugins and custom CSS so it will respond better on mobile and tablet devices.

I have tested this theme on a Windows phone and the scrolling is working correctly. There was an issue with the mobile navigation toggle button which now works.

I have applied the updated versions of the JavaScript files to the demo site. Once I have updated the theme the new files will be available to download from ThemeForest.



Hi! Is there a way to do some sort of slideshow on the header images? I mean the ones loaded with the data-image attribute. Thanks a lot!

Hi, thank you for purchasing my theme. The theme was not intended to display a slideshow in the header, the header was only intended for indivdual custom backgrounds using the data-image attribute.

This will only allow you to display one custom header image per each individual page.

Kind Rrgards