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Good Job! GLWS :)

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Good job!Good luck :)

Thank You ThemeRox

Wish you the very best with sales , congrats.

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The demo data does not load properly it seems, any work around?

What version of WordPress are you using? 1. I have tested and imported the demo data on my local installation and it worked fine for me.

2. This may help you on how to import the theme demo data following these steps below on how to use the XML File to Import the Demo Site’s Content

1. Log into your site as an administrator. 2. Make sure you activated your new theme before proceeding. 3. Go to Tools ? Import 4. Choose “WordPress” from the list. 5. Upload the demo content .xml using the form provided on that page. 6. You will be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on 7.the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user. 8.You will then have the choice to import attachments, so click on the “Download and import file attachments” box. 9.Please be patient while WordPress imports all the content. Posts, Pages, Projects, and Menus are imported. You will need assign the menu a theme location & you’ll need to configure widgets. This is a limitation of WordPress’ import system. Enjoy!

I hope this is helpful to you.

Fantastic theme, I had a little problem with a conflicting plugin that was resolved prompty and effecantly by the author.

Great theme, Great support, I give it 5 stars, I am a very happy customer!

I am enjoying this theme thus far, a major issue I am having are the images in blog posts.

Although the featured image looks great anything within a blog post scales extremely large. Even when I adjust percentages, and images size.

Please help with this issue if you can.


To remove the 100% image width on images you can change the CSS in screen.css on line 2277 shown below:-

change this: .page-left-sidebar .hentry img, .page-right-sidebar .hentry img, .page-no-sidebar .hentry img{ width: 100%; }

To this: .page-left-sidebar .hentry img, .page-right-sidebar .hentry img, .page-no-sidebar .hentry img{ max-width: 100%; }

This will remove full-width images on blog posts which are currently set to 100% width. I think this is causing the issues on why you can not change the size of the images in the WordPress TinyMce editor.

This is an outstanding template with what I would also classify as great support – WordPress recently updated their software – this developer went out of his way to get me through a conflict caused by that update. Really great work and service!

I am interested in buying this theme but it seems very laggy on the demo site. Is there a solution to make it not so laggy?


Hi, the theme is responsive; it uses Twitter Bootstrap Framework and grid to respond to different screen sizes. Which phone are you using? Can you explain to me in more detail on the issues you are currently having so I can go and fix them. Whereabouts is the text being cut off?

I am using an iphone 5s. This link shows what it looks like when I first look at the site, no scrolling. http://willywebsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Photo-Jun-13-12-24-55-PM.png

Also I was never answered about the laggy-ness. I cannot have my clients looking at a laggy website.

Firstly the theme is fully responsive. I have tested it on a Samsung Galaxy s 2 phone. To view the responsive version of the site you will need to remove the Theme forest IFrame. Once you have done this the theme will be responsive on mobile. I will increase the speed and performance of the site in the next theme update. The site loading time is only slow due to the large background images being used.

Or view demo site here http://www.http://www.jono111ca.com/

Hey I have a few questions on styling, please send me an email.

Hello I purchased this theme and I need help with a problem.

In the “Portfolio section” I do not want the giant “featured image” picture on the specific portfolio item page. How can I remove the giant featured image on these pages?

Thank You

I would prefer to keep the featured image but not have it pixelated. Please help!

Also another problem I am facing now is I am trying to create a custom Form to create a more in depth contact us page. But the form does not look the same as the contact us page template. The contact us page template look very good (part of the reason I bought the theme) but I need to edit it thus why I am using the Forms.

If you can fix the pixelated portfolio items and the Form looking like the contact us template page I will be very grateful and most likely become a repeat customer because I really like this theme!

Hi To fix the pixelated images for the portfolio items you need to edit the size of the images either using Photoshop or crop the images in WordPress. I recommend uploading image dimensions between 1200×450. WordPress media uploader will automatically crop the images down to the desired sizes.

You can configure the image sizes of the image manually in functions.php. If you need assistants with this I am more than happy to help with this.

Another solution is to download Regenerate Thumbnails plugin from http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

If you want to remove the featured image on portfolio items is to open up single-portfolio.php and find line 61 and comment out this line shown below. echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, ‘portfolio-single’ );

The contact template uses a widgetized sidebar. You will need to drag and drop the necessary widgets you would like to add to your contact template. This should display same as the demo site.

Has the theme been updated?

The Theme has been updated to version 1.1.1

This is a lovely versatile theme but more than that the support I received has been first class. Great theme, Great support, I give it 5 stars, I am a very happy customer!

Hello, Is the theme compatible with WP 4.0 ?

Hi, This theme is compatible with WP Version 4.0

Yes,it is compatible with WP 4.0. Thanks for the good theme by the way !

I bought this theme after looking at several others on ThemeForest. I’m glad I spent the time to research them because FlatSum is more than I expected. It’s flexible, sophisticated, and easy to work with. More than anything, what blew me away about the theme is the support I’ve received. I had one request to have the theme do something that’s not built in. John, the theme’s creator, didn’t tell me “tough luck, it’s not built for that.” Instead he has gone above and beyond my expectations to make my request a reality. I’ve worked with lots of developers over the last 10 years, and I say with certainty he’s one of the best and most responsive ever. I highly recommend this theme and John.

Is it possible to have a top menu bar with an area for social icons and a phone number?

Hi, It is possible to implement a top menu bar area with phone number and social icons to the top of the website. Currently the theme does not include this feature, but can be added easily to the item.


balajij Purchased

Hi i bought your theme today. And couple of issues : I am not able to use the visual composer to edit pages. Whatever updates i do using VC it does not display (only the page header and scroll bar color option works) http://www.socialmediabangalore.com/mk/home Plugins are not included as mentioned in your documentation http://awesomescreenshot.com/07c511y46a Envato WordPress Toolkit, WP Retina 2x, Gavity Forms are not there in the bundle. Also how do i remove the recent posts, comments,archives and categories from the home and inside pages http://awesomescreenshot.com/033511zec3

Kindly help me on this issue since we have to go live by this week


balajij Purchased



balajij Purchased

Hi.. done the updates but if you check the services single page the image moves to the top http://www.socialmediabangalore.com/mk/services/early-life/

Hi, I have changed the output of the services image and converted it into a function for easier management, because the update did not get applied to the single services page when I updated the services widget code. I have addressed the issue, where now the image will display vertically centred on all services pages. Therefore you will receive an update through ThemeForest shortly.

Before I go ahead with the updated files through ThemeForest is there anything else that may need addressing with the theme.

Regards Jono


balajij Purchased

Hi.. How do i add the table element? Its not showing in the Visual Composer Elements.

The demo site uses table elements using Twitter Bootstrap. Would you like me to send you the older version of the plugin which creates the tables and includes the shortcode currently shown on the demo site.

I did not say you had to buy this extension, it was just a recommendation. The next update of the theme will include this extension due to better support for table creation.

Regards Jono.


balajij Purchased

oh OK thanks and I will wait for the next update. One more question… how do i move the text on the homepage banner to left ?

Hi, I have made an update to allow you to position the homepage banner overlay text. I have added new settings to the theme to allow you to select from ‘align-left’, ‘align-right’ and ‘align-center’. These settings will be available to you later on today through ThemeForest.

Once you have this update, you will be able to change the position of the caption overlay text for each individual page that you create, using the custom header metabox settings.

I hope this is what you wanted. This also applies to the homepage banner text.

Regards Jono

Hi. I really like this theme, it’s almost exactly what I’m after. Just a couple of questions. The first one is why is the scrolling on the themeforest website so slow? The page scrolls slower than any other theme I’ve checked out. Odd. Secondly, if I choose the timeline layout as my main blog page I assume I can then choose separate blog posts with the side bar?

Hi, This theme uses jQuery NiceScroll plugin to create a scrolling similar to ios / mobile style. This plugin can be found at http://areaaperta.com/nicescroll/.

The scrolling speed by default is set to 60, but can be easily be configured to suit your style speed by increasing or deceasing the scrolling speed of the animation via JavaScript.

The timeline blog supports post formats, but was not intended to display sidebar with timeline. You can still create separate blog entries.

The default blog layout supports blog posts with custom sidebar alongside. You can easily display the sidebar ‘left’ or ‘right’ side of the blog entries using the theme options panel.

Thanks for this, I will consider implementing a custom sidebar to timeline blog layout in near future.

Regards Jono

That’s great. I wasn’t after a timeline sidebar, just confirmation that I can put a sidebar in my blog posts. On that matter, if I implement this theme onto my current blog, what is the default setting for previous blog post layout? All my blog posts (800 or so) have a sidebar. When I uploaded a new theme it ignored this and got rid of them all, which I then had to manually reinstate. Is there a site-wide setting I can set for my blog posts?

Hi, You will need to make a backup of all your current blog posts if you are going to use a new theme. You will need to export your current blog posts ( 800 or so ) to an WordPress export file.

Once you have exported your blog posts there is an helpful plugin which will allow you to import the blog posts back into WordPress. You can find this plugin here https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-importer/

To export your current blog posts you need to go to tools>export and select what content you want to backup e.g Posts.

Regards Jono