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do great template, I wonder that jQuery countdown timer has been used exactly could you give me the url to view the used jquery file?


Hi xMuseT, check out the item details page. I’ve just added the documentation link there :)

Very simple and clean / flat modern design. I like color, so great!


Thanks tranmautritam :) You also got beautiful portfolio, especially the O Design!

Selamat ya gan untuk tema terbarunya. Good luck dude!


Terimakasih banyak vickystudio :)

Good Job. All the best :)


Thanks a lot Themeapt! :)

Great concept!


Thanks so much aditivadesign! :)

do you have this for wordpres??


Hi Rickoline,

Currently I don’t have the wordpress but I hope someday I make the wordpress version for this template.

Thank you,

It’s probably because I’m the biggest programmskilled noob around. But I don’t get how to adjust the Countdown numbers. Could you please help me?

Great template by the way! Awesome!


Hey mpwehendriks!

Thanks for purchasing my template :)

To adjust the countdown timers please open up flattern.js from the js folder. And look into “jQuery Counter” script section at the very top of page. There you will find the date and hours then simply adjust it into your date.

Thanks again!

nice template , nice design , I didn’t try all of demo but I tried theme 5 and it opens great in Chrome but not good in Firefox or IE.


Thanks Chris, I will take a look again using another browsers..

In firefox, not good

When will the issues be fixed? And also the documentation gives a 404? It would be good if it is suitable for high resolution. Does this have a bar like the “Im Coming Responsive” template?


Hi magnox,

Thanks for your attention. I have fixed the countdown and the documentation link. Unfortunately this template doesn’t have any bar.


For some strange reason the CSS is not being rendered properly when I upload the configured site to my server:


It looks great locally and I’ve checked the CSS files paths and they’re correct.

If you could shed some light that’d be great.



Hi Marcoakis,

Thanks for purchasing my item. I’ve checked your site and found it looks like doesn’t load css files. But then I inspect your site, there you’ve load all the css files properly. I’m sorry so far I’m still don’t get any idea of what happend to your site. Have you contact your hosting provider?

Best, Wisnu

sey87 Purchased

I love the template. 5 stars, if there wouldn’t be two bugs in the contact form.

I just get: Sorry! An error occured this time sending your message. And the map does not appear correctly in 1920×1280 resolution.

Can anyone help me?