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Does the video content support pre-roll advertising? My video content is all Vimeo and we need to put pre-roll ads before our video content. Does anything in your theme support video ads, in-video ads or the like. If not, can we plug in other video player WP plugins that do? Will those break your theme?

The theme doesn’t have any special functionality for that, it would just need to be provided via plugins or vendors.

Is there a way I can hide either hide a category or tag from the FEATURED SLIDER? I can hide from other areas but see no option to hide from the featured slider.



Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com


unixmen Purchased

i got one email this morning from xssposed.org that my site using this Flavor Theme with Licence. that it contain XSS vulnerability

www.site.com/?s=brute’style=position:absolute;top:0; onmouseover=alert(URL.slice(-8)); logic#XSSPOSED

Please tell us how to fix this

Regards Mel khamlichi.mohamed@gmail.com

Please open a support ticket so we can better assist you: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com

This ia a presale question

1. Can I use the theme to review any other product for ex: Art, Websites , etc?

2. How hard is it to change the review rating ex: Acting for Creativity, etc ?


1) Absolutely, any category of reviews you want can easily be setup in the theme options. Art and Websites would definitely be good categories for this theme.

2) As simple as typing the new name of the criteria. This is all setup in the theme options with no need to do any special code editing at all. Was designed to be very easy.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the theme, thanks!

I have a site with one of your other products, Continuum. Would it be possible to migrate all the content from that theme to this theme?

Thank you for your time.

There is a migration guide in the Flavor theme documentation which can help. It will require some rework as far as setting up your review types (“minisites”), but you will not lose your actual posts and reviews because you can always convert them into the new minisites. You might have to re-setup your details and ratings though.

Hello, when will the new version coming up.? If yes, any new features? It had been over a year since last updated version. Thank you

We currently don’t have a timeline on updates, but will post here once we have a more firmed up timeline.

Hi, is it possible to activate user registration so I can check out the users area and features. thanks

Would you mind sending me an email at support@industrialthemes.com so we can discuss further? Thanks!

Hi, I have a few question about this theme

1. can I make a image gallery or image carousel inside the post, didn’t find any in the carousel

2. Will I be able to user visual composer with this theme? I find the short code generator hard to visualize the result.

3. whats the difference between awards and badge?

4. Will I be able to make the header wide and stretch across screen other than that theme is great

1) Yes, image galleries and carousels are both fully supported in Flavor.

2) I haven’t specifically tested it but I have heard that users have had good luck with using it with the theme.

3) They display in different places and awards display the text (label) of the award, but the badges don’t display the text until you hover over them.

4) The top bar stretches the the header itself doesn’t. You would need to make a CSS change for that.

Hello, got an presale question.. It’s possible, to published posts without ratings? for example tipps and tricks and not always reviews? And its possible, to make a header where the adsense is beside the logo? i want a header which have the size from the site. Pls answer,so i want buy:-)

This is actually built into my other themes and not available as a separate plugin unfortunately :(

Yes, it is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

ahhh oh no, i owuld have these plug in:( ok, also i have to look your other themes…

The following themes of ours come with the reactions component built in:

Techwise, Engine, Explicit, Implicit

Hello, I can see this theme has different rating options, Percent, 5 Stars etc but does it have a Ranker option? as in an thumbs up or down so everything is number from 1 to say, 800? (or however many post your going to have)

If not, what could i do if i wanted this?


That’s a cool idea for a future possible theme update. If you wanted that in the mean time you could use a plugin.

Very funny, ther was 1 year no update!!

hey guys, pls look at the Private Ticket #438667… got an error, need pls… thank you

Will be working through support as soon as we’re able, thanks for your patience!

I was using WP videorobot ( http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-video-robot-plugin/8619739 ) for auto video post creation on my site while in testing.

I have upgraded to FLAVOR and have discovered the plugin conflicts with the theme. The theme doesn’t function properly while WP videorobot is active.

The theme function as expected with WP videorobot deactivated.

Is this a known issue?

Is there a fix?

If not, does the industrial theme team have a recommendation for an auto video post plugin that is compatible with FLAVOR?

thank you

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com



delibify Purchased

Didn’t work – ratings say hover over but nothing happened. Shortcodes returned fatal errors. I should have known when the author hasn’t updated theme in a year and every other theme I have ever had is updaded often. Things stop working after a year. With all the wordpress, buddy press and wo commerce updates. But I assumed theme forest wouldn’t be selling themes that are broken. I also should have noticed when half of the demo site is even returning errors. But I assumed theme forest wouldn’t sell broken themes.


delibify Purchased

Does Engine work out the box? Can I trade?

You don’t have to copy and paste anything into your minisites at all. You can absolutely use your existing posts within the minisites and get full rating capabilities with them.

I’m also very confident the other issues you’re having are minor ones that we can help you out with. This is all workable, as long as you are willing to work with us to get it accomplished.

Of course, then there’s that premature 1-star “rage” rating you gave the theme without even attempting to use the proper support channels and give us a chance to help you. We don’t support that kind of cavalier customer attitude, unfortunately.


delibify Purchased

Your theme is not working – because it hasn’t been updated. Normally when you buy a theme it works right out of the box. I recently bought madura pro worked out the box. Prior to that I bought anoth worked right out the box. All the free themes work out the box!!!!! I don’t appreciate your attitude for selling a theme that requires extensive support just to get up and running. And I don’t see how to get existing post to transfer to mini sites? With out adding new articles. Basic functionality and responsiveness is not minor. Google puts a rating next to my sites that says mobile friendly it really important in out time to have a responsive theme. I watched all your screencast videos on this theme. I had to google it because even the live demo is NOT working returning 404 errors and you click on things like screencasts and it goes no where. The live demo on engine is working so that’s why I asked about that. But honestly if you never update any of your themes to keep them working then there is no point of that because even if it works now. No theme can go a year without updates with out malfunctioning. I have never rated something 1 star before ever in my life! until now and I have to stand by it. I hope one day you fix it but unfortunately I need my site up. I made a big mistake with purchasing a theme here. I assumed that this site would only sell working themes


buikevin Purchased

Hello, what are the update changes? Is there an update files log? Thanks

`Is it possible to make the user rating an average of all the comment ratings? So in other words they do not adjust the user rating widget, they simply create a comment and the user rating gets updated from this?

Hi – can you show an example of this in the demo pls? Thx

I don’t have an example of that in the demo. Basically you would just disable the top user ratings allowing only comment user ratings (the ratings would still display up top but they would not be clickable/interactive. Send me an email and I can get you a demo: support@industrialthemes.com

OK, no need for demo if you say it does what I want…. thx


I am just missing one bit of functionality, not sure if your theme has it or you have a solution to it. I need to create a field where I can add an affiliate link and on the front it it should show as a button asking the viewer to click. So you site will give users a review of a product with the ability to buy buy clicking on a button which redirects them to a commerce site.

Any suggestions?


You could very easily accomplish that with a plugin, or by adding it in as a custom field and making a small theme mod.

Or, have you looked at our other themes Engine and Techwise which both come with an affiliate link area built in?

PRE-SALE Qs: 1. Does the large image just below the navigation show the highest trending post? 2. If not can you set it to do that?

1) You can choose what posts display here by tag or category via the theme options.

2) If you wanted to change the order or filtering of this area, you would need to make some modifications to the query that populates that slider. I could show you where that is in the code if needed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the theme, thanks!

While i’am on minisite when i click on the logo it turns me back on the minisite. Is it possible to change that? For example i want when i click on the logo to turn me back on homepage. Do i need html/css knowledge ?

Yes, there is a setting in the theme options to make it send you back to the homepage rather than the minisite front page.