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is flexform already working with the most recent woocommerce versions?


Hi there,

You should have no problems at all – if you do, let us know.

- Swift Ideas

Thanks for this awesome template.I really like it.

I try to style the standard list in the CSS Editor. What i’m doing wrong?

.ul { list-style-position: inside; }

.ul .li { margin-left: 10px; padding-left: 10px; }

Great! Thansk a lot!

It’s affecte the H2 header and not only the list in the text. Any solution?

Provide a link in a support topic and our team will be happy to check – http://swiftideas.com/support

- Swift Ideas

@swiftideas Are others having problems updating themes on their websites. All theme updates failing even the default themes. And I disable all flexform & child enable default theme to delete flexform themes to up load the lastest it’s not in order to upload the lastest version

Thanks @SwiftIdeas & Ed. Yes it’s certainly something with the main WordPress files. It’s not at all Theme Related. I am running a Multisite Install so the issue may be somewhere with those files. I’ve already spent considerable time navigating WordPress.org to trouble shoot the issue that I have to return a later time because my head hurts now:)

Anyway, thanks fyi: Downloading update from https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/twentyfourteen.1.4.zip…

Unpacking the update…

Installing the latest version…

Removing the old version of the theme…

Could not remove the old theme.

Theme update failed.

I may just wait for the 4.3 comes out create a start fresh install/database since major changes coming to wp terms.

Currently the site is still working with the update & older theme version

BTW: I used the updating twenty fourteen as an example to show you it wasn’t isolated to just Flexform Theme. It was the admin Theme Updater

Glad you found the culprit!

- Swift Ideas


Is there any way I can hide the inline CSS generated in the wp_head? Would be good if this CSS chunk can be transferred to a separate CSS file as it is affecting PageSpeed Insights.

Please kindly get back to me as soon as you can.

Best, Sam

Hi Sam,

Hi there,

If you’d like to post a topic about this on our support forum (http://support.swiftideas.net/) we’d be happy to help you out.


- Swift Ideas