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Hi! Great theme that should work well for me. Just want to check to see if it is possible for me to change the background image (to a cherry wood pattern)? thanks

Hi thanks for your kind message and purchase, yes you can change the background image, just replace yours with the current one via ftp (remember to keep the same name and same format, you can find the background image in the images folder, if you need further guidance please open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com ) Thanks Cheers Uou

can i change colors of theme easily ? blue for example…


Hi, yes you can do it via CSS, if you’re talking about the background then yes as well just need to replace the image, if you’re talking about the menus then you would need to do it via PSD Cheers Uou

Hi Guys, just to inform you that we have published a new Multipurpose vCard that offers a wide range of options & features:


Hi, very nice template, i spend a lot time to find somthing like this, but how about rtl version ? how i can get the rtl version ?

Salam, thanks for your kind message, it’s not really rtl compatible for the moment we will try to make it rtl compatible but we’re really working under pressure on other projects Cheer & have a nice w.e UOU

Hi, my contact form does not reset after submitting. How can I fix this?


Hi, can you please open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com remember to provide your credentials so that the support could look into it Thanks UOU

How do I change the Icons on the Menu? Like the Profile, Resume, ....?

I can’t upload my documents??? What’s wrong with it? I payed 35 dollars for it!


Thank you very much! It was not clear at the first time. But now I’m still have one issue. I added a new page called ‘Documents’ and also chose the ‘Documents’ Template. I would like to add my Resume so people can download it, but when I add through ‘add media’ It doesn’t appear on the website. Do you know what I can do about this?

Regards Kristian

Hi Kristian,
create in Portfolio Categories “Letters”, and add new item in this category, fill Title, URL, description fields.
Cheers, Andrey.

When I do this, it appears on my ‘Portfolio’ Page and not on my ‘Documents’ page. I need it on my ‘Documents’ page.

Regards Kristian

I just purchased the HTML5 version and I noticed that even in the live preview, the social media buttons do not appear on the desktop version. I looked on the developer’s console and it looks like it is setting the height and width of the images to be 0. Is this a bug, or am I doing something completely wrong?

ok nevermind I figured it out. If you have ad-blocker installed it will make the social media icons disappear. It can be circumvented by just changing the names of the icons.

Hi, yes ad-blocker have the function to hide the social icons.
Have a nice day.
Cheers, Andrey.

Hi, I would like to ask you, how to change font to regional – central europe because there is a issue with displaying local characters. Thank you

You can contact support via PM’s, please don’t forget provide credentials, and let us know what font you wish to use (www.google.com/fonts/)
Cheers, Andrey.

hello, I already purchased the theme and I have a question: I will not use portfolio page so how can I remove this page? Can you help me with this? Sorry for my English, Do you speak Turkish?

Oh, sorry, you use HTML version.
Edit HTML file and remove from menu container
<ul id="navigation-menu" class="navigation-menu"> *** </ul>
this item
<li><a class="portfolio" href="#portfolio"><span>Portfolio</span></a></li>
Cheers, Andrey.

Thank you for your help.

welcome :)
Cheers, Andrey.

Hi, this is great work! Congratulate. I bought this theme. But, i selected wrong theme. Actually, the same theme, colors and icons are different. Please help me? what can i do?

Hi thanks for your kind words but i don’t understand what you mean, did you purchase flexicv html and wanted to purchased wp version ?

i purchased wp version, But, colors and icons are different from this theme. http://themeforest.net/item/flexicv-responsive-vcard-template-multipurpose/full_screen_preview/4945902

You can also control it from this link. http://www.yakupaksy.com/

You can change the color scheme via FlexiCV CP
Cheers, Andrey.

hi, i want to change blog tag,

//class = “blog” href=”#blog”


//class = “blog” href=”http://www..com/blog”>

when i do this everything is messed up. please help.

Hello bshireto,

We hope that you’re doing well. We have transferred you message to the developer. You will be provided with the solution soon.

Cheers UOU


Hic-Aia Purchased

I would like to enlarge the length of the sections of the tabs employment and education. This mean agrandire each experiment : from xx to xx , I would like to add more space to insert information for each experience

how I can do this , because I try to change the css file, but I can not?


hello thanks for your purchase this would require some custom work can you contact Andrey at sokolby.com or at hangouts on sokolby@gmail.com to see if he’s available to do it cheers.uou


Hic-Aia Purchased

Thank you, i sent a mail in sokolby.com.