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Hi, some troubles I encountered and need support from uouapps. Reference page aleksandersosnowski.com.

1) I can’t translate some of the fields from English. Name, Surname, Age, Years in Business. I’m using WPML but in these cases instead of field name I receive its content to be translated. Really weird. Like instead of translating Name into Polish I receive its content – Aleksander – to be translated. I need you to fix this.

2) I created some pages (Profil, Biografia, etc.). As you see they are in Polish. This is a result of translation. I don’t know why and how but English names disappeared although as pages they still exist. I can’t get any other name than Polish. Weird again. What I am doing wrong?

3) Icons for pages. You show in examples nice fancy icons like some hut, envelope, visit card. How can I get them? What should I do?

4) Check my Kartoteka page and Links for 2 pages I’ve added. There is a problem with the size of an icon. Whatever dimension of a photo I’m giving it never expands that to the picture borders. How to solve this?

5) Check my Kontakt page. Where can I find place to translate fields like Drop Me a Line, Name, E-mail, Website – they also didn’t pop up for translation. Are they translateable? Send Message – same as above.

I need some email address to your support because I’m sure I didn’t list all of the cases. I need this template really operational since I need solid page multilingual, 2 languages to start with.

Aleksander Sosnowski contact@aleksandersosnowski.com

you’ll be contacted via mail


I bought your theme one year ago but i recently found an issue that i can’t be able to solve.

In fact in my Blog section : http://www.guillaume-peltier.com/blog/ when someone select a category then select an other category and an other… in my url the names of categories are added and i can have url like that : http://www.guillaume-peltier.com/category/developpement/developpement/developpement/e-commerce/e-commerce/

Its an issue because it creates lot of duplicate content !

Have you any solution to help me fix this ?

Thanks in advance for your help

hello can you please send a PM then drop a line over here thanks uou

Hello, I’ve just bought FelxiCV and preparing to install it on BlueHost.

I use and iPad from home so I want to know if there is a way to manage that content from my tablet. Should it be supported by wordpress.com app, right?

Thanks M

Hello, now it’s clear thanks. Since I’m building my resume in both italian and english, I installed Polylang to manage the same content in both languages. Work really well for content, but not for the menu. I created 2 menus, one english and one italian (with 2 test pages translated in italian), but it’s not shown. How can I do them? I’ve read these two links, maybe could help:

https://wordpress.org/support/topic/my-menu-doesnt-change-with-the-language https://polylang.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/incorrect-usage-of-wp_nav_menu/


Sorry, I solved it by adding ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ to wp_nav_menu function in header.php file. Now it works.

thank you for your confirmation

the live preview is not working… I need to see the show…

thanks for informing us now its working ate mais uou

FLEXICV – WORDPRESS THEME: The menu dispositvos furniture does not behave to an appreciable extent … With the same layout as the desktop, commits touch points … Think can switch to a standard menu of mobile devices?