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Hello, I am interested in purchasing this theme. Does the purchase include the demo content as well??? Thanks


Did you look at the Documentation included with the theme under the Flight Documentation folder? It is a complete guide including screenshots, you can see what you are looking for under the Image Settings section.

Either way, it is very easy to do:
1.) Login to WordPress wp-admin
2.) Click Flight on the left column (the Flight Option Panel)
3.) Click the Images tab
4.) Change the images to whatever you want


ok thanks for the help. I am getting “Missing Consumer Key” on the twitter feed in the widgets. I have put in everything for the twitter including URL and Username. What else is needed???


You haven’t created a Twitter Application for your account yet at http://dev.twitter.com/apps – Once you have created the Application on Twitter’s website, it will give you a Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret. You will copy and paste these key’s into your WordPress at Settings > Twitter Feed Auth.

This is all covered step by step in the instructions in the included Flight Documentation under the Twitter/Instagram section.

Hi I installed the theme and it wanted me to update right away. I entered my market place info but the them did not update. Any ideas?


I have the market place Api key correct. The directions in the documentation do not work for the google api key. I guess they changed the way the api’s work now. Cannot figure it out. I guess I will manually embed the map another way


Thanks for pointing this out, we will get this updated next week. The funny thing is Google still has the old instructions in their Help Documentation as well. It is even easier now by the looks of it, use the same link in our documentation, then just click the blue Create Project… button, then click on Google Maps JavaScript API v3. The rest of our instructions still apply. If you want to open up a Support Ticket we would be happy to assist you in getting it setup. Thanks! :)


Opened ticket, thanks for the help


I was just brought on to manage some updates for a client who has your theme installed. My client does not have your documentation files because they had used a different developer originally. I have not been able to reach the previous developer successfully to get the documentation information. I was wondering if there is a place I can go to get the documentation on the wordpress flight theme. Thanks.


What version of the theme is your client using?

labemi Purchased

Hi there, nice work! Am I right there is no proper ul/ol/li formatting within css? Furthermore I am experiencing issues with - location/contact gmaps settings not being updated properly - stacking of font-awesome icons not possible (maybe because of css resetting?) when implemented in child theme - “responsive” view on ipad (retina) and iphone 5s shows youtube video background behind graphic logo when having “Static Image Background on Mobile Devices” set to “on”. Below logo static image is shown - flyout menu item has to be clicked twice on touch devices (first click shows context info = hover). This “touch fix” could lead to confusion when applied to main menu - (at least) child theme “general” settings get resettet after main theme update

That’s it for now :) Any chance for solving these issues?


Absolutely, would you mind opening a Support Ticket with temporary login details to your WordPress install? (And post these issues). We will be happy to work through them for you.

Thanks for your purchase! :)

I can’t seem to remove the stock images… I have chose my background image set HOWEVER, it displays for a nano second and then it reverts to the stock background waterfall pics… I don’t see the stock images built as an image set NOR can I find them in the media folder…

So please – how to I get the theme to stop defaulting to the stock images?I


I see you have opened a Support Ticket, one of our developers will be happy to look at this first thing Monday morning for you. (Our support department is only open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST).

Have you have tried clearing your browsers cache (or tried a different browser)? The images shouldn’t hidden anywhere, but I’m assuming you imported the demo content?

Also if you haven’t included your WP website info in the support ticket, it would be helpful in resolving your issue quickly. Thanks!

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this theme… However – is there any way of pinning the menu so it does not move as the user scrolls?


Yes, it’s just a bit of CS. Our support team is happy to assist if you can’t figure it out. Thanks for the question! :)


I like your template very much. Please tell me…

1- Can the timing of the slider image rotation be configured to be different than that of the background image?

2- Can corresponding thumbnail images be configured underneath the larger slider/images and be able to navigate them back/forward?

3- If need be, can the slider be replaced?



Thanks for the comments. Here’s the answers to your questions:

1.) Yes the timing can very easily be adjusted to be as different as you want from the Flight Option Panel

2.) It uses Cyclone Slider, so you can use any of the options it offers: http://www.codefleet.net/cyclone-slider/

3.) Yes, you can easily replace the slider with any slider of your choice. It’s setup as a shortcode, so you can just edit the homepage file and use a different slider / plugin.

Let us know if you have any other questions! :)

Thank you very much for your reply. Actually I do have two more questions:

1- In your demo, when ‘enable image logo’ is ticked, the logo does not resize for small devices. Its size does not change. On the other hand, when ‘Take: Flight.’ displays, it does resize for small devices. Can the enabled image logo be set to resize as well?

2- Can I assume that links can be assigned to the images in the slide show?

-Thanks again


1.) You can easily just add a line of CSS for your logo to resize on mobile (if you can’t figure it out our support team be happy to assist)

2.) Yes, links can be assigned to the slideshow images

Let us know if you have any more questions! :)

Hi Sir,

Could you give me response for those questions please ?

1- Can we changed logo ’’Flight’’ to personnal logo ? If yes, How ?

2- Do we have access to e-commerce to modified, if yes, Can we used to sell t-shirt or something without any other cost ? Or i have to buy extended license ?

3- If it possible to add media and custom picture size after or we have to put right size before ?

4- Do you recommand this site for little business or only blog ? (If you have recommandation please feel free to let me know.

5- Finally, What we can’t modified on this theme ?

Thank you for your time, Waiting for your prompt feedback, Mark


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the questions.

1.) Yes. In the option panel just select Image Logo and select the logo file.

2.) Yes it includes full Woo Commerce support for e Commerce. There is no extra charges or extended license required. Woo Commerce is 100% free. You can sell to shirts or whatever you want right out of the box.

3.) I’m not sure I understand this question, it depends what you want to do with the images. You can definitely have custom sizes.

4.) This theme will work perfectly for a small business or blog, or both :)

5.) You can modify anything you want. We have included a Child Theme in the package so you can modify it as much as you want, and still update the theme when we update it without losing any of your customization or modifications.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Hello, Ive got a couple of questions and issues about template.

1/ Is it posible to place the main menu on top of the slider instead of below it?

2/How do i get the secret API to update to the last versión?

3/ In the clients logos space in main page Im unable to place logos as you have in the demo, horizontally, all logos are place bellow the previous one, plus the button TT with your logo (add element) doesnt seem to do anything.

4/ is it posible to change fonts on the slider descriptions?

5/ In the sloga, the size of the fonts doesnt change when I change it in the Flight fonts panel.

Thanks and congratulations for the template.


1.) Yes

2.) See http://support.themesuite.com/purchase-code.png

3.) This has been fixed/updated in the latest version

4.) Yes

5.) This has been fixed/updated in the latest version

Thanks for your purchase! :)

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Hello again, thanks for the quick answer before. Ive just realized I was signed with another customer account. aquiprofesionales.

Here are my questions again. 1/ How can I place the main menú above the slider?

2/ with the update now client logos are spread alright thanks, but the add element function stills doesnt do anything, maybe im using it wrong? or in a wrong place? Id like to have customer logos like the ones in demo.

3/ How can I change Font settings on the slider description?

4/ How can I change Font size of the slogan? the Font size in flight fonts tab doesnt seems to make any change.

Thanks again.


Hi balabak,

Please open a Support Ticket and one of our support guys would be happy to help you with these items.

Thanks! :)

balabak Purchased

Hello again, thanks for the quick and easy support, its been great. one last thing. How can I turn off the add a comment tab in the lower part of the homepage? In the blog settings tap the show comments its missing. Thanks


You need to disable it for the Page in WordPress: Check under ‘Discussion Settings’ at the top right of the edit page window, it should have ‘Comments’ unchecked. Check that off, then you will find an option at the bottom of the page to disable comments for that page.

If you have further questions please use our Dedicated Support page. Thanks! :)


I purchased the Flight theme but it doesn’t install. I am working on a fresh Wordpress installation, latest version. When trying to install the screen after a couple of minutes blanks out leaving me the “Do you really want to do this” error message and nothing else. Refreshing my browser shows no install has taken place. I really have no idea what to do about this. So please help me out here because I’m on a deadline for a book launch!

Alice Anna


Hi Alice, we responded to your support ticket. It is an issue with your Web Host, but please review the information we sent you to work around the problem. If you have any further issues don’t hesitate to contact us on our Support site. Thanks for your purchase! :)

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I recently updated my flight theme and now have this error showing on the site:

Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘sl_head_styles’ was given in /home/content/15/8677915/html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 505

I am somewhat of a novice at code, but I just want to know if someone knows how to resolve this?



Do you know what version you were updating from? Are you using a Child Theme?

Please open a Support Ticket with temporary login details to your website, as well as any other relevant details that would be helpful, and our technical staff will be happy to help you get this resolved! Thanks! :)

naudster Purchased

Hi, Recently bought your theme. Is it possible to place the Logo to the right of the page? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

naudster Purchased

Lol allready found it.


Glad you found it! :)

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Is there a way to use different sidebar menus for individual pages. I have a site I want to set up but I need the Sidebar/Flyout menus to be different for each individual page.

I see that you can change the css color and background image for each page but there is no way to change the menus.

Is there anyway you guys can add this feature?


I am pretty sure that this is a core WordPress function, I don’t think that you can associate the same menu position with 2 WordPress menus, they would have to be in different locations. I’m not 100% sure if there is another way around this, but if you want to open a Support Ticket our support team would be able to better advise you on this Monday morning when we are back in the office. Thanks! :)

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My Fly-out menu is suddenly out of alignment. I tried everything, even re-installed the theme and reset my database. Still doesn’t work. The text is halfway up the colored “blocks”

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Try re-saving your Settings in the Flight Control Panel (you don’t need to change anything just click Save). If that doesn’t work please open a Support Ticket with your website details so we can have a look at this for you! Thanks :)

Love the theme. Lots of bells and whistles. Quick question… Is there a way to have the background video only run once? Ideally, I would like the video to run once and then switch to a static background. Open to suggestions/help.


Thanks, it worked. Is there a way to change it to a static image background once the video ends? I assume not, but figured it would not hurt to ask. :)


Not without some customization :)


Thanks. I may be in touch on that shortly. :)