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Blvd perfecto mate!

This theme best september 2010 awards to win :D

Good luck with sales..

Good works..



Hi themeblvd, beautiful theme :) How about localization? there is a .po file or something to translate it?


Thanks Jason, my question was badly formulated, I mean if there is a way in control panel administration, to change background, but you answered in any case :) Good and practical tutorial


Oh no, sorry, there’s no option for this. There is a simply an option that allows you to pick one of the 9 colors for the header.

If you want to a look at the entire theme options page you can see it here:



Localization has been added!

If I hadn’t just switched themes, I would so buy this one. In the future I will buy it though. Excellent!


Thank you :-)

I love this theme so much!!

I’ve looking for a personal for a long time.

This is the Best in 2010 so far.

I will buy it, and good luck with sales.

Sexiest theme… ever!

Amazing job; very very impressive clicks purchase


Awesome, hope you like it!

need localization, need dates on listings to go to archives of “day”, “month”...

overall is just great…


... and I’m working on localization.


Localization has been added!


if nobody post it to you, i will send you the French language in no time once i purchase your theme…

Cool theme. Does this code use anything similar to the FRAMES coding that was used years ago? There were problems with SEO when using frames.


Frames? No way. It’s all CSS and DIV ’s

yea, really need localization.


I’m working on it.


Localization has been added!

Seems there’s no option to upload logo images or use text instead of logo?


If you go to your FlipBlog Options page… Then go to Configuration Options, there is an option called “Logo URL ”...

You can put in a new image for the logo there, however there is no option to make it text. You can always edit the logo pretty easily in header.php. Just very basic HTML Code there where the logo is.


really fantastic job, man! I was searching ages for a good theme and just saw yours today. It is exactly what I was searching for! Looking forward to work with it.

Greets from Berlin flo


Thanks a lot, flo. I really hope it works out for you.

Hi, Love the template and would like to get it. I first wanted to know if you see any issue in integrating my current blog pictures which are 979px wide. Would these automatically resize to fit or would I have to do to make it look right in your template?


Thanks, Dan


Yup. All post thumbnails on the blog, portfolio thumbnails, slideshow images, etc are all scaled automatically with WordPress’s featured image feature.

Whoa! Splendid!


Thanks :-)

I love this theme….My only concern is that it does not function correctly on an ipad. I opened the demo, and the footer scrolls with the screen and covers a portion of the screen. If this can be fixed, which I’m sure it can, I will definitely purchase.

Also, is there any option to adjust the width, so it fits on the ipad? Right now, the dates do not fit on the left side of the screen.

Thanks for the beautiful work!


Safari on an iPad does not handle fixed positioning like normal browsers because a browser window on an iPad is not scalable. So, as far as the funky header/footer area, you just would have to use the “Don’t flip it” or “Flip it up” options for it to work properly on an iPad.

And I can’t really do much about the dates at this point. You could just remove that date tab from the blog posts. It’s a pretty minor thing to delete.

Hi, what font u used for the logo?

The article title can’t be displayed when using non-English languages.

Will it be fixed on the next update?

Thank you


Font used is Josefin. There are links to the font in both the theme’s documentation and the item details page.

Creating a cufon file that accommodates all characters in all languages would be really large. You can always download the font and regenerate your own cufon file that fits the characters you need for your language.


Currently the cufon font for this theme is located in /layout/js/font.js. So, you’d generate your own cufon font file, name it font.js and replace the current one.

Hi Mate. Truly beautiful work!

I will buy but am wondering, on the Portfolio page is it possible to click on an image and scroll through a bunch of images by just having a next tab appear rather than having to click out of an image and then click back into another one? This would be very handy for a group of images that have a similar theme.




Actually yeah, it wouldn’t be that difficult of a change. This theme uses pretty photo, and that functionality is already built-in, just not being utilized. You can find the source code for the portfolio page in taxonomy-portfolio.php.

Basically, where you see rel="lightbox", you’d change to rel="lightbox[gallery-name]", as it show you here:


Does the blog page auto populate? or do I have to code?

also, will this work fine with an existing blog?


The default index.php file (homepage) is just the WordPress loop. So it will automatically pull all of your blog posts.

If you watch the beginning of this video, you will see me actually install the theme on a fresh installation of WordPress 3 and you can see what happens:


I’m in the market for a theme and this one is very high on my list. A few things I need that I didn’t see are:

1. Toggle shortcode 2. Accordion shortcode 3. Tabs shortcode

Did I somehow miss these options?




Sorry not included in this theme.

cebnav Purchased

Bought the template and loving it! But the question I asked before about integrating the old blog…. How exactly to I auto resize all the dozens of images that look too big now? I’m going from full page down to a blog with a sidebar.


Where are these images? What specifically are you referring to?

cebnav Purchased

You can see what I’m talking about—danjohanson.com

Thanks for your help.


You need to manually edit each of the posts. WordPress does have automatic image cropping and different sizes you can choose from when inserting an image… This all really has nothing to do with the theme though. Just sort of general WordPress stuff…

Right now you just have your full size images you’ve uploaded inserted in all your posts… I don’t know of any way to just automatically make them all smaller without doing anything?

Also, your homepage will probably look nicer and if you use the “show excerpts” option and then attach “featured images” to each of the posts. That’s just my opinion.

tacjtg Purchased

I cannot get ANY of the layout shortcodes to function properly. Any suggestions.


Well, what’s happening? Can you give me anything to go on?