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I just noticed that there are now no widgets or sidebars in my widget area. The widgets are showing on pages, I just have no way to edit them. Is this an incompatibility with the latest WP update? It seems to be a theme issue. Hope you can help! :\ Thanks,

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you’ve done there. I just updated the live demo to the latest version and all widgets are still in their sidebars.

But generally, things don’t just stop working. You should re-trace your steps of what you’ve altered on your site recently.

I deleted a page, added a post. The appearance/widgets page is just empty. I can’t say whether it was working before the latest WP update. It doesn’t have the edit bar above the page either. Would re-uploading the widgets.php fix it?

After replacing files and resetting the plugins folder, it turned out to be Jetpack. Why it would start interfering now, I couldn’t guess. Thanks for looking into it.

Can you use this theme in Dreamweaver as well?

You can use Dreamweaver’s code editor, but I doubt you’ll be able to use their Visual Editor if that’s what you’re asking.

Hi Jason. Congrats for the great theme !

Here is my question. About the blog page, I would like next and previous pages to be announced through numbers (1,2,3,4,5…) and not words (previous page – next page). How shall I proceed for that ?

Many thanks ! Best regards, Arnaud.


For support, please post from the account in which you’ve purchased the theme. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Oops, it’s okay. Here my company account…

Hi Jason. Congrats for the great theme !

Here is my question. About the blog page, I would like next and previous pages to be announced through numbers (1,2,3,4,5…) and not words (previous page – next page). How shall I proceed for that ?

Many thanks ! Best regards, Arnaud.


You want to install the WP-PageNavi plugin:

After you activate this plugin, the theme will automatically implement this functionality.

Great ! Thanks a lot, Jason.

Is it possible to disable the 2 column view? I was after a full width for articles So I can display larger images and videos. Removing the column two all together would be great for my site. thanks

Thank you for your reply, I will have a look into it.

For those who are after the same thing as me this is how I fixed it up. I first removed all of the right hand side widgets and then edited the “core.css” file

scroll down to the #content { and modify the width to 940px

I’m so happy now I really love this theme and am glad to have it looking exactly right for my site.

Thanks for your help too. Greatly Appreciated!

You could’ve just changed the div with id “content” to have the id “full-width-content” as shown in template_fullwidth.php ;-)

How can you change the configurations of the FlipBlog – Theme Options. I managed only once, and now when I enter information on Facebook, or insert the logo when I make any adjustments in the General Layout and saved when the page refreshes back to the same initial state. I also wonder if you can put the Portuguese language.

Is it possible you’ve installed a plugin or made some sort of customization that could cause this? Look into any changes you’ve made to your site since the last time you had it working.

To verify for you that theme options work properly, I’ve updated the demo to the latest version of WordPress (v3.4.1) and can successfully edit and save the options. I played around with it a bit going back and forth between the theme options and other pages, re-saving a few different times. Everything remains in tact on my end.

And for translating, you’ll want to look into what WordPress refers to as “localization.”

I just purchased the Flip Theme and I am trying to upload in WP as a zip file and I am getting this error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I’m a novice here and went to WinAce to extract the files but am clueless. Suggestions?

Never mind- Issue resolved. Just needed to uncompress. Thanks.

Okay- one last question. How do I remove “FlipBlog” as the site title? Thanks Jason.

This is an image that you need to put in from your Theme Options page. You’ll find this among the options under FlipBlog > Theme Options and it wil be called “Logo URL ”—You just put in the URL to your own logo image.

Ahh… Thanks!

Hi Jason, I’ve been changing my top menu lately and I’ve got now main menu -> sub menu -> sub sub menu, but the 3rd menu level doesn’t appear correctly, why is doing that ?

see there : Top menu : Galeries photos -> Photos Thailande -> Centre -> Sukhothai 2011

The sub ;enu zith Sukhothai 2011 is just qdding on top of the previous sub menu instead of going on the left.



I apologize, but this theme only supports one sub-level in the main navigation. The theme was originally designed for the main feature being that the header and navigation were fixed to the bottom fo the site (i.e. the “flipped down” option). I could never get 3rd-level menus to work right with it, and so I didn’t provide support for it.

I’d like to know how to export the SEO . ;)

I apologize, but the theme has no feature for exporting anything related to the SEO .

Hello, I am considering to buy this theme but I would like to be sure about the compatibilityu with the latest updates from Worpress. When is the latest update of Flipblog? Many thanks Delphine

The theme’s demo is running fine on the latest version of WordPress, 3.4.1, and I am not aware of any issues, and noone has brought up any.So, you should be good to go.

Hi, First off thanks for a great theme this is amazing, but I just have a little questions with regards to the slideshow transitions, can I set this up to be just a plain old fade?

Thanks Rich

Hello Rich,

No I apologize, but you can only select from the coin slider transitions that are present there. You’d need to swap in your slideshow plugin to change it.

Hey there! LOVING this theme! SO much better than the last one I was using. I especially love how user-friendly you made it. It really helps out those of us who know very little about web design and implementation.

One question though, I would like to add a “SHOP” tab on my homepage navigation (you know, up where theres “home”, “portfolio”, etc.). I know had to add the tab already and have done so under menu. What I’d REALLY like it to do though is redirect to my etsy shop when its clicked on. I’m not sure if this is doable but it would really be great. Thanks for any help you can offer. :) -Cate from


Glad to hear you’re liking the theme.

Under Appearance > Menus, you can setup your menu buttons to link wherever you want. Checkout this video:

Yay! Thanks! I knew it would be something easy. Your tutorials are great. Super helpful. My custom link has been made and is working great. Thanks a bunch. -Cate

Hello. I’d like to know if slideshow suppots swf files. Thanks, Maria.

Hello Maria,

I apologize, but no it does not.

Thanks for the answer.

In the “blog” layout, is there any way to put a swf file (banner) below the header? (

The only way would be to manually insert this in the template files themselves. I can’t think of any way you’d get your SWF file there.


I use the homepage #3 and I would like to get 4 pages in widget on my welcome page. When I want to add the fourth one, it doesn’t align itself with the third one. I tried to resize my picture, it did not change anything. I tried to move each, it didn’t change anything. I need your input to fix it.

Many thanks, Delphine


Please provide a link to the issue.

Aww, ok, I understand now. It’s been awhile since I looked at this theme; I had to get back in flipblog-mode.

So, on this one that page template wasn’t designed to have more than the two widgets. In order for them to line up right, I think the easiest thing would be to just give them some sort of fixed height.

Put this in your Custom CSS option on your theme options page:

#content #homepage3 .one-half {
    height: 330px;

After that, the only thing left is making sure you’ve formatted all four widgets’ content the same, and possibly adjusting that height to fit your needs.

I will try and I will let you know. I am surprised to read that the page template isn’t designed for more than two widgets as on the homepage, the author suggests we can add two, four or six widgets.. which could be easier than way for me as I am not very comfortable to go in the html….