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I had a look on the custom CSS …but I am afraid to make a mistake. So here it is:

//Display widget area echo ‘ ’; if ( is_sidebar_active(‘homepage3’) ) { dynamic_sidebar(‘homepage3’); } echo ‘ ’; echo ‘ <!- .homepage3 (end) ->’;

could you tell me exactly where I have to add what you suggest to me. many thanks Delphine

Oh, no you’re making this way more complicated than it needs to be. You don’t need to edit any theme files.

In your WordPress admin panel, go to FlipBlog > Theme Options > General Options > Custom CSS and paste this in the empty box:

#content #homepage3 .one-half {
    height: 330px;

Now, save your theme options. That’s it.

There’s no risk. If it doesn’t look the way you want, just delete it, and re-save your theme options page.

Do you mind if I ask you to do it for me. I am afraid to make a mistake. I found the CSS part but I don’t really know where to put what you advice me in the html my email address is

Many thanks Delphine

Hey folks. I’ve been working to find out what’s causing the site to not go to the dashboard after logging in. At first, I thought it was an issue with a plugin or a corrupt WP file, but after manually disabling all plugins and putting fresh WP files I think it may have something to do with the theme. I’ve had another colleague look over the files and see if she could nail down the problem but we’re at a loss.

The site is

Here’s the error reports we’ve been receiving:

PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/positix8/public_html/selfempowermentafter50/wp-content/themes/flipblog/functions.php:85) in /home1/positix8/public_html/selfempowermentafter50/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 680


PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/positix8/public_html/selfempowermentafter50/wp-content/themes/flipblog/functions.php:85) in /home1/positix8/public_html/selfempowermentafter50/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881


I’m not really sure on that one. I find this a little strange because the functions.php file of the theme doesn’t actually have a line 85, as it’s only 80 lines long. Are you sure you haven’t been making customizations to the theme files?—No one else has ever reported any PHP warnings like this.

HA. There were no customizations, but there were some blank lines at the end of the file. :) Thanks!!

Aw, that would be it. You probably had blank lines at the bottom after PHP was closed. I’ve checked your version and the download on ThemeForest, and there’s definitely no blank lines at the bottom of functions.php, so maybe you guys added it some point accidentally? Either way, glad you figured it out!

I recently bought Flipblog, and tried uploading .mp4 files as a portfolio item. It doesn’t play this format, even though the documentation says it does. I have only had luck with .mov files. However, in the latter case, the video player size does not scale according to the video file resolution. How can I address both these issues?


The player included will definitely play .mp4 files. There are examples of this in the live demo. You’ll need to double check what you’re doing on your end when saving and encoding your videos.

You can set the dimensions of the video by appending them to the end of the video URL as it shows in the examples when you click “Learn More” under the Portfolio Item input.

Thanks – the video resizing worked! However, .mp4 still doesn’t work. I checked the encoding – there are two options – MPEG4 Basic and MPEG4 Improved – does it matter which one I use?

Correction – the audio in the .mp4 plays now, but the video still doesn’t

Sorry, I’m no video codec expert; there could be tons of variables depending on the software you’re using. I unfortunately can’t really help you there.

Try adding this .mp4 video URL that I made awhile back. Does it work in your player?

I noticed that for pages that I setup as Portfolios, and if the Portfolio items are images, when I click on the thumbnail (and I have set it up to show a popup) it downloads all the images in that Portfolio before displaying the first popup. Since each image is around 3MB, I’m running into performance issues. How and where can I modify the code to disable this behavior? I don’t want to link thumbnails to the post itself – I want the image popup.



You could possibly disable the gallery feature in prettyPhoto. taxonomy.php is where prettyPhoto gets tagged onto the links. Where you see rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery]” you’d change to rel=”prettyPhoto”

Here’s docs on working with prettyPhoto:

Thanks for your prompt response. That seems to have fixed the problem!

I just downloaded flipblog and can’t figure out where to go to put in my own header…although I love the theme, I’d really like it to NOT say FlipBlog at the top of every page. :)

This is an option on your theme options page found here where you’d insert a URL to your own image.

FlipBlog > Theme Options > General Options > Logo URL

Hi. I’m yet to purchase the theme but was wondering if I could collect people’s details in a database for a newsletter? Does it have this functionality? Thanks.


There’s nothing built into the theme for this. For these kinds of things you’d need to find a plugin. You can search free plugins on and you can search for paid plugins over on Also, if you search around online, you can find some more options, as well, that link up to different news letter services, like MailChimp, for example.

Hi, Just installed. Went and put the link to my logo In the “Logo URL ” and saved…now neither the FlipBlog logo shows or my logo…it is blank, but if you hover over the area where the logo should be, you can click on it to bring you home…

The logo already does this by default.

Whatever logo image you put in should already be linked to your homepage.

Oh that’s right…sorry! Figured that one out. The slideshow on my homepage (I picked Homepage #3) is left aligned. How do I get it to be centered?

The slideshow has no alignment. It should be the width of the overall column unless you haven’t uploaded images that are large enough.

I just posted a large image in the slideshow, and it is still left aligned…not centered and not as wide as you show it in the demo…it is not a full page column width or as tall as the demo shows…

Its when you had navigation to the homepage the slideshow gets totally cut off and shifted over. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Please provide a link to the issue.

Hi There,

If you visit: you will see that I picked the page template “homepage #1” and this is what it looks like when you a navigation menu to it….it chops the slideshow instead of bumping it down.



Your main menu just has too many buttons on it. You just need to tighten it up a bit. Either remove one of the buttons, organize it differently, or adjust the text.

Thank you so much! You are super helpful and I love the theme!

Is there a way to have portfolio posts associated with categories?


No, apologies but this isn’t possible. In WordPress, in general, categories are a taxonomy (i.e. grouping) for standard posts, while in this theme, “Portfolio Items” are a custom post type with a custom associated taxonomy called “Portfolios”—

In other words, as categories are to posts, portfolios are to portfolio items. So to effectively categorize your portfolio items in this same way, you’d be grouping them into portfolios.


Been loving Flipblog for the last couple of years. Excellent theme! I’m trying to change the order of the slides. I found a thread on this that suggests changing the dates to re-order, but I’m having no luck with that? Thoughts? Thanks!


I found a thread on this that suggests changing the dates to re-order, but I’m having no luck with that?

I’m not sure if I misspoke at some point in the past or maybe you misunderstood what you read, but this would only work with portfolio items.

The slides actually do have an order to them are ordered by the “Order” parameter of the Attributes meta box (similar to WordPress standard pages). When you’re editing your slide, if you don’t see this “Attributes” meta box, you can display it with the “Screen Options” tab in the top right corner of the screen.

So, for example you’d give your first slide an Order parameter of “1” and your fifth slide an Order parameter of “5”.

Got it. Yes, I was confusing your previous note re portfolios;) Thanks again for the outstanding support!