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Hi there! Another question! What is the maximum pixel width and height a picture can be for the slides? I notice if it is too big, it gets cut off…if too small the image repeats.

Thanks! Kaitlyn

Hello Kaitlyn,

The crop size implemented here is 930×350.

Hi Jason, Thanks again for this AMAZING template. If I can help you out by writing a review for you, please let me know. Question for you: I am uploading portfolio items. After the ninth item, you can not see your other portfolio items. I notice there is a link that says “older posts”...two questions: 1. when I click this it goes to “page not found” so how do I continue my portfolio items? 2. How can I change the text of this link to read “more” or something like that? Thanks!!!

Try setting WordPress’s global posts per page option to match whatever you’ve set for the theme’s portfolio posts per page, which sounds like you still have set to 9.

So, go to Settings > Reading > Blog posts to show at most and set it to 9.

In the future for support, please post in the support forum. We’re no longer doing any support here in the ThemeForest comments.


Checkout our new support forum

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be slowly transitioning all of our support from the ThemeForest comment system over to

So, please keep in mind that in a few weeks, we will no longer be providing support to buyers through the ThemeForest comment system.

I would like to use the portfolio pages to display client logos that when clicked on would take you to a new page (like a blog page for example) vs. a video or a jpg. Is this possible? Thanks!


A portfolios is just a grouping for “porfolio items” which is a custom post type. So when you display a portfolio, you’re displaying these portfolio items that then link to each of their single post pages. They cannot link anywhere else.

It might make more sense to just make a static page and put logo images there that all link to specific URL ’s you setup.

Don’t quite follow your answer. My current portfolios have thumbnails that when clicked pop up a window with a vimeo video player inside. I’m asking if you can use portfolios in a slightly different way so that when you click on a thumbnail you instead go to a page or a blog post? If that’s not do-able, I may simply create some static jpg’s so that when you click on a client logo, what pops up is a custom image.

For each portfolio item’s thumbnail you can either link it to the the media (i.e. your video) or the single post page for that portfolio item. The content for this page would be edited in the same same screen where you are currently configuring your video URL for the portfolio item (similar to editing any post in WordPress).

To setup the portfolio item thumbnails to link to the portfolio item post pages, you go to FlibBlog > Theme Options > Portfolio Options > Item’s thumbnail links where?, and select “Thumbnails link to the portfolio item post.”

Been a while, but I’m back to bug you some more! Still loving FlipBlog in all its flippy goodness.

Just a quick question …. is it possible to center the header logo?

I’ve tried a few different things in the custom CSS part of the theme options, but was only met with less than stellar results.

Thanks in advance!


I’ll make you a deal. As you know, support doesn’t include customizations. But if you signup and post this question over in my new support forum along with a link to your site how you have it setup, I’ll code the answer for you. This way, it won’t get lost in the ThemeForest comments and others can benefit from it, as well.

You, sir, have a deal. However …. I signed up … added my purchase code for FlipBlog and such, but I am unable to post a new topic in the forum. It states that I have to be verified as a buyer of this product. :|

Sorry about that. You’re the first to try and post there. I’ve got it worked out now.

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use the functionality in this theme to exclude/include certain categories in blog pages, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

Has anyone had any luck using this functionality? I’ve tried adding negative category IDs to exclude and positive category IDs to explicitly include, but neither seems to work correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Quick question. How would woocommerce integrate to this theme.. have there been issues/bugs?


I’m sorry but I cannot say. I have never tested WooCommerce with the theme and haven’t any feedback from anyone who has.

Use of support forum mandatory as of January 1, 2013

We’ve recently setup a new support forum and we’re pushing all support over there. Just a heads up!

Starting January 1, 2013, we will be making it mandatory that all support given to verified buyers will be done there.

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The download listing for FlipBlog has disappeared for me on here. I can’t register for help on the forum without it. I have my PayPal transaction ID for verification. I’m just looking for another download, or to enable it here on ThemeForest again. Thanks! pdxmicah [at] gmail [dot] com.


Yeah, I’m seeing your messages coming in through different places, but it looks like maybe you’ve got your accounts mixed up.

The FlipBlog theme download definitely hasn’t gone anywhere, and the theme still exists on ThemeForest. The fact that you’re posting here in the comments proves that. ;-)

But see how you have no purchased badge on your username like the other buyers have that have posted before you? And from the private message you sent before, I can actually check all of the purchases you’ve made from me under the username “pdxmicah” and ThemeForest clearly shows that you’ve never purchased anything from me:

I honestly do not have any control over your account, your purchases, etc. So whether you’re having trouble locating the correct account or maybe there is an error in ThemeForest’s purchase history, you will need to contact Envato support.

Use of support forum mandatory as of January 1, 2013

We’ve recently setup a new support forum and we’ve been slowly transitioning all support there over the past few months.

As promised, starting January 1, 2013, we have made it mandatory that all support given to verified buyers will be done there.

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No support will be given through the ThemeForest comment system. The only exceptions will include pre-sale questions and any issues you may have accessing the support forums.

We apologize for the extra step this takes you to register for the support forum and verify your purchases, however we hope that the forum will make support easier for buyers in the long run.


can we put different widgets on different pages? if so how


Yes you can with the use of third-party plugins. For support, please get your purchase code from the account you’ve purchased the theme from and post over at the support forum, and I’d be glad to help you with that.

Could you help me with customizing the layout of only one page in a site according to the front template in red under section here “Which homepage layout does it for you?” i.e. first slider then blog like page (having two columns)

I absolutely LOVE this theme… LOVE the video tutorials (thank you for taking the time to create those! Nicely done!). Thank you! I purchase two themes prior to this one in a week’s time, and had nothing but glitches, errors and non-functioning items with those. But I have had an exceptionally great experience using FlipBlog. It functions as it should, and almost any question I had was easily addressed by the video tutorials. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I do have one question I haven’t come across the answer for yet… and maybe I just missed it in the tutorial (sorry if that is the case). My question is can you, and if so how, rearrange the order of items in portfolios?


Thank you for the kinds words. Come on over to the support forum and I can help you out:

Hello, I’ve been researching how to change the magazine thumbnail picture sizes and I’ve found the functions.php file but it doesn’t state the sizes as you’ve explained. (I’m working in the latest version of your flipblog)

I did, however, find the sizes stated as you described in a previous thread, in general.php but when I change the dimension sizes for magazine from 260, 125 to 260, 260 it doesn’t change on the wordpress theme site. I’m trying to get a fuller picture for the thumbnail pics vs the default cropped dimensions. Any help to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!


Hey there, here’s where you can get support. I’d be glad to help you out. —


Any chance of ever making this or a newer version a responsive design? I already own Alyeska, and love it. I’m setting up a person blog and love this design, but would really like it to work well on all 3 platforms.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


This theme is one design I like a lot and I see potential in it for sure, moving forward with some tweaking. The end goal is that every theme I have for sale will be on the matching responsive framework. And ones that aren’t updated will inevitably will be removed. Barely Corporate is an example of one I went back and re-did.

Currently I plan to re-do Complexity and FlipBlog, and I’ll probably end up deleting Stealth. When this will happen, I just don’t know. There’s so much right now on the to-do list for the overall picture of everything.

I have loved Jason’s work for a long time.
Came across FlipBlog from his blog today while re-reading one of his delightful tutorials.
I had never noticed this little gem before
Has bookmarked it for future purchase. I would highly recommend anything Jason does & would never hesitate to purchase his awesome designs. TBH, not sure if I myself has personally had the pleasure of buying one of Jason’s themes,
( would have to go look, but thinks I have )
EDIT: Yep, checked and I have purchased SWAGGER
but has worked with them in the past as a few of the people I have helped set up their wordpress have indeed purchased them. They are always a joy to use.

Hey, I really love the theme. Was just wondering if there was still support for it as I noticed the last update was quite some time ago.


Edit: Nvm I see you’ve already answered that

I am very interested in buying, but I have two doubts.

1) The theme is responsive? 2) I would like to know, if the theme allows me to customize the header and insert a form MailChimp as site?


1) This is an older theme is not responsive, unfortunately.

2) There is no feature for this directly. You’d need to make your customizations to header.php.

I bought the Flip Blog theme, but I hate to see in the header “flip blog” instead the title of my blog. How I can change that? . Thank you so much.

Hey there, here’s where you can get support. I’d be glad to help you out. —