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Hello Jason, I LOVE the theme :) THANKS so much for ALL your HARD WORK ! Very well documented . Would you show me how to remove your name in the footer please ! Many thanks , Van


Thank you for the kind words. With this being an HTML theme, I’m honestly not really sure what to tell you on that? You’d open the HTML document for the particular page you’re working on, find my name and delete it. Is there something beyond that which doesn’t make sense?

Hi Jason , Thanks SO MUCH For being SUPER NICE , I found the solution :) , its in the footer.php YOu are so AWESOME in every way ;) Have a great evening , Kindly, Van


Aww, that explains it. You actually bought the WordPress theme, FlipBlog, but you’re commenting on the HTML theme, FlipSite. That would explain why it doesn’t say you’ve purchased the theme. If you have any more questions or get stuck, make sure to ask over on the “FlipBlog” thread :-)


Hi Jason, I would love to see you develop the wordpress e-commerce theme . I will be the first one to buy them :) Thanks for your hard works :)

I’m having issues with my slides images, they are tilling, please help. You can see for your self at: http://naturalhairgenie.com/


If the images are not big enough to fill the area they will tile, but it looks like you were able to fix the issue.

what are the spec sizes for the slider box? (?x?) because on the display site it shows 600×230 but that that size it tiles and I now using 1000×500 but it’s slightly cropped on the top.




(And please if you respond, comment over on the actual FlipBlog WordPress theme that you’re using which is located here: http://themeforest.net/item/flipblog-premium-wordpress-theme/discussion/126003 )


Is it possible to add a twitter feed instead of the news feed..



Sure, I suppose it’s possible. You can google how to put a twitter feed on your website. There are many resources out there for this.

smutch80 Purchased

Wonderful template. Is it possible to adjust the behavior of the top panel to a rollover action?


You can find the javascript code that controls the panel in layout/js/custom.js. Look for the comment “Drop Down Panel”. You’d probably want to use the jQuery .hover function instead of the .click function.

smutch80 Purchased

Great theme. I purchased it and the font replacement does not seem to be working in IE 9 . You can see it on the demo site. Can you advise on how to resolve?



I think you must be looking at the WordPress version’s demo. I guess this still needs to be fixed here on the HTML version.

You just need to update the version of cufon included (which is what controls the font).

You’ll find the cufon file here within your site:


And you’ll find the most recent version of cufon here:

Jabez_ Purchased

Hi – I just purchased this theme and am attempting to use it however when i upload the /www folder from the ZIP to my /wp-content/themes directory i’m receiving the following error from the wp-admin theme’s page:

” The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template

www – Stylesheet is missing. “

WP Version: 3.3.1 Host: hostmonster.com



This is an HTML theme. I think you meant to purchase the WordPress theme:

Jabez_ Purchased

ooops well that does appear to be the case, that explains everything. Sorry for my confusion, i will purchase the one i need.

sysgress Purchased
Hi, what is name of handwritten font here? http://themeforest.net/item/flipsite-premium-html-theme/full_screen_preview/121232

You mean this one? http://www.ffonts.net/Dakota-Regular.font

I think it’s called Dakota if you want to search around for more places to download it. I can’t remember where I originally got it.


I just bought this theme, but I don’t have any experience creating a website. However I got dreamweaver on my laptop. Now, how can I make your files visible in dreamweaver?

How can I change the Title “FlipSite” (top left corner) into something else?

Thanks for your help

Hey, what is the easiest way to imtegrade this theme in a php file without destroying it?