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Hi there. Planning to purchase your template and I was wondering if there is a possibility to implement the portfolio similar to the Visia you developed. Please let me know, would mostly appreciate it. Kind Regards, Tim

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Hi I am having issues with the Floyd WP Theme. one issues is I don’t see the icons in the our services sections when I am viewing as public via a computer but when I view the mobile site using my cell phone I see all icons fine and when I view the site on a computer logged into the admin sections and also we are having an issue with the menu when we click on the pages on the public site it does not respond at all meaning it does not scroll down to the page but like the other issue when logged in as admin everything works fine or on the mobile site.

would you be able to help?

here is the link to the site: http://www.comptabilitestrategique.solutions/en/

Thank you in advance,


also we had a issue with the logo but we found temp solutions as the logo would cover almost the entire page I saw something stating that it had something to do with css but the only thing is I am not that great with css.

Hi, If I visit your website using the following url then all is working fine:


However if I use this one the problems you describe are visible:


This is because in your hosting your website url is the first one and the second one has problems loading stuff from another domain. To fix this you will need to create a redirect in your hosting panel from the one which doesn’t work to the one which works. This will fix the issue. This is a very common issue.


lee2k Purchased

Hi, I need to make the length of the sections to be longer, i.e the pricing section I want to add plain text under it but dont seem to see any way of doing this.


Hi, Indeed there in on way to do this from within the WP admin, unless you add another separate section (without a title) below it and then manually adjust the margins between them to make them appear to be the same section.

Alternatively you can make a change to the php template file for that page to make the editor content appear below the pricing tabled in stead of above them. If you would like to do this, open “pagecontent-ptables.php in the theme root folder and find this:

<div class="page-body pe-wp-default">
            <?php $content->content(); ?>
This controls where the editor content appears. Remove that from its current position and paste it below the php code block, ie. after the ”<?php endif; ?>” but before the closing div tag.

How you can put all content in one page? i didn´t find the option. Ty!

Hi, You have to set all subsection to have a parent of the master page (homepage/splash area), then their order number sets their position in the one page layout. 1 = first, 2 second etc. Like this: http://pasteboard.co/1mBUt5ue.png

There is a full explanation of all this in our help docs, it would be a good idea to read them first.


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Hi got a few problems on shop.bootcampinc.nl

Because of the long text (Bootcamp Inc.) the text is going out of the box and it is not in the right alignment on a smartphone in the slider. Also the navigation got a little error.. If i flip out the ‘hamburger-icon’, the links doesn’t have a white background. So it is a bit confusing/not well visible.

I’d like to put a characters (+ and %) behind some facts so for example… 250+ clients because it isn’t connected to the variable via php and I have to update it myself.

Will be happy to get some help,



Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/48-Floyd-WordPress-Theme

Arkiie Purchased

Hi the support is SUPER BAD… Waiting 3 days now, fixed most of the problems myself. NICE THEME, bad support? No reaction at all. and typed my problem 4 days ago on this page. sigh Never had this.

HI, As my colleague on the support team mentioned, if you post multiple times in a thread without first getting a reply from a staff member, the queuing system treats the thread as new and returns it to the back of the queue. This was designed to deter the practice of thread bumping. I see in you case you were updating the thread with your progress when you solved a part of your original list of questions and did not intend to bump the thread, but unfortunately this is the reason your thread did not get answered sooner.

Hi. In WP version can I create 2 or more indipendent portfolio with different items? Thank you in advance.

Hi, Yes you can.


i have a little problem. How change (or add) the social icons in staff member section. Example from Facebook icon to Mail icon. Thanks


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/48-Floyd-WordPress-Theme

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Hello there, unfortunately I have a problem with the pricing tables. The problem is that when I add more than free princing tables, (I actually need five) the page just displays 3 pricing tables. All the pricing tables have the featured option selected?

What can I do to fix this problem please? The url to the web is: http://www.deutsch-in-bamberg.de/deu Thanks in advance


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/48-Floyd-WordPress-Theme

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Hello, how can I improve functionality about password protected pages on my site: http://www.gsmanagement.ch/ ? Here is the normal form of password protected page: http://www.woorockets.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/wordpress-password-protect-page-example.png On this page for example: http://www.gsmanagement.ch/aktuelle-projekte/

you cannot see the form where you will enter the password!

The problem is probably in the theme’s code or something else… Please let me know how to solve this problem for my client. Thanks

Hi, I’m unable to view those links, i get a “forbidden” error. Let me know when I can access the website.


Maxiyo Purchased

Now you can see.

I noticed that you’ve posted in the support forum also. One of the support team is dealing with your thread there at the moment.

Hello, when i add more than 4 staff members the additional ones will not show up on the page. Is there an option in the theme settings that will fix this, please let me know.

Hi. There’s only markup for 4. If you are sure the others are added and saved correctly, then perhaps you have some kind of cache plugin installed? Which you need to reset/empty before changes appear? Have any other changes been long about appearing? Any recently installed plugins? Try disabling and resaving the team page.

If the answer is no to the above, then I’ll need you to open a thread in our support forum and include login info inside [hide] here [/hide] tags. This will keep it private, visible only to staff.

Here’s the forum for this theme: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/48-Floyd-WordPress-Theme

hi, thanks for the suggestion, i had something called zen cache installed, i deactivated that and cleared cache on the godaddy side and still nothing… any other thoughts?

If you resaved and team page and still no change, then open a new thread and post your admin info, so we can take a look. instructions above.

Can I put a logo inside the slider (in a frame with an imagen or video). For example in http://floyd.themes.tf/ where it says “We are creative” I would like to have the logo.

An image will work there only if its a small image. (no bigger in height than the text).

In the “Our Services” option, can I change the icons for my own images?

Yes that’s possible. Once you have bought the theme, we can instruct you on how to achieve this.

hey, will you give it wp-updates it in the future?

and can I have the home slider/image full screen?

and does it have toggle panel?

Yes the theme will get updates for new WP versions. Fullscreen images/sliders are not supported. I’m not sure what you mean by toggle panel.


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I have a similar problem but wouldn’t the solution you posted create an infinite loop of redirects ? from a non www to a www version. example.com redirected to www.example.com if the same site…

The problem this solution wishes to fix is that the http://mydomain.com is not the same site as http://www.mydomain.com. This is the very reason why assets are not being loaded, because one of those urls is trying to load them from the other, which is a cross domain request, which is not permitted, hence they don’t load. So creating a redirect from the one which is not working to the one which is working, will not create a loop.


halfpin Purchased

Hi, how can I delete the font awesome icons from the “our services” category ? Thank you!


halfpin Purchased

And also when I try to change the way the 4 services boxes are displayed, changing from 1/4 to 1/2, so they show up 2 up 2 down instead of 4 boxes side by side, the menu and the icons won’t work. Every single modification I make, it cracks…. My url is http://goo.gl/LrdrCZ

Hi, I’ve checked you link and both of these things are displaying as you described, so I’m assuming you have managed to make these changes yourself.

Hi, how can I duplicate a page-template? I want to combine 2 existing templates in 1 new extra template.

Hi, This is a complicated modification to a theme and hence is classified as “customization” and so is beyond the scope of our included support. We recommend that you seek the help of a freelancer who has experience with such work.

Hello, does your theme support WPML plugin? Thank you.

There is no WPML support in this theme.

latest wordpress 4.5 upgrade impact on this theme? http://www.egadjet.my/

Hello, you should receive an email soon from ThemeForest when the new update is released that fixes said issue.


thank you so much, awaiting for the updates

Hello, the update has been approved on ThemeForest, let us know if you will still experience issues after updating.


I have some problems with the Floyd theme on mobile devices.

The sliding header text doesn’t fit, when it goes on 2 lines (your content for the template does either).

And on iPhone6 it totally cracks up untill you scroll.

Please help, i have no idea to solve this.


Website: http://dekoindretning.dk/new-site

Regards Jakob


Seeing as you changed the font size for the splash page headlines you will need to then play around with the padding also so that the text fits inside the frame, uncropped. Use this CSS selector to do this: (default values are shown)

.home-slider .slides > li h1{
   padding:20px 0;

To stop the headline from being cut you will either need to shorted your text or reduce its size.

I’ve tested your page on Andorid emulation and there’s no issue for me with the menu, nor on iOS. What sort of behavior are you seeing and what device/browser/os version are you using?

On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/Chrome – when you press the menu it doesn’t scroll to the anchor point.

Hmm you are right, it doesn’t work on my end either, thanks for reporting, looking into it, will let you know.


magistra Purchased


Have couple questions.

1. Can i create child theme for your theme and integrate WPML plugin to display custom language switch in main menu? Or do i need to modify your theme directly?

2. I updated wordpress version to 4,5 and everything is broken now. Looks like theme is not copatible with 4,5 version. Do you plan to release update for this issue?

Thank you.


1.) That should work, you can copy over the header.php file to your child theme and modify it to display the language switcher.

2.) Make sure you have the latest version installed (1.1.4), it was released a few days ago and fixes the compatibility issue.