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Very clean! Good luck with sales :)



Beautiful and elegant :)

chojs Purchased

just purchased, really like the feel of it! very light and easygoing gonna rate after i dig through it, thx

Very nice theme! I would pray you created a full WP theme of of this one. There are virtually no themes in existence that have a style like this. It’s always “corporate” or some other theme. Hope you will consider, I think it might sell quite well!

Cheers! Tom


Thanks Tom!

first I plan to make few updates to my theme. I have some ideas about portfiolio and blog. And after that I will consider creating WP version.


Thanks for responding, looking forward to it!


Very much a n00b in this… Need help installing it on wordpress 3.4.1 says style.css is missing?


Flurity is a Site Template, not WordPress Theme

I’m looking for a nice, clean layout for my documentary company’s site. This looks to fit the bill perfectly. However, I have a few questions about it before I make my decision:

How customizable is this layout (background, font, sections)? Is it possible to link video (Vimeo, YouTube) to the ‘Portfolio’ section, instead of photos? How easy would it be to stream photos from Flickr to a ‘Photos’ section? Can this template be used for Tumblr, Wordpress, or even Dreamweaver?

Sorry if any of this has been touched on somewhere I’ve missed. Thanks in advance, and again, very nice template.



Thanks for questions!

1. I use two different fonts, one for body another is for heading. You can change them easily in css
2. Every section is fully customizable. You can set separate fullscreen image for every section or use semitransparent PNGs to create effect like in preview, where section has blue color and few smaller PNG images create clouds and overlay each other.
3. I use prettyPhoto plugin in portfolio, so you can easily link thumbnail image in portfolio with vimeo / youtube video, like for sixth thumb.
4. This template does not have plugin to fetch images from flickr but if you know how to do this you can add such plugin
5. This is site template, not WP theme. So it should be installed on its own. The changes you will have to do using Dreamweaver or other HTML editor.

loving the layout thus far. you’re a godsend.

just a quick question. is there a way to disable mouse scrolling on the site with fancy scroll? like i want the body of each page to be scrollable (content in the windows) but no scroll on the background pages (basically i only want the pages to be changeable if you click the page links on the left)

thanks again for an amazing template A++++++++



What you mean under mouse scrolling when you say “is there a way to disable mouse scrolling on the site with fancy scroll?” Fancyscroll plugin is responsible for page scroll when you click on menu links as well as it animates background images in sections. If you don’t need background animations then just remove fancyscroll-background divs from index.html


i apologize i wasn’t clear enough with my question. what i meant was i want the page to only scroll to the different sections (home, about, portfolio, etc etc) when you click on the links on the left. but when you scroll manually with the mouse, currently, it allows you to scroll to all the pages. i want to disable mouse scrolling, so that the only way to transition from page to page is to actually click the links on the left. sorry for not being more specific, thank you!

nevermind i found the code for it, sorry to bother you!

This doesn’t seem to work with 480×320 (iPhone in landscape). Am I missing something?


I don’t have iPhone so cannot check this. But I checked on HTC in landscape mode and everything looks right. Could you tell me what exactly is wrong?

i have just tried to used the template in a 810 px iframe to use inside Facebook.

but it doesnt show the menu, is there anything i can do to make the template work in a 810 px iframe?


I created test document with 810px iframe and I see flurity works ok. But with this width, navigation had switched to top horizontal. If you could me give a link to the facebook page, maybe I would be able to find what’s wrong.

Noziris Purchased

good job, but I find it difficult to change template. I did not find or change the logo loading (I have changed logo. gif and. png and nothing) Adding a page is quite complex, I’m not happened. I am not come to add a button with a link <button class = “blue” ... Can you help me please?


Yes, sure! Please contact me with all questions that you have, using mail form on my profile page, and I will explain how to change certain elements in my template. Thank you!

Was just about to purchase, when suddenly-!

Navigation breaks on iPad (1 and 2) and becomes unresponsive to touch after the page loads and you click a link in it. It becomes responsive again once you switch from landscape to portrait (or vice versa depending on which mode you were in on initial load), but then is again unresponsive once you click a link in the nav.

Otherwise, great theme. That’s the only thing keeping me from purchasing…


PS: The theme preview is what I tested…haven’t actually bought the theme yet, but I figured if the preview doesn’t work, then…???


Recently one client that bought my Flurity template mentioned the problem on iPad which he figured was related to the <meta> tag that prevents scaling. He modified it slightly and that made it working properly. I just found his mention and updated site preview. Please check it now!

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I am unable to install this on WordPress 3.5.1. It is unable to find the style.css. Is there an update or fix for this?

Thank you



Flurity is html template but not wordpress theme, so it should be installed on its own.

I tried to remove the blog section but now everything that came after it is not showing. Isn’t it possible to remove some sections?


Yes, it’s possible to add/remove sections. But if you do this you need to shift all other sections following it up or down by adjusting “top” position of every section in style.css, to remove a gap. Please read documentation about how to add sections to get better understanding how it works.

this theme is so slow loading, scrolling in iPad2, iPhone4s. do you have any idea?


Yes, I know. It’s because every single background image (like the clouds in preview) is animated. Less images and their smaller size will make scroll smoother, but if you use high resolution images it will be slow.

Hi there, I’m wondering how the blog section works. Do we have to write every single post on a html file? Do the comments really work and will I be notified every time someone posts a comment? And will Google index each post page like if it was a wordpress blog? Thanks very much.


Thanks for questions! Flurity template has simple php script called comments.php that writes and then pulls comments from mysql. This script associates every comment with its post. Unfortunately you won’t be notified if someone posts a new comment, but you can modify comments.php to send email if this happens quite easily. Also all blog posts you will have to create manually (explained in documentation) in html editor, because it’s html template and it doesn’t have CMS. And lastly I dont’ think google will be able to index every blog post separately.

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Hi, I love your theme is very clean! I have a problem with the portfolio, you can see it in your example. When you click on a work, this is linked to the next work. Do you know how to fix it? thank you very much!


Hi, for illustration purposes I prepared only 2 works. As you can see when you click on 1, 3, 5 portfolio items they open first work. And when you click on 2, 4, 6 they open another work.

maii_86 Purchased

Sorry and thank you very much, must be a typo mistake! :-S