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I would like to move the menu for great logo. View photos.

See photo: http://i62.tinypic.com/143q9ow.jpg

Thanks you



since this is a frequent question I’ve added it to the documentation FAQ section. Please find the answer here: http://inthe.me/documentation/fluxus/#how-to-increase-sidebar-width-151

Best, Vilius


ook sorry!


I have a pre-sale question: I need to create a page with six category images and every image have link to an inside page with each category posts. I can create the first page manually anyway. My question is: can I create every category posts page wuth your theme? Can I decide to charge in every page the category posts I want?


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Hi Vilius,

I would like to take out (maybe change to a different name) the title “PROJECT TYPES” and the ”#” that is attached to each type. How do I do that?

Thank you for your constant support!

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I solved this


Hey, thanks for letting know. Good luck!

Hello there, I need some help to align the logo to the left in the Light version of the theme. I love the way that logo is aligned in the Dark version and I want to achieve the same in the Withe Version.

Also I’d like to know how to change the background color in the Lightbox view. I’d prefer a white background.


Hi, I’ve seen many threads discussing the “uncategorized” bit in the URL, and that removing it is an extra process needing instructions. My client has been using your theme for over a year and has decided it’s nothing they will ever use, and will like me to remove it. Can you please provide directions? Thank you.

Hi there I’ve just somehow managed to blank out my site www.lleucu.com

I was trying to make an alteration to the accent colour of the menu bar at the top and posted the CSS code (I’m using an older version) as described in your documentation notes into the user section of the editor.

This is the first time I’ve attempted to change code within CSS and I’m not sure what I have done. I pasted your code into the user section with changes to the colour codes and then pressed update.

Can you please help? Obviously I would like to get this resolved quickly as the site is not visible and I can’t even get to my WP dashboard at the moment as that is blank too.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance Matt


Hey Matt,

my best guess is that you’ve pasted CSS code into a .php file, which of course results in invalid syntax and error is raised. It is common practice to hide errors in production servers, that’s why you don’t see any error message.

If you do remember which file you’ve changed, then you can connect to your website using FTP client and remove the changes. Eg. if you’ve pasted CSS changes into user.css file, then simply edit user.php and leave it blank. This would solve the issue.

If you don’t know which was was changed then you should turn on debugging mode so that you can inspect the error message, which will lead you to the misbehaving file.

Hope this helps, Best, V


Many thanks for the very speedy reply.

Unfortunately, I only have a limited knowledge of coding etc. How do I turn on debugging mode? At the moment, I cannot login in to my Wordpress dashboard so cannot make any changes to anything at all

Thanks again, Matt

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Media tags option does not work I’m using WordPress 4.1.1 and Fluxus 1.4 and I want to tag my photos with the media tag option in the media library, but it is impossible to save any tag. What can I do?

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Sorry I recognized that the media tag option is part of the Bruno “Aesqe” Babics “File Gallery” plugin and not of the Fluxus theme.

How can I realize a media tag option in Fluxus?

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is it safe to update to 1.4 version ? does it support new worppress does any one report any bugs?


I am using Fluxus for some time and it’s great. Only Issue that I have is that only ten of my portfolio pages are displaying when I choose Portfolio from the menu. I’ve splited portfolio into two sections:


both of them are displaying only 10 positions in horizontal view. When it’s set to grid it’s totally messed. I’m ussing custom order settings. Every portfolio page has separate number like1,2,3…16. In the Menu I can see all pages but after clicking on portfolio or projects on the menu only part of them is being displayed.

this is a link to my website:


The best solution for me would be ro completly disable the option to click on the portfolio/projects on the menu so only subcategories could be selected. Is this possible? If not can You help me with this ten items issue? Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)

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Dear Vilius,

Thanks for this great theme that I’ve been using happily for a couple years now! I am having a problem with the Full Page Slider since upgrading past WP 3.0. When editing the slider, I can no longer reorder, “Show Details” or change the Slider Options. Dragging to reorder just results in the drag icon moving. Clicking Show Details yields no results. And changing the options and clicking Save brings me back to a blank screen. Here’s a screen recording of the issue:


I’ve tried using multiple browsers on both Mac and PC and have disabled all plugins. The only thing that has worked for me is rolling back to WP 3.0 or earlier, and then the Slider panel works fine. I can then re-upgrade to WP 4.x and everything renders fine but again I can no longer control the Slider settings screen. Any ideas?

Thanks again and I appreciate your work and help. Kind regards, Jacob Cross


Hey Jacob,

my guess is that you’re having a JavaScript error, which prevents further functionality on that page. It is though strange that you say you’ve disabled all the plugins and the issue still persists. That shouldn’t be the case. Could you send me logins to your website to vilius@inthe.me and I will try to fix that for you.

Thanks, Vilius

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I would like to choose a specific color (HEX) for my buttons shortcodes. How can I do that?


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also, is how can I add to the shortcode TARGET=”_blank”

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One more question. I’m only interested in showing “other projects” at the end of each project. How can I make it so it takes the entire space? I don’t want it to show only in the bottom half, it looks strange.


Thank you

Hi Vilius and all other user of fluxus !

It match perfectly with what I need after lot of theme test ;-) Thank you for that…

I Already have one last issu…

The JS lightbox work well on Portfolio but it is impossible to make it work on vertical blog.

In image detail i’ve link carefully to media file I’ve test if js work in portfolio

So I don’t understand where is the matter…

Thank anybody who can help !


Hi! I’d like to buy your theme, but i have a question: Is it possible to remove the last box in the portfolio page? I’d like to have galleries with photos, without any box..

Let me know.

Hi, great work!
1- I wonder if it’s possible to have a Filter Ajax Category in Grid Portfolio -> Flexible Sizes?
2- Is it possible to have a custom pagination like: Ajax Load More or Infinite Scrolling on Grid Portfolio -> Flexible Sizes?
3- Is there an option to make the top menu bar fixed on scrolling?
4- Does the Grid Portfolio -> Flexible Sizes support Vertical images as well as horizontal images?


Thanks for the great theme! Love it!

A few remarks and requests and a question:

1. Bug: there’s a small bug in the color selector feature: the css rule ”.current-menu-ancestor” doesn’t get updated by this one. I fixed this myself with css for now.

2. Request: I would like to combine the portfolio grid layout(s) with the sidebar that’s shown with the horizontal portfolio layout.

3. Request: I would like the sidebar to show the description of the project-type (if any), even when I remove the project-types info from this sidebar. (Currently, the description gets removed too).

4. Request: in the horizontal portfolio grid layout, it would be nice if the whole image was clickable, instead of just the ‘view work’ button.

5. Question: What is the best way to include an extra field that gets shown upon displaying an image? Example: I want to include a link to the place where people can buy a print of the image being shown. It would be nice if this link could be managed in the media library.

Hope to hear from you!


Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to make the horizontal portfolio layout as the home page? Thanks


I removed “project types” in the left menu. And now I would like to add some custom text there, is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Is there a way to move the portfolios when you move to a new host? I have to re enter them.. did i upload the database wrong?