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Hi there, I finished my site www.krivickova.com and it looks great on desktop (Chrome) and iPad Mini (Safari) but when I go to it from my iPhone 5 (Safari) several things don’t load correctly: the top logo has some black lines below it, there are black dots along the left side, the drop-down menu doesn’t show up at all (only loads the shadow box but no words and nothing to click other than the X). Any idea what’s causing it?

As a side question I would like to know if there is a way to add advertisement banners to the blog section. Thanks.

Hello :)

When project type is set on grid layout the sidebar does not appear even if portfolio sidebar widget is not empty. It works fine for project type horizontal layout. Is there any reason for it and how can it be added? Cheers

Any updates on when the iPhone/iPad scrolling problem will be fixed?

Almost a month ago I asked for help on something and it was ignored and the problem persists.

On my site using a mobile browser when the menu button is pressed the fly out comes out normally but none of the menu options appear. Can you please resolve this issue so people who view my site via a mobile device can use it???


Hi is there a way to add links to the services short code so the image/icon link to another URL thanks for a brilliant theme keep up he good work. Wills

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My logo is is aligned perfect on my website on a pc and iPad but on a mobile device the text beneath my logo is completely off-centre?

Please help.




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Is there any way to move/edit the ‘Like this project’ section ? I really like the functionality but there’re a couple of problems :
  1. It’s at the end so most users dont scroll to the end of a typical project (20 images or so). Is there a way to move it say to the bottom of the project description – maybe via shortcode ?
  2. The ‘appreciate’ counter is not linked to a Facebook like – could we remove it and replace it with the social icons/sharing similar to the footer ?
  3. Also, is there any way to change the social interaction buttons – Keep a single button for ‘Like’ instead of a two-click interaction ?
  4. finally, is there a way to use say prettyphoto or another lightbox ?

The theme is excellent and am very happy with the appearance on the sandbox but since we’re migrating, I wanted to check on these items before we move to production.

Cheers, Adi

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Any updates ?

avnaik Purchased

Any updates at all ?


I would so appreciate some help! Please could I possibly have some feedback on these points?! I have had no response to my comments!

1. My links behave strangely when in columns both on News page and Bio page. I would like the links to be in the middle on the News page. I would like it to be justified on the Bio page. Why do the links act strangely and any ideas? http://pencildrawings.biz/contact-venetia/ http://pencildrawings.biz/bio/

2. On my Classes page – I would like to make the width of the text larger – how do I go about changing the width of text on a page with photo background I cannot find these details online. http://pencildrawings.biz/classes/

3. How can I put the titles underneath the photos in the gallery and shorten the gap on the right hand side? I have read through the comments but cannot find the answer to this? http://pencildrawings.biz/drawings/drawings/current/

Thank you so much and please do let me know – my website goes live on my other domain this week – please could you help me soonest!!!



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Hi Villus, I have just updated the theme from 1.2.4 to 1.4.1 and i have noticed that all of the settings (custom logo, favicon etc.) in general settings have been wiped clean. Any idea why this is happening? Are these images stored somewhere special when added?

thanks Andy

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.... Also the user.css file doesn’t seem like it is being read from. cheers

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sorted the user.css issue. placed it in the fluxus root folder instead of the css folder. still not sure why i would need to upload the logo each time i upgrade the theme. thanks

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Hi I also need to know if there is a way to add links to the services short code so the image/icon link to another URL. Tkanks. Adolf

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Hi Vilius,

I read that ‘making the sidebar stick’ on portfolio pages was on your to-do list, did you get round to this? If not, could you point me in the right direction as to how I might achieve this?

Your response would be very much appreciated!



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Hi Villius,

First of all, thank you for the great template! I have some trouble with the image sizes, I have checked some of your comments and answers like adding this kind of code to user.php : function modify_image_sizes() { add_image_size( 'fluxus-thumbnail', 1500, 845, true ); } add_action( 'init', 'modify_image_sizes', 1 );

or changing the fluxus max size in the function.php file.

My home page is set with a grid portfolio (I am working on a MacBook Pro 15 retina), and even with those codes, even after regenerating the thumbnails, or adding new images, or using a plugin like WP Retina 2x, the pictures in the grid portfolio are still pretty small. For example, I am using “5 columns x 4 rows”, and if I want a display a picture in “size x4”, the picture is in fact at 656 px width… and I’d like it to be 1500px.

I don’t see where I can modify some code to change this. I saw in the “template-portfolio-grid.php” file line like this, that might be the ones in question, but I just don not know what to do: $thumbnail_data = $featured->get_thumbnail( array( 'fluxus-thumbnail-uncropped-2x', 'fluxus-thumbnail-uncropped', 'fluxus-thumbnail' ));

Thank you for your help!!!!

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Well, I just found the solution which was right in front of my noze… I just changed the sizes for “fluxus-thumbnail” and the rest of the list in the functions.php file! Easy :)


I have finally decided to use the blog function but it has me confused:

First of all the page of posts only fills a small portion of my large display, unlike the rest of the site that expands and contracts in accordance with resolution. It looks a bit odd and so I was wondering if there are any settings I have missed?

Secondly, when I click on my blog post to enter it, there is a grey title bar across the middle of the featured picture. That cannot be right? There is already that same title underneath it and any bigger title should probably be on the top, near the top or near the bottom or something like that, but not straight across it? :)

I see that the bar is also present in the mobile version. Here it obscures one third of the featured image.


Otherwise I love everything about this theme!

hello HELPME I bought the theme yesterday but I tried to install it in wordpress but not working , not working as I do?

i work with WP 4.1.3 thanks

maurzio de fazio quidequid

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Great theme, but when I use a password protect on a portfolio item, I have a 404 error when trying to access the page ?

Any idea why ?


Hi there, Thanks for the great theme. One question: I’d like to add some attributes to lazy loading images. Therefore it would be fine to have a trigger to know, when image loading is ready. Maybe it is possible to change line 751 of js/main.js to

$img.transition({ opacity: 1 }, 400).trigger('lazyImageLoaded');

Then one can use lazyImageLoaded in a jquery script to determine if the image is fully loaded and visible.

Best regards HK

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I’m happy with this theme when viewing on a computer but when I view it on a tablet or mobile the gallery isn’t set up how it is on the desktop version. My images are set up so you scroll through them horrizontally but when you view my website on a mobile or tablet device it’s just layed out basic and you scroll down to see the others. I would really like it if people can swipe through my photos, is there away to change this? I’m a bit disapointed about how it is on mobile.