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I would also like to know if this is compatible with WordPress 4.1 or only 4.0?


I’ve searched the comments but not found exactly what I’m looking for, apologies if it has already been answered. Is there a way to justify the logo and the tag line so that they are both of the same width regardless of device / browser?

Many thanks, Lucy

Hi Guys, the gif doesn’t work in grid page. :(



For the portfolio items, is a custom post type used or are the portfolio items fed from the standard Posts? If a custom post type is used, can Posts be imported?

Hello guys,

What a wonderfull theme, perfect for me. But i’ve got problems with the Google Maps API Key. I’ve set it up via code.google.com, did everything that was told in the info but still i get a warning that the API is not correct or is not authorized for googl eMaps Java scrip API version 3. Could you help me out? Kind regards.

Rick www.rickheezen.nl

Hi! I purchased this theme at the version 1.2.1. now I really need the MULTIPLE LANGUAGE. Why I can’t download the update? thanks

Hi there, Great theme, about to purchase…but first. On the’flexible size grid’ page that is on the example, can you adjust the amount of images across the page?

THe example page looks like its on a grid of 4, can this be change to more – so the images overall would appear smaller? I would like to get more images on the screen.


Hello, I would also like to know if this is compatible with WordPress 4.1 or only 4.0? Thank You


When editing a page with background, then trying to open “custom fields”, I get an error in the JS-Console: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function (background.js?ver=4.1:15)

Apparently “var $box = $( ’.info’ );” doesn’t find a tag with class info. Is this bug known, or am I the only one with it?

Thanks in advance!

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I want “CHOOSE STYLE” button to my site, please help to install it

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- Is possible to set which projects i want to show into home page?

- Can i set/register a sidebar in ONE of grid style? Horizontal OR vertical

- Can i change the default < > keys at bottom to another like into slider?

Hello, All my portfolio has suddenly stopped displaying all it shows is:

“Oops! That page can’t be found.”

e.g. http://www.joellepoulos.com/portfolio/commerical/wedding-photography/

These all worked completely fine at one point and nothing has been changed.


It’s a great theme! I love it.

Few quiz:

1.Slider: I set up the slider and uploaded three imgs, but it didn’t show in the front page.

2.Portfolio: in the demo of theme(http://inthe.me/demo/fluxus/), it shows four option for grid portfolio, where can I find it?

3.Color style: I wanna change to dark style, is it need to set in CSS, or somewhere else?


I have a problem with the display of projects in the portfolio. having then setting a maximum of 3 blog post read, now also in the portfolio does not show me more than 3 works in the categories project. while clicking on the ALL shows all. how do I fix? thank you. david

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Hi there Very good job the theme is wonderfull. I’m facing one minor bug though : When creating a new page, and adding a simple media with title and legend, the picture will be on the left of the page (next to left pane), but the title & legend with the small line separator will be shifted on the right of the screen… thanks for your help

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Hello! I purchased the theme, Fluxus, about a year ago (currently have version 1.2.6) and quickly discovered the issue with the iPad vertical scrolling, and how it would automatically jump back to the top of the page, and it appears that this has been addressed in previous comments, and that the fix is to simply update your theme (since it’s been addressed in newer versions) – however I have made significant customizations to both the theme files as well as CSS, and updating would overwrite much if not most of this work. Is the fix for this auto-scroll issue something that you could point me in the right direction and I may be able to tackle on my own without updating the theme from scratch? I am fairly comfortable working in PHP/theme functions if it’s a relatively straight forward fix.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! -Josh

My sidebar on mobile devices is showing over the blog posts, it’s not moving down at the end as it should. Please help. Thanks!