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I got a problem with submenus, they won’t load properly. I asked customer support on the hosting website to resolve the problem and they replied the following:

“Hello John,

I am able to replicate the issue. The issue is caused due to the permlinks. Currently, ’ Post name’ permalinks is set in the dashboard. It appears that the permalinks ’ Post name’ does not work with the theme you are using. However, if I change the permalink to ‘Default’, then the submenus work without any issues. I reqeust you to please contact the theme provider regarding the issue with the submenus. “

My website is: www.johnfroicu.com

Best, John Froicu


Hey John,

for me it looks like you’ve added wrong items to your menu. I assume when you go to Works > Graphic Design you want to see this page: http://johnfroicu.com/?fluxus_portfolio=graphic-design-4

but in your menu the link is:


To fix this you need to go to Appearance > Menus and on the left side sidebar choose “Portfolio”. This will show you a list of all your projects. Add them to under your Works menu and it should work fine.

Regards, Vilius

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Hi Vilius,

They are added under the Works menu, I could provide screenshot. If I switch the permalinks to Post name http://johnfroicu.com/sample-post/ , the site would say “Page not found” when clicking on a submenu. If I switch the permalinks to default, the submenus will lead to the main Works menu.

Best, John


Hm… could you send me your login details to vilius@inthe.me. I will take a look.

Thanks, V

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Hi. I seem to have some issue with the menu in mobile layout. I tested it on my computer browser(google chrome latest beta) as well as my iPhone 6. Instead of the menu button appearing on the right top when the width is too narrow, the menu currently instead goes to the bottom of the page. If you can help me resolve this that would be great. My url is http://bit.ly/1BIwf76 Thanks

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I can’t seem to get my site description to work properly. Do I need to download google xml sitemap or wordpress SEO plugin to get this to work or does the theme already hold capabilities in showing by itself?

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My website is broken. None of the pages show properly. PLEASE HELP.

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amatsui Purchased

My social icons, portfolio sub tab, and send messages icon button in my contacts page doesnt work. Whats wrong?


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I’m from China. English proficiency is not good, please forgive me! Love this theme! Especially the horizontal sliding! Do not know can not add a horizontal display option in the blog display! Let the blog can also display reading level! Thanks!

hj Author Theme, Error: in admin page , profolio items meta box (project media) 2 button [add image, and add media] not working my wordpress is 3.7.1 help me!!!!!

How can I show more than 10 projects in a portfolio category? You can see it here in the code inspector: http://o23i.imgup.net/10maxe658.PNG


Hey, is it possible to get a footer menu in the mobile version? i´ve got a iphone 5 and for example on portfolio site (contact etc. .....) there is no footer. I´ve got my imprint there, and this is pretty important.


lovely greetings nico


and is it possible to change the hover color from the portfolio f.ex. from the default black to white ?


and is it possible to disable the zoom option in the lightbox ? :)


ok i found out with the overlay color. here is a screenshot because of the imprint. now i saw that the footer menu in the grid portfolio ist in the middle of the page.


how can i fix this ?

greetings nico

Hi. I love this theme, thank you!!

...but is there a bug?

Take a look at this pic: http://tobyphoto.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/IMG_2291.png

I can’t get rid of the footer and social icons in the middle of the “project photo” when viewing on an iPhone.

Is there a quick fix?

Thank you and hoping for an reply. =)



URGENT! Please help – I have the fluxus photographer theme and have had warnings from google webmaster that it is not mobile friendly and that they are going to penalise me. Please help. Has this issue been fixed in the latest issue?

Message from google webmaster: To: webmaster of http://www.dawnboweryportraits.com/

Google systems have tested 17 pages from your site and found that 35% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 6 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.

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Hi Guys -

Love he theme. I need to change the scroll bar on the page with background, is it possible to change the size and colour of the scroller?

Also – when you actually click the scroller and drag it highlights the text in blue, is there anyway to stop this?


Jimmy-C Purchased

Ignore this I saw you have a noscroll class that I added to the div in the template file, and found the: .iscrollbarV class to change for size and color of the scroller, I just couldn’t find it before.

I would suggest adding the noscroll class to the div container by default as I assume most users would not want the text being highlighted when scrolling.


Galleries question. Can standard WP galleries display non-square thumbnails? I have tried selecting different image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large) and changing Setting > Media > sizes. I’d like to display rectangle images, but not display them as attachments on a page, but rather in a gallery so that they will scale the width of the page. Thank you!


Please please could I ask for your help with the buttons on my services page? I just cannot get it! I have read and reread through all of the comments!

My page is http://pencildrawings.biz/news/#

I just cannot understand where to add the external link to ??? Argh!

[service title=”Barwell Gallery, Sculpture on the Farm” image=”http://pencildrawings.biz/5.jpg”] Group exhibition Gallery/button

I have putting the external website I would like open in a new page in where the hash tag is but it just does not work?!

Thank you so much! Venetia :)))

Hello Vilius,

Me again – still stuck on linking buttons to external pages!

Please please please could I ask for your help with how to both justify text and centre text? I have several columns that I would either like to justify or centre.

eg – I would like to justify the text beside the picture on my Bio page – http://pencildrawings.biz/trial-3-columns/

eg – I would like to centre the text and buttons on my news page – http://pencildrawings.biz/news/

I have looked through comments and just cannot find how to do this.

Thank you so very much – I am so delighted with this theme. Have a great day :)))