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athit_p Purchased

Hi there,

i just buy your template. if you could help me to install your templete, in my website.

at , That would be great.

Regards, Athit P.

Hi! I buy today your template but i have problems. I can’t do that button Send email apears with the view map.

Could you teld me what to do?



lsloma Purchased

I just purchased and installed your theme, and I’m having a problem with padding when I insert an image thumbnail with a caption into a page. If I add a caption, I get a lot of lateral whitespace; without a caption, a I get a normal amount of whitespace. This only seems to happen with Firefox. I took screenshots of the problem and posted them here: I wasn’t sure whether it was a WP or theme problem, but I though I’d start by asking you. Thanks! BTW, I really like the theme.


In the Portfolio Sidebar on the page of a Project Type, I would hide the section that displays the other Project Type but I need to keep the title and description of the Project Type in this sidebar. Through editing the sidebar, I saw that the two elements are in the same widget … so either I keep everything, or I keep nothing.

How to hide only other Project Type in the Portfolio Sidebar?

Thank you!

Hi! i’ve updated my local version to wp 4.5.2 and in the entries order from the projects page was inverted. How can i fix this?

By the way, in the online version, running wp 3.9.12 this works fine. but i have some issues with the blog section. In the first page it first shows like 40 posts (every blog post from the beggining) and in the end of the line it starts to work fine (last 5 posts i think).

This last thing may be solved with the last wp update, as i have in my offline version, but if you wish you can have a look here,

So, problems are crisscrossed between my offline-updated and online-outdated! My main concern is the projects section, i can’t understand if the order issue is a thems or wordpress thing!

I’d reaaly appreciate your help with this, Thanks a lot in advance!!

Hey, I am interested in buying the theme but support is a BIG thing to me when choosing themes for my clients. It looks like you do not have an actual support page but a rejust using comments and its been 21 days since anyone responded to people’s comments. I really like the theme but won’t buy it if there is no support. The theme has made $275,000 US in 3 years. I would presume that would make the dev want to support it.

I’m really on the fence and it sucks because its a cool theme.

Hello, I have the slider function active on my Fluxus theme website homepage. Is it possible to add text below this? My SEO officer wants to add copy to my homepage and Im not too sure if the template will allow this.


Doloarmor Purchased

Hello, I just bought Fluxus, and i’m a beginner on WP, do you have any documentation to begin with Fluxus ? Thanks. Yann


Doloarmor Purchased

Got it.

Hi !

I’m using Fluxus, bought last week, and I’ve a problem with a logo.

I want to use this one : (I use black skin) But the theme doesn’t recognize transparence, and when I change the Logo for this one ( ) the logo is still the first one with a white background. So I’ve tried to put a full black logo, for testing ( ), and I’ve still the original logo with ugly white background logo.

Could you help me (and fix this bug, which is I think linked with the black skin…) ?

Thank’s !

Best regards. R.Straightrope.

Fixed. If I change the logo it still seems non changed, but if I go to homepage, it’s OK. So just a bug (in fact, the logo displayed is the last on set before “save & publish”).

Dear Vilius,

I couldn’t fond any answer on the forum regarding my issue : I would like to enlarge the WP classic gallery width, which appears pretty short compared to vertical portfolios width. Would you mind helping me on this issue ? Thank you in advance, Julien