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There is there a Hello Homepage template as shown on your demo, I can’t find it on any of the page options.


mleite1 Purchased

Hello, it is possible to insert in portfolio categories to filter the projects?

Type: architecture, landscape, B & W, sunset, faces, people, cloudy …

by clicking these filters only carries on the screen the thumb of the project by type.

P.S: If there is the theme this possibility, it is possible through a plugin?



Really like this theme! So I left a message a few months ago but wanted to reach out once more… I noticed that if you create a full page slider you can’t change the slider options (e.g. Slider Animation) after you’ve created and published the slider… the new option change you make are not saved/respected… You have to re-create the entire slider from scratch. Is this something you can please look at updating so that you can adjust Slider Options at any time?


Any chance the author can respond? Why we pay for support! :)

If you are feeling frustrated by the lack of support to simple questions visit

Hi, may I request that a vertical portfolio be added, so that when somebody has clicked ‘view more work’ it shows in a vertical scrolling page.

Thanks, Ash

Any plans to integrate Instagram feeds to the theme?

Hi there, I have 3 questions 1) In the Slider, how can I get rid of the small line between Title and Description? And is there ways to change the font format 2) Is there an option to have different portfolio layouts for different category’s/type of project. If the site doesn’t contain a page with a horizontal portfolio or grid portfolio template, the default seems to be “horizontal portfolio”. Can this be changed somehow. Preferably per different category’s/type of project 3) I would like to insert an IMDB social icon. Is that possible. regards Jeroen de Bruin

Okay , question 2 I solved. I found the project types tab under Portfolio. Question 1 and 3 are still on. I’d love to hear from you


rebahr Purchased

Hi! My portfolio page gets unpublished like everyday. If I press “update” it starts working again, but it gets unpublished all the time. Really frustrating! Does anyone know what might be the issue? It just shows a blank page, or sometimes it actually shows the wrong page instead!


a2format Purchased

Hey Vilius, I hope you remember my request (since May I asked a couple of times if there is any solution for the little problem we talked via Email but there was no further support/help/answer). Right now I’m kind of upset because I bought the theme and had mainly no support – my support I bought with the theme is just expired and there is no response to my emails since May (!!!). I’m not willing pay almost 35 Dollar for a once in while responding or not existing support!

My question/request was just about hiding a portfolio item on the portfolio grid view. Your tip (mentioned below) worked for the desktop version but on mobile devices it worked not. (page not found message)

So please advise!

Thanks and kind regards, Matthias

Hey Matthias,

thanks for emailing me the screenshot. Actually the thing you want to do is much easier. Just go to Portfolio > über mich and in the top right “Publish” box change the visibility to “Private”. This way your project won’t appear in the grid, but your users will still be able to access it via direct link (eg. the one in your main menu).

Regards, Vilius

Hi, I can not find the html version. it is included in this version?

Hi, with version 1.4.4 I have trouble seeing my logo. I set height to 40 or less but can not see anything. can you help me?


Anton_Sh Purchased

Hello, How can I disable zoom of the image opened in lightbox? The link to the site – Thank you.


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Hello, I have a little problem with your very good wordpress theme. I don’t know how to allow a vertical scrolling on the left sidebar for each project. For example this page :

Thank you

Dear intheme

As I understand it, the full screen page slider does not support vimeo and youtube video – is it possible for you to incorporate this, in a “local” solution for my website ? – how can I contact you in regards to this ?

Best regards Rasmus Beck, DK, architect maa

Hello, We have installed the Fluxus theme onour website and noticed that the scroll bar for the individual projects does not work in IE. You cannot use the mouse. and when dragging the scoll bar, the text gets highlighted.

Please have a look, this seems to be a blocking factor for our customer.

Hi, after the Wordpress update, doesn’t appear the logo in the header, and if I go in customization I can’t do anything, can you help me?!

Link to site:

This is a print screen of custommizations page:

Best regards Patrizio

I am implementing this a customer of mine who bought it.

2 Questions:

- How to limit the homepage grid portfolio to only a limited set of project categories - In IE the vertical scrol of the project details does not work. Even when using the scroll bar, it highlights the text. Very strange behaviour.

Someone has some solutions for me? Thanks


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in the front page I have one project that don’t show the “view” button. all the rest show it.



Great theme… would love to see some horizontal scrolling via mouse wheel!

I really would like to know why you do not answer at any commento r mails. We bought a a theme with the support, but you do not answer your buyers. This is really bad. You deserve the worst review ever.