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Hi Vilius, I’m sorry, but I really have to show my disappointment with your support! It has been a week since I sent you a message and still no reply. My previous problem is solved but now I’m having another one, and I would really appreciate your help! After all, this is a paid theme, and support feature is something that also makes people buy this theme! Your theme is really great, with good user experience and nice and clean design but it’s really a disappointment when you simply don’t reply to any of us, when we are trying to use your theme and we have paid for using it! Well, here is my problem, I really hope you will give me some answer! I’m trying to hide header and footer in my homepage, only on my homepage! I tried to change the css

.home #footer {display: none; height: 13px !important;} .home #header {display:none; height: 13px !important;}

but it didn’t work! I think it can be done using footer and header php files, but I don’t know how to do it! Could you please help! Thank you, Joana

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I select in my homepage “Full Page Slider” but “Project Media” not appears.

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Hi Vilius,

love this/your theme!

One year ago you posted this comment: “The good news though is that WooCommerce compatibility is in the todo list and should come out with Fluxus version 2.0. At the moment I’m working on 1.3 release, which will be the last one before 2.0. I assume it’s going to happen in the end of March.”

Now we are on 1.4. – are there any problems? Can you please tell me when this compatibility is ready?

I also wonder that theres no option for showing “project types” in grid portfolio (only in horizontal) – for clients it could be very obscure without this option. I know I can put this into the header menu (drop down), but I think most of the visitors would be happy when it is shown directly and on a simple way…

Regards, Jan

Hi! In the blog section of this theme is there anyway to have a blog roll. Right now we have to click on the post to read the post but i would like to see all the post one after the others. I don’t want to click on each of them. I don’t know if you understand what I mean lol But thanks! :) And by the way this is a very nice theme! :)