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I have some issues with my theme, my social icons have disappeared and now all I can see is colored squares and weird squares. my web is and you can see the icons I mention in the left bottom corner.


Hello, this is the worst support service I have seen ever. No answer. No answer.

Where can I find a complain form? really disappointing

Hey, thanks for the great theme. I love it! i know you get a million questions but what i want to know is if its possible to add a second widget sidebar either on the left side or preferably the right side, thank you!

also i have another question if you wouldn’t mind answering, would it be possible to place social links in-line with the posts on the vertical blog. check out my blog at for reference for this question and the previous question. thanks!

Hi! Just bought the Fluxus Theme yesterday, and experimenting with all the great possibilities.

  • One thing: can I get a lighter gray overlay opacity/color on the grid portfolio? Now it’s almost blackens the underlaying picture out – I would like it to be, say, 50 percent grey instead.
  • Another thing: Can I assign a grid portfolio to only appear under one menu-option? As it is know, all the grid portfolios appears on each page with the ”Grid Portfolio”-stationary.
  • A third thing: How do I change language phrases? Now she are English, and I want them to be in Swedish.
The site I’m working on is …

Thank’s in advance! :-) /Johan Lindstén Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m considering buying your Fluxus theme, but wanted to know before I do if it will work with the “UniteGallery” plugin. And specifically the “compact theme”.

I would like to use that unite gallery on some of my pages. Will the responsiveness or anything else major be affected?

Thank you so much for your time, Kristin


holly2015 Purchased

Hello, I was wondering if you could help with the mobile version of the site. When I have the homepage set to full page slider, I get the logo, menu graphic and slider gallery showing on a mobile phone homepage. Which is great, but is there also a way of having a simple link to my contact page at the bottom of the homepage when in this mobile layout too? Just so it’s super obvious. Thanks so much.

Hello, I have the following problem. After updating WordPress to 4.5.1 I get the following warning appears:

Warning: stripos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /www/……../wp-includes/formatting.php on line 3382

Is it possible to add a Call to Action button, I’m looking to link to the contact form directly at the end of the portfolio under the appreciate icon, thank you for an awesome theme.

Dear Author of Fluxus, One month ago it was still really easy to embed Youtube videos in the portfolio projects, since yesterday it doesn’t pick it up anymore with the <iframe>...<iframe> code. I did update to the last version of Wordpress. Please help!