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SIEP86 Purchased

First of all great theme! but i have 1 problem:

i want to set up the full page slider and when i read the documentation it says:

“After uploading some images, go to Slider tab. There you will see all your uploaded images.”

But i cant find the Slider tab :S

thnx in advance



oh god I’m having a deja vu, I think I’ve already answered this to you, no? Anyways, I guess you’ve missed one step. You have to create a new page and assign Full Page Slider template to it. Then after clicking Add Media you should see Slider tab.

Cheers, Vilius

LtKvasir Purchased

@martin_bissig: I possibly may help here. I had the same problem too and in fact it is not very intuitive. To make your changes work you need to save them. As the slider itself has no save button you just need to open one of the slider images “show details” and use the “save changes” button there.



thanks for the feedback, I must agree that removing save button is not very intuitive. The thing is that those slider options should autosave instantly. But I guess on slower connections this fails because users close the slider tab before slider options are autosaved. I’ll change this in the next version and introduce the classic save button ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

dusil Purchased

Hello, please, how I can turn off “Like this project” box and “Other project” box in portfolio detail?

Thanks so much!



try adding this to your css/user.css file:

.portfolio-navigation {
    display: none;



.portfolio-navigation { box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px #555555 inset; display: none; }

In line 462 you have to add “display: none;” to yourtheme/css/skins/dark.css


Thanks ;-)

Hi there, your theme is fantastic.

just a question for you:

i saw in the demo version that is possible to insert a video in the orizzontal portfolio. How can I do it ?


Greetings from Rome



thanks! I’m glad you like it! Inserting video is quite easy. On your project edit page you have to click “Add Video” and paste your video embed code. Here’s the interface – http://cl.ly/image/3C1N2r1F1w3e

Greetings from London ;-)

Hello – please answer my question from 15 days ago… Thanks, Matt

Hi there – theme looks really good but having some difficulties with set-up Within the portfolio dashboard I’m having difficulty re-ordering or removing the pictures as I would like. It’s quite labourious to choose one particular picture to show as the main portfolio image (i.e. drag it to the top of the image list) as when the page is updated it seems to move back down the list of pictures. Is this the only way to re-order/delete photos from the portfolio? Thanks for your help Matt


Hey Matt,

sorry for missing your question.

There’s no other way of re-ordering / deleting photos, but I think the way it works now is quite efficient, here are some tips that you might not be aware:

1. If you constantly add more images to your project, then it’s a good idea to set up one image as your permanent featured image. By default if no featured image is set, then the image that was uploaded most recently will be used. You can set up an image to be featured by clicking Edit next to the image and checking Featured checkbox, see this screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/2I3E380P0Q06

2. Re-ordering works by draging images around.

3. You can delete image by clicking Edit and choosing Delete.

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Vilius

liufeng Purchased

Hello ,I have two questions. please answer me…

1.How I can change the image on Facebook timeline when someone likes the website . I have changed the image in General Settings,but it can’t be display.The favcicon has the same question.

2.How to display the button of “send messages” on contacts theme ? My site only has the button of “view map”.

Thank you sooooooo much.



do you have your website online? If you set up Facebook image and Favicon via Theme Options then they should show up. Make sure this is not a cache issue. For example if you have liked your page before setting Facebook image, then Facebook will store the old image in cache for some time. You could use a tool like Facebook Lint to invalidate it – https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

As of contact form, you can find detailed instructions in the online documentation, here’s a link to that section – http://inthe.me/documentation/fluxus/#contact-form-43

Cheers, Vilius

liufeng Purchased

Oh~ it is done. Thank you very much.

MADEweb Purchased

Is there a way to fix (reduce) the max height of images (or “main” id content) in horizontal portfolio? Thanks.



the max height of images right now is 1280, do you want to reduce this? If so, then you’ll need to modify this line in your functions.php file and specify your preferred size:

add_image_size( 'fluxus-max', 1920, 1280, false );            

Also there was an issue when on big screens images got upscaled to a size bigger than the original (1280), this will be fixed in the next version and images won’t upscale anymore.

Cheers, Vilius

Hello, I have created a homepage by using the template “Page with background”. How can I insert the links that you see in the demo “view portfolio” and “contact”? (see the hello-homepage) Thanks Gaetano



this can be done by using button shortcode. See documentation on how it should look and try inserting one into your content. Here’s the documentation section http://inthe.me/documentation/fluxus/#buttons-56

Cheers, Vilius


thank you very much :)

user Purchased

Hello Good theme How can I change images of social icons?

hi, just a couple of questions before purchase.

1. Can i use a ’’portfolio page like this: http://inthe.me/demo/fluxus/portfolio/ as my ’’homepage’’?

2. can all the stuff in the sidebar like ’’portfolio types’’ be removed or does it show ’’automatically’’. like here: http://inthe.me/demo/fluxus/portfolio/

thanks sash

one more thing:-)

i noticed that the images upscale. can i set a maximum size for that or is the uploaded size the maximum?

thanks sash

Hi Vilius—

Considering purchasing your theme. I have some specific ideas of how I want the site to look and function:

On the homepage, I want a static image, sort of a “logo” image, to appear at center near the top, with the site title above it.

I’d like to use an image, either static or slideshow, as the background behind this logo image, and as the background for all pages.

I’d like to place site navigation links below the logo image.

I need to be able to set up sub-pages, “galleries-within-galleries”.

Finally, I want to use a fade effect as the transition when navigating through images.

How easy would it be to customize the template in these ways? Do any of these features exist as options? If I need to make these changes myself, would it be fairly simple—o I need to know any PHP, or can I do this all with CSS?

Thanks and best regards, Matt

liufeng Purchased


Could you tell me how to update a picture to {Slider}?

I want to add a page on my home page(full page slider).

I have added three pages but when I want to add more pages, it doesn’t work.

So I think maybe you have a better way.

Thank you so much!

Waiting for the update, that should be today ? :)



yes it will, doing the last round of QA and it will be ready to hit ThemeForest. Quite a few changes were made and it looks like it does update nicely, but I still suggest to make a DB backup before updating.

Regards, Vilius


great thanks! could you please list the new changelog ? ;)

liamyoung Purchased

This isn’t a question on the theme..

I just have to say that Vilius really is doing a great job with this. He is very prompt in his responses and incredibly thorough, nothing seems to be too much answer and he does have a hell of a lot to respond to just on this comments page alone. This is even more impressive when you consider that he is working on an update to answer all of our common requests!

I thought I would just put out a big public thank you and say that the level of support he is offering goes above and beyond anything i’ve had from this wp theme business so far!

Thanks man, keep it up and best of luck with all of your future business!

jakobfuhr Purchased

Hello, thanks for this great theme. My Homepage is grow from day to day :-) Yet, I have two questions which I could not find any answers to so far…
1. Is it possible to add text under the images of a project? I would like to add further information regarding only specific images and not the entire project. Also, I would prefer not to have captions on the images.
2. Is it possible to add regular social buttons somewhere in the project sidebar? I find the position and the layout of the current social button menue not as intuitive as it could be…

All the best for the release of the upcoming update!

pijamoz Purchased

Glad to see the new 1.2 version, but “Use arrows for navigation” can’t be used, could it be solved? thx

Glark Purchased

Nice update, got all my little tweaks into 1.2 and it’s working great. Love the vertical blog template option. Thanks!

steinrr Purchased

The demo has placed the Contact menu item to the right of the page. How can I achieve this?