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Regarding a lightbox comment form for portfolios, maybe this would be a starting point? http://technerdia.com/1368_lightbox-comments.html

Sorry to be annoying, this is just very important to me. Couple that with a little more robust social media integration and this is my favorite theme I’ve ever used.

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Question: When I post a link to a portfolio item on Facebook or Google+, it pulls portfolio item’s title which makes total sense.

But how could I go about making it pull Item Title + Item Subtitle? Basically at www.concART.net each portfolio item is a band’s show. The title is the band’s name while the subtitle is where they played and the date.

When someone shares a link, it just shows the band’s title, but I really want it to show Band Name Location - Date... "Band Name" being title, and " Location – Date” being the subtitle.

I’m sure this is actually pretty easy, I just don’t know where to look. ACTUALLY, they could even pull from the title tag if that’s easier. Either solution would be much appreciated.

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Is there a “pin it” plugin that will show a pin it button on a portfolio image upon hovering? The couple that I’ve tried don’t work on portfolio pages. Thanks.



I haven’t tried any pinterest plugins, but there are plans to add share-per-image functionality in future releases. Currently when you are on project page and you have enable pinterest (via Appearance > Theme Options > Social), then clicking Pin It enables the user to select which image he would like to pin.

Regards, Vilius

aulibr Purchased

Thanks, Vilius. I’d put a strong vote in support of the share-per-image functionality.

Hey guys – LOVING your theme and my clients love it, as well. I am having trouble when adding SEO plug-ins to the theme, though. Basically, I am not seeing the changed titles or descriptions in Google (or Facebook, etc). It’s still showing nothing. Is there something I am missing? Do I need to check a box somewhere to allow the plug-in to take over with the titles & descriptions? Please advise. Thank you – www.kylegoldie.com

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Hi Villius! Great theme and documentation! One quick question: How can i make the footer links to be opened in a new page (_blank)? Thanks and congrats for this awesome product!

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I try to change the order of element of a portfolio grid. Like reverse the timing or randomise the position of the elements in my portfolio.

Can you help me ? thanks.

I have another question: i noticed that – running Chrome for PC / Laptop -in both my website and in your demo the “Appreciate or Share” box at the end of each portfolio does not work (it does not register the “hearts” and there is no possibility for sharing). The same box works flawlessly with Safari, Explorer and Chrome for iPad. What is the reason? Is there a solution?

Hi there – there seems to be a limit on the width of images in the portfolios – is there a way to override this at all? I have a very long panoramic I’d like to upload but every time I do, I get a smaller image that the original…


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I have figured out a pretty effective way to add comments to portfolio items!


I first had to register support for comments with “fluxus_portfolio”. No big deal, just had to search for the “supports” call.

Then I installed LiveFyre because it takes up less space than the regular comment form. I just placed the comment template call into “single-fluxus_portfolio”. I disabled the end of gallery navigation because it did complicate things. I’d like to figure out how to make it work at a later date.

Then in the footer I just added a call to snap to the comments at the end. This way at ANY time in the gallery, they can just click and it will bring them to the end.

This works fine for now… but I do think that a lightbox, slide-up, or pop-up comments would ultimately be best so that people can comment without leaving their place in the gallery.

Just thought I’d share!

hi vilius,

im just about finished customizing my site and have had really a terrific time with it. my last question is about the portfolio permalinks. even though i have no categories, and no project types, my permalinks are still listing an uncategorized directory, see an example here.

is there a way to remove that directory (or whatever that is)?

thanks ever so much, emily


Hey Emily,

the URL structure that Fluxus uses is like this: /portfolio-page-slug/project-type-slug/project-slug

Apparently you don’t have any project types so your project-type-slug is set to a default value, which is “uncategorized”. The URL structure has to be unambiguous, so you can’t simply throw middle part out. But you have two solutions:

1. Change the “uncategorized” into other word which would make more sense. This can be done by editing inc/portfolio.php file, find an instance of uncategorized (only one exists in that file) and change it into something else like “projects”.

2. If you are sure that you won’t need categories at all, then you could remove the middle part of the URL (the /project-type-slug/), but then you won’t be able to access your categories anymore. Let me know if this is something you’d rather do, so I could give you more precise instructions.

Cheers, Vilius


hi vilius,

yes! i would like to remove the categories permanently, as you suggest in option 2. please let me know how to go about it.

thanks again, emily

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Hi there,

I absolutely love this theme and bought it. I am a complete newbie to Wordpress, however have gotten the theme setup and onto my word press account.

I am however now lost. I look at the documentation and have no ideea how it applies to the theme eg. pure code. I know this is a case of user cluelessness, but I would be ever so grateful for anyones direction in terms of what to read or where to next to get this setup. I am struggling in getting my images to come up on my grid portfolio landing page and a host of other problems.

Everyone refers to great documentation and I have missed something on this piece because I can’t seem to link the documentation to setting up the site in wordpress.

I am desperate and would be eternal grateful for some direction from those who have managed to get this fabulous theme up and running.

Desperately needing help.



Hey Analia,

are you referring to this documentation and still having issues setting up the theme? http://inthe.me/documentation/fluxus

Is your website online, so I could take a look at the progress you’ve already made?

Thanks, Vilius

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Hi Villius,

Thanks for your response. I came across this doco last night and damn was it useful!

I managed to get a fair way along with my website.That said, my son tried to change the yellow hover colour (before we saw the dock) and ended up making changes to the stylesheet. I combed through the style.css and cannot for the life of me return it to yellow!

Instead I now get solid black which is not what I wanted. I actually want the text colour to change on hover to a charcoal grey, rather than a block background colour.

If you could possibly help out with this I would be really grateful. It’s coming along nicely and I’m confident I can work through it now with the dock, which is fabulous by the way.

My website is:


Thanks for your help!!


analiavp Purchased

I’m all good! Up and running. Found work arounds to the slider page. Love this theme!!!!

seanmolin Purchased

+1 for a “Pin It” button in the corner of portfolio images when you hover on them! Not a huge priority, but would be nice.



analiavp Purchased

Hey Fellow Fluxus Lovers,

I cannot get my full page slider to work!! Have deleted and re-created the sucker 4 times now. I create the page, assign it the full page slider template type and save. I then go to add media and add my files. All good I can them in the visual window.

This is where it goes south for me, I go back into Add Media, click on Slider on the side panel and I get a ‘no images were uploaded to the current page. Please insert go to Insert media tab and upload new images to create a slider’.

What the?! I have the images I want to use, their in my media library, I upload them to my full page slider but still not joy!

Please help..this was actually working an hour ago. I went to change to try and change the images (realised I couldn’t remove images from the slider panel) so I deleted and re-created the entire page. Have I stuff something up?

Anyone plsssss!



Hello, I am just setting up Fluxes now and noticed some problems with the documentation and the slider. Specifically reordering the images. From the documentation

Changing Slide Order To change slide order drag your slides using the drag icon and click Save ordering changes, which is on the bottom of the Slider tab.

I’m assuming this is in the list of images once you click click on the slider link in YOURSLIDERPAGE>Add Media>Slider. While you can drag them to your hearts content, there is no save ordering changes option in this window.

To reorder I went to the window where you up insert media>added to this page and dragged those around. There is no option to save that order but it seems to work any way.

I did find if you go back to the page and click update, it turns off the option for a self running slide show even if you saved it and it was doing that.

Am I doing this right?


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Hi there- couple of questions and that I can’t seem to figure out:

1. ..about the follow buttons on bottom left footer. I used the shortcodes in the documentation to add the black and white square facebook and instagram buttons and they look good. I’d like to use the same buttons for the home page of the site instead of the default blue and brown ones. How do I go about doing that?

2. The mobile version doesn’t show sidebar widgets (blog page) or follow buttons on the home page. Is there a way to get around this?

3. and last—-Is there a way to default blog posts to show the entire post? I’d like to be able to show a native wordpress gallery without having to show a summary or giant featured image. I tried clicking show entire post in the main wordpress settings but I’m guessing the theme defaults to summary?

Thanks so much and the theme is awesome!

Hello- I am putting together my website and I can’t get the horizontal portfolio to work. I’ve changed the page’s theme to be a horizontal slider, I have inserted images via the Add Media button, but the page appears empty. The only way I am actually able to display images is with the Full Page Slider option, which I don’t want. Are you able to tell me how to properly enable the Horizontal Portfolio? janayeelizabethmedia.com and one of the pages I am trying to enable the horizontal portfolio for is janayeelizabethmedia.com/beauty-glamour

As well, I can’t seem to change the title of my website from Fluxus to Janaye Elizabeth Media. In the ‘customize theme’ section, I have input ‘Janaye Elizabeth Media’ and my subheader into the fields, but the website still shows ‘Fluxus’ as the title… Is there a setting that needs to be overridden so I can put my own title up and not the theme name?

Hi! Is it possible to put more than one TAB group in a page? When im trying to put the second or third one, they look like a link list or normal text. Any idea? Thanks!

Hi again, Just to make my questions clearer (not to put any pressure) I prepared a page to explain better what happens (at least, to me) running the theme with Chrome. I tested it on several computer and it is always the same, both with my website and with Fluxus demo. Does anyone here using Chrome face the same issues? Can you please check?


Thanks Bernardo

Hi Vilius, i dont know why you dont answer to this my comment, i wrote it 3 times and no comment from you? May be you are doing anything for this problem, please let me know. I write again my question:

“your theme is very nice but I still have an important problem. When we edit a single project, the drag and drop tool doesn’t have any effect on the picture order.May be because we have so many picture? Fluxus don’t save the logic sequences that we need to show. We upgrade fluxus following the istructions but also with the new features we have the same important problem.

We deliver to your personal account our sign-in credentials so that you can directly having a look. did you know somethin about it?

Thank you very much” tnks