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shadowk1 Purchased

Hi I would like to remove the counter next to the share button in the footer, if i change the enableCounter to false in the jquery.sharrre-1.3.4.js then it shows “undefined in the footer, can i remove this completely or change it in the CSS?

I would also like to remove the circles(slider navigation) that represent the number of images in the bottom left of the full page slider, can i simply turn it off? and how?



yes, it’s quite simple. Add following code to your css/user.css file:

#sharrre-footer .counts {
    display: none;

#sharrre-footer .share {
    border-right: 0 none;

.slider-navigation {
    display: none;

Cheers, Vilius

vdearly Purchased


I’m trying to set up my portfolio, when I follow the instructions from the index file and preview, my portfolio item is squashed into a really narrow rectangle. What size/shape is best for portfolio items and is there anything else I should be doing to avoid this happening?

This is for a horizontal portfolio if that makes any difference.



any shape or size should work, no image should look squashed. Is your website online so I could take a look what the problem might be?

Cheers, V

AxlAxl Purchased

Hay Villius, Hope you’re well!

I tried to paste: #sharrre-footer .counts { display: none; } in the “users.css” file. But the counts are still showing up on the pages. I alreadt tried to empty Firefox’s cache. Any idea of what I do wrong?

Also I can’t find the explanations you gave to someone about putting the social icons in black and having a different color for their hover style. Could you help me out on this too?

Thanks for your help Cheers +

AxlAxl Purchased

Hay Villius,

I tried to change several things in this user.css file. Nothing seems to work.

I put this: #sharrre-footer .counts { display: none; } NO RESULT.

Then this: .icon-facebook-circled:before { color: #000 !important; } NO RESULT EITHER.

This also: .icon-facebook-circled:hover:before { color: #333 !important; }

Guess what… NO RESULT!!!

I don’t know what I do wrong or what it is with this file. But nothing seems to make any change!!!! ??????? Please, could you help me out? Thanks.

AxlAxl Purchased

Nevermind… I was working in the wrong folder… One of my copies… What a lame piece of c*....... ;s


Haha, no worries, I’m glad you’ve sorted it out!

Would I be able to add my logo to the top left of this if purchased and make the header a bit taller?

smstosky Purchased

Hey Villius,

First off, great theme! I was thoroughly enjoying using it until I came across a few problems. Every 2nd or 3rd image I would upload would give me a http error, which I was able to fix by changing my dreamhost settings from PHP 5.3 FastCGI to PHP 5.3 (turning FastCGI off). Images no longer had troubles uploading onto wordpress (with the exception of the project media uploading from the portfolio tab).

However, somewhere along the line something went wrong. Now when I go to the portfolio tab, and try clicking on add image under project media, the button doesn’t work. Instead, the button makes my page scroll back up to the very top of the screen and thats it.

I was wondering if you have any insight on this. Could this be an error with your theme? I’ve tried reinstalling the theme, and wordpress along with many other possible solutions. I don’t understand how turning off FastCGI would affect anything, and I really have no leads in terms of solving this issue.

Alternatively, if there isn’t a solution to this broken link, is there a way that I can add media to my portfolios without using this button?




that’s very descriptive. It looks like you are having a JavaScript error, which may be caused by numerous things. Could you send me the login information to your website, so I could take a look?

Thanks, Vilius

smstosky Purchased

Yes of course, I believe I just sent you a private e-mail with the following login information. If you didn’t get it, let me know.

LordZedDE Purchased


Is it somehow possible to define a manual order of my portfolio items? Currently they are sorted by date and I don’t want that! If it’s not possible, I would love if you implement it! :)

Kind regards, LordZed



you can reorder your project by changing “Menu Order” value, here’s a link to the documentation explaining how it works: http://inthe.me/documentation/fluxus/#ordering-projects-110

Cheers, Vilius

zsrepasy Purchased

Hi, anyone has an idea on how to set the dark skin? Unfortunately the theme “support” is not too responsive here… :S I’d like to change the default white skin to the dark version, but there’s no clue in the documentation and I didn’t find any options in the WP admin interface either. If you know how to do it, pls drop me a mail,I’d really appreciate it: repasy_zsolt@yahoo.com Million thanks! Zsolt

I’m sorry, this is totally irrelevant but is that Mother & Daughter book real?


Haha, unfortunately it’s not. Although the project itself is real and inspiring: http://ugnehenriko.co.uk/mother-and-daughter

jeetda1 Purchased

Is it possible to display the description of the portfolio category on a the portfolio page

NeoFrux Purchased

When I upload a large panorama image for a Project, it is resized. Any way I can fix it so it doesn’t resize?

really nice template! everything looks great, i love the text animations and other simple details, but unfortunately the template isn’t very versatile. are you planning on doing a vertical version, inside this template or as a new one? like fixed left text and vertical image scrolling? ‘cause that’s what’s really missing, to make it more flexible while comparing to something like this: http://demo.undsgn.com/themeselector/?theme=studiofolio

some tips: _could you give some examples of other sites using this template, ‘cause that will really help my decision, and surely help you selling out your product. _can you update your demo to show other slideshow homepage transitions?

i like the simplicity of your approach and i really want to use it. :) great job and thanks

Hi, unfortunately I didn’t get any response to an email and a comment I wrote a week ago.

So I try again: is it possible to change the image navigation to mouse-click navigation (jump to the next image) instead of changing to the fullscreen mode?

Thank you, Florian

PC20001 Purchased


I have a problem with share buton on my site. That doesn’t work.

See here : http://tinyurl.com/k2g8zv9

No normal reaction with Facebook bouton and Twitter.

Can you help me ? Thanks.

PC20001 Purchased

Hallooo…! Any solution for a customer ? Thanks…

Hello! Thanks for good theme! Today I get this comment: people can’t scroll (on mouse or arrow keys) contact page on firefox browser. Can You help with this problem? page http://www.nogachev.ru/we/

Please can you tell me how to get rid of the “continue reading” link on a blog and just get it to display the full blog. Thank you.

dmg262 Purchased


Thanks for the theme! My question is: How can I change the font size for the portfolio sidebar text widget? When I type text into the text box it only gives me one option. Or would it be possible to create a .jpg file with text to place in the sidebar area? Is there a way to place a .jpg or other type of file in that portfolio sidebar area? Thanks for your help!

kildehave Purchased

Hi there.

Great theme. I´m having a lot fun setting it up. So thanks for the theme!

A simple question: How do I remove images from the slider? I know about the checkbox “published”, but I would like to remove it complete from the list of images for the slider.

How do I do that?

Cheers Jakob

nndesign Purchased

Hello there!

I’m very new to this, but having a go…

For starters, I’d really like to change the menu button colour from #2(yellow) to #1. In style.css I’m not sure what to do for fear of stuffing something up. Could you please guide me through it?

Many thanks Nadine