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The word edit can be seen in your webpage because you are logged in as the author on your site – WP does this so that you can edit easily if you need to make a change. If you go to your website from another device where you are not logged in, edit will not appear.

Drove me nuts too when I was new to WP – hope that helps.


Does the Fluxus wordpress-theme work on version 3.6? Are there any Problems?



yes, it does. There are no issues I’m aware of.

Cheers, Vilius

hoyinsiu Purchased

How am I going to add different description on the sidebar on different portfolio page (different project type)? In the project type, there is a description box but it doesn’t show anything on the page. I tried to add a text widget on the portfolio Sidebar but the same content are shown on every portfolio page. please help! thanks!



project type description is not shown by default, but you could change that by yourself. For that you’ll need to modify file wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/widgets/widget-project-types.php

In that file you can find two occurrences that say:

echo $args['before_widget'];

Just before the second occurrence (around line ~133) you should insert following code:

if ( $active_tag && !empty( $active_tag->description ) ) {
  echo '<div class="widget">';
  echo '<div class="decoration" />';
  echo '<h3 class="widget-title">' . $active_tag->name . '</h3>';
  echo '<div class="textwidget"><p>' . $active_tag->description . '</p></div>';
  echo '</div>';

This will display your project type description (if present) in the sidebar.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vilius

hoyinsiu Purchased

Thanks for the reply. I already solved the problem. I added a php code on the widgets, which worked fine as well.

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In the first four months there were 13 updates, in the next three there were none. Has this been abandoned? Because it still has a lot of bugs and is painfully frustrating to work with.



I am about to do hot-fix release this week. It will fix auto-saving issues when ordering project images and a few other things. Could you explain what other bugs have you noticed?

Thanks, V

I agree. When is the next update?



I will make a hot fix release this week. If you are aware of any bugs, please let me know.

Thanks, Vilius

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I’m trying to remove all instances of tags on my site (i.e. #projecttype) I don’t have a use for them and so they’re clutter for me more than anything else.

How can I get rid of them?



you can hide them by adding following code to your css/user.css file:

.project .entry-tags,
.fluxus-project-types {
    display: none;

Cheers, Vilius

jeffheil Purchased

Great thank you!

Yeah there has been a LOT of bugs lately. I bought this because i saw that feedback/updates seemed frequent. Hoping I won’t grow to regret it :\

Hi Vilius

I am having some problems with the pictures on my portfolios.

when i try to use the Lazy “load project images” option the images all over lap.

Eg 1. http://chrisbowkerphotography.com/?fluxus_portfolio=doubletree-hilton-5 Eg 2. http://chrisbowkerphotography.com/?fluxus_portfolio=music

however when i don’t use it (link above) the pictures all do have equal spacing and are cropped to squares however all the images are squashed some horizontally and some vertically.

i have gone through ever setting however i cant figure out how to get them right. it has done this ever since i updated as before it was working fine with the full sized images and i got a nice mix between landscape and portraits. Is there any way to make it so it does not crop or squash the images?

Thanks Chris

Hey Vilius – saw you responded to a few questions but not mine above. Can you please – thanks.

Also what e-commerce plugin would you recommend for the Fluxus template and specifically for photographers?



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Is it possible to change the # (by the project type) into a other icon / character? Thanks!

Hi, I’m using grid portfolio and the option of the featured image does not work. Even if I saved and there is a certain image shown in the feature box it is not shown in the portfolio grid. Instead there you can always only see the first image of the series. What is wrong there? thanks for your help and your reply.


and again, no need to answer – I figured it out…

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Hi, sorry if this has already been answered but is there any way I can add a feature so all pictures in projects can be commented on? I presume I’d need a widget or something but not sure..


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Hi! Thx for good theme, here my question:

How can i use protected portofolio items function, i can’t find that in documentation.

One thing that i noticed – there some problems in footer menu when you trying to put submenu items.

As a feature – will be great to get schedule page (calendar) template where i can check when i am busy or not.


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Hello All,

Can anyone please help me solve this issue?

I created a page using the services code (provided in the documentation page) and the full width template as recommended. I also have uploaded images size 500px. Previously these images (although 500px) appeared horizontally as here:


Now they are too big and look like this:


Any idea on how to fix this issue?

Regards, Horacio

guzmanh Purchased

Never mind. Issue solved by re-installing the theme. Hovewer, I am not happy at all with the support I´m receiving lately. And I am not the only one…


Everything is wonderful with the theme. I am having a small problem – my portfolio page doesn’t show any of the items, it appears to be blank no matter if I use horizontal portfolio or vertical..

If going to the item with a direct link – everything is working fine, the page exists. otherwise – portfolio page just stays blank…

I recently downloaded this template but it seems to be causing errors even without modification. In a 24 hour span my site was down for about half of the time, after contacting my hosting provider they said it was due to the template. Has anyone else had these issues?

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Hi On my first page I used the template backgound and when the site is 480px appears this gray rectangle instead in other dimensions remains hidden. How do I fix this bug?

image in link: http://www.ursu.it/image.jpg

Thanks! Angelo

jansel Purchased

hi!! the last update doesn’t work. i dont know why.. i try to change in my ftp the folder fluxus for the new fluxus folder, but once done, can not see the pictures on my website. do you know why? thanks.

haylspin Purchased

Hello! I am looking to include the caption text or text of any kind in an image lightbox pop-up?

I gather it is not an out of the box feature, but wondered if this has been requested before or if you have simple way for me to add!

Many thanks,

Hello, how to delete the slides from full page slider? Without deleting the image itself?