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Hello, i need to keep each portfolio image width NOT modified by the wondow’s width.

I just need the height option (to enlarge or contract height to fit the window height) active, that’s ok for me. But, how can i do that with de width?

Thanks in advance

Any tutorial links on how to properly use this? First timer here.

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Hello how can i set up the home page slider? i mean where can i set the imagine that will slide? how can i set feature portfolio item to slide on home?

And how can i remove the “Share” count down near the social links?

Hi there

Why is the light.css file empty?

Where is the code for this file located?

Hello Vilius,

I have posted this question again. I hope you can answer.

I love your theme. Really happy with the result. www.johnpaulurizar.com.au. One quick question re sharing with Facebook. When I click to share using Facebook, two things are happening. 1. The counter increases on your site, which is great. 2. Small pop up window for Facebook to login and then nothing happens. When I share with twitter, same thing happens, but once logged in I am able share the post or page? But not with Facebook. I have also tried doing the same process with www.weddingphotographyguy.com which is using your theme and the same results? Are you able to share some insight as to what might be happening?

Kind Regards

John Paul Urizar


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Hi, I love the Theme but I’m experiencing what I see a few others have mentioned in the comments and that’s the inability to set a custom position for text overlays on Slider images.

I’ve checked with multiple browsers on different platforms, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE10 and it was the same on all of them. My install of Wordpress is currently at 3.7 but I noticed it was also happening with the previous version of Wordpress prior to upgrading.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, I really love the theme, but I’m struggling understanding why “featured images” for my portfolios doesn’t work. the grid layout always shows the last image (or first from top down) that is in the media of the portfolio… for some reasons only one portfolio works, and I have no clue why.

if you check my website: (sorry, self-advertising really not intended here) http://www.jcn-photo.com/ you can see that the “portraits” picture is not the first image in: http://www.jcn-photo.com/portfolio/film/portraits

its the “featured image” in fact.. but as much as I tried the same workflow on every other portfolio, this doesn’t work. I also tried the “featured” checkbox in the media images list for the portfolio … not working. “b&w” for example shows the tree (and the scaling also ruin the quality, but this is another subject I guess), when the “featured image” I set is a different one.

any help is very appreciated! thank you! :)


damn, 18 days until your last reply … this is gonna take a long time … :(


hmm … by fiddling more and more… I now have a featured image I want .. by removing the “featured image” again.. and check/uncheck/check the “featured” checkbox in the image from the media list.

i’ve been trying this all afternoon, is this maybe a BUG?


Really nice Theme! There is a way to Rename, not replace, the logo ? I love the Lettering Logo, i want to write something different :) Can someone help me? Thanks!

Hello..I’m wondering..is there a way to disable the vertical mode of fluxus..I want this because it crops the photo when it’s vertical..How can I do it?

Awesome theme but im a newbie and im having a few problems. i can’t seem to activate the the full page slider or any other template in the page attributes apart from the shitty default template. When i update the page none of the pictures that i link form the media are visibile on the main site page, nothing….. i have tried downsizing the files matching pixels sizes to the media settings small large full size act…. but nothing works. Its extremely frustrating especially when you spend so much time trying to figure it out. Im a student and time is valuable please help out if you can, cheers Johan

@jclaude75 definitely a bug that hasn’t been fixed since the last version of the theme. I can’t be bothered updating until V has fixed it. Even when you upload a blank project with only a featured image the featured image fails to appear! bizarre.

@ifafino – you can’t rename it because it is an image file. Maybe ask V for a similar font.

@joeysongoey – you can activate the full page slider. It’s within the media tab after you’ve created the page you want. Everything is in the documentation (i followed it and mine works fine). You don’t insert images into a page i’ts all within the wordpress dialogue box.

@moome123 – documentation is pretty thorough. a giant youtube tutorial woudl proably be like 400 hours long…

we really need a bloody forum or a reply system for this.

Hi Vilius,

I’ve got everything working on my theme and love it! Only one problem – my videos are embedded from Vimeo in my portfolio, and when I go to zoom the videos to full screen by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the player, it leaves a strip of the website still visible like a column on the right hand side of the screen instead of just showing the full video (http://www.oxigeno.com.au/portfolio/documentary/our-beloved-children) I’m using Safari or Chrome as my web browser (it happens on both). Any idea on how to fix this? I’m looking through the stylesheet and can’t find where the embed code would be. Thanks so much. Ben

is it possible to set grid portfolio as the default portfolio style? Thanks, Francesco

How do I set the horizontal blog to show unlimited number of posts ? Right now its 1 page for 1 post. Help please..



that’s weird, by default it should show 10 posts per page. You can change that setting under Settings > Reading. There’s no such option as “Unlimited”, but setting it to a pretty high number should word.

Cheers, Vilius

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Hi there, I’m having a problem with password protected portfolio’s. When I set the portfolio to password protected, the site returns a 404, like the link is wrong.. even when I click the the View link from the admin screens. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?



thanks for reporting. It will be fixed in the next version. The quickest way to solve it right now is to go to Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio and uncheck “Hide password protected projects”. If is not an option for you, then you could drop me an email to vilius@inthe.me and I’ll send you a patched file. The new version of Fluxus is planned to come out next week.

Cheers, Vilius

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Villus, I emailed you about this and one other issue and never heard back. Has your new version released yet?

Jtreid Purchased

One month.. no response at all. How do I get your support on this?

Hello intheme,

Really nice work on the demo ! That’s why I purchase it for replace my website. But the documentation is not clear at all ! A lot of point and features are not explain clearly !! Is it possible to have the DEMO DATA XML file ? It will be more easy and quick to configure ! I know you can’t include all the pictures because you’re not the owner of all pictures ! But it’s not a problem !

Thank you so much ! Hope to have a quick answer :)



I’m sorry, the documentation is clear… It’s me who have problem for reading !!! :/ It makes one hour I try to do working the Full Slider on Homepage… And I’m just seeing “check published for each pictures, in Slider”... that’s why it was not working ! So please excuse me :)


Hey Jabiro,

I’m glad you’ve figured out. Drop me an email to vilius@inthe.me if you still need the XML, I’d be glad to send it to you.

Cheers, Vilius

on captions

a few qeustions of captions (one actually an “issue”) sorry if this is double, but I couldn´t find anything really adressing this very questions:

1. with vimeo I now see the title as caption below the video. which is great! problem: it´s regularly the same line as footer and gets obfuscated 2. is there a way to put the captions also into the slideshow? 3. is there a way to have video as image captions below the image (presupposed 1 is solved :-)

thx for feedback/help/reaction!



please correct me if I didn’t understand you correctly.

1. Other tags than <iframe> are not supported when embedding video. That is when you copy your Vimeo embed code make sure you haven’t checked “Show text link underneath the video”. See this screenshot for reference: http://cl.ly/image/0Q0p1w3O2s34 (under “Special stuff”).

2. I’m not sure what are you referring to as “slideshow”? I guess it’s Full Page Slider and you wish to have captions under the images. Unfortunately only captions that overlay slider images are supported.

3. Not sure as well if I understood you correctly, but I assume that you wish to put image descriptions under the images rather than on top of them ( http://cl.ly/image/3y3o3F410P1o ). So they look the same as for videos. It’s a good idea and I’ll think about adding this in future releases.

Cheers, Vilius


thanks Vilius first of all,

to clarify:

ad 1. I see. ... guess the real question/motivation was: in the end it would be nice to have same way to show captions for video as images, as both are equally well displayed and appear in same manner.

ad 2. I was referring to the “light-box”-like view, the one appearing when you clicked on images. there the caption disappears, as you can see in the demo itself (http://inthe.me/demo/fluxus/portfolio/photography/iceland-by-greta-tu/)

ad 3. great! ... and this might also solve “1.” for me too :-)

thx for looking into this!

btw: any pre-conceived way people can approach you for customizations of theme…?

Hello guys … As the author “intheme” don’t have time to answer… (I see it makes one week nobody receive an answer) ! Maybe can you help me ? How to set up the Full Page Slider on home page ? I create a new page “Home” with Full Page Slider as Modele, and link it in Setting of Worpress / Reading : Home ! But nothing…

Or maybe anybody has receive the XML data demo ? If you can share !!!!! I need to have finish this website in 1 week… I’m afraid !

Thank you so much !


Hi intheme,

I’m using the vertical blog and was wondering how do i use the tiled gallery? none of the gallery effects worked for me except the square thumbnails.

Appreciate your response. Thanks much!



I think you are using Jetpack plugin, which allows you to specify various gallery styles: http://jetpack.me/support/tiled-galleries/

Fluxus theme does not support this feature yet, thus only square thumbnails are possible. I’ll take a look at this in the future releases.

Cheers, Vilius


Thank you for your response. :)

Just to highlight to you that the jetpack gallery options seemed to clash with the theme. It doesn’t work for any of the formats. I’ve tried tiled mosaic, circle etc and it doesn’t show.

Also i tried resizing the photos in my post manually, it still shows full size image which is really weird.

Hello, love this but I’ve couple questions for you.

My actual gallery has two level navigation (Year -> Album name -> Images). Your’s is a one level gallery (Album name -> images)

If you want you can see the actual gallery on http://album.kog.it

Can I achieve what I want with your theme?


Vilius, my members love your gallery (seen the demo) but everyone of them would like to have also the tumbnails under the full site images. Problem is that I’ve more than 100 images in each gallery and scrolling all of them using the mouse is very tedious so if I could have also the thumbs under the full site images, that could be super. Do you have plan to add them?



you shouldn’t upload them via FTP, actually I think it’s not even possible. You should simply create a new project, select your images and click an “Add Images” button. Wordpress then upload your images, resize them and assign them to your project in the same order as you’ve selected them.

Regarding the thumbnails, I can see that thumbnails could be useful when having lots of pictures in the project. The upgrade of Lightbox is in the plans, but it’s not the next release.

Cheers, Vilius


Ok thanks. I’ll bookmark your theme so when will be ready I’ll buy it. I love it very much but I need the thumbs since I’ve many pictures to display…