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Hi there! i would like to know, how can i do to see WHO appreciate or share my single gallerie’s portfolio? I see some “share” and “like” but i don’t know who made it…




unfortunately due to privacy reasons this is not possible. Facebook won’t give you information regarding who has shared or liked your website. The appreciate button only collects IP addresses so that one couldn’t appreciate multiple times from the same computer, but that’s all there is.

Regards, Vilius

Loving the theme, it is awesome. Is there a way to get the blog to be RSS feed ready though?



thanks! Fluxus blog is already RSS ready. I mean you can subscribe to blog content using any RSS reader. Maybe you were asking if it’s possible to add Projects to RSS feed?

Regards, Vilius

Dear people from Fluxus Loving this theme, but I have a bunch of problems with it though. 1. If I try to change the “featured image” in a portfolio, it either doesn’t do it or only does it when I’m logged in. Normally I do all my editing in firefox and then have Safari running next to it. I can see the changes in firefox when logged in but not in Safari and not on other computers. This has not always been a problem! Even if I delete the image that “features” in a specific portfolio, it still “features”. 2. I have tried to make a full page slider page, but I get the same “result”/response every time: “Current page template is not set to Full Page Slider. To make Full Page Slider visible set the current page’s template to Full Page Slider.” AND “No images were uploaded to current page. Please go to Insert Media tab and upload new images to create a Slider.” Well I set the page to the full page slider template and I uploaded pictures to the page…no luck.

I really hope you can help me since my website is my profile and selling tool to the world!

Balder www.madmanfactory.com


Seriously? Still no help? Just throw me a link to a place where you answer this question or something. Whoooooooooop.



sorry for the delay, both issues sound like caching issues. Have you tried disabling the caching plugin and creating Full Page Slider?

It should be very easy: 1. Create new page 2. Set the new page’s template to “Full Page Slider” 3. Publish the page 4. Click “Add Media” 5. Upload some actual images (don’t use existing ones) 6. Click “Slider” and you should see those uploaded images and it should be clear from there

Well… maybe it’s not that straightforward as it could be. I’ll take a look to see if the admin UI could be improved.

Regarding your website, it looks amazing! You did everything the way I would, I’m impressed :-)

Cheers, Vilius


Thank you so so much!!!!!

Hi Villius.

I have a big problem right now. I’ve just updated to 1.2.5 version and in that moment it’s impossible to see my portfolios and other pages. I see also that the FB, Google and other Icons don’t appear as they were…..

My site: www.46020studio.com

Please take a look. Ivo


I ixed the issue with the portfolios but not the Icon problem…


Hey Ivo,

could you share a screenshot where icons do not look the same? There were some changes to the icon set used by Fluxus, although I’ve compared the ones you are using (FB, G+ and Skype) and they look exactly the same to me.

Could you share what was wrong with portfolio?

Thanks, Vilius


Fixed Villius thanks… It seems that when you update to new version there is a change in the permalinks, that’s why sometimes it says page can’t be found. And one more question and thanks for your quick answering…Does this theme accept woocommerce? Thanks villius

REPOST: Dear Vilius, almost ready to launch my website now! Only a couple of things that I can’t figure out:

1) seemingly a coding issue – when I look at my site www.dirklindnerlab.com on an iPad the collapsible Menu bar on the right does not seem to display sub links. e.g. the sub headings under ‘Portfolio’ (Architecture & Portraits) are not showing. If I pressed on ‘Portfolio’ the screen stays blank and when I press on the Menu button again the sub headings under ‘Portfolio’ show. Only then I can click them and go to the relevant portfolios? Is that a glitch or just my iPad behaving erratically?

2) Full Page Slider – is there a way to position the info box in a fixed / static position other than the centre position? I know I can select a custom position, but this one does not seem to be fixed, the info box moves around depending on the size of the window. I would like to permanently position the info box at the bottom of the screen right next to the circular buttons in the left hand corner.

Your help is greatly appreciated, oh and if these topics have already been discussed elsewhere please point me to the answers.

Hope to hear from you soon, Dirk

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Upgrade 1.2.5 dosent work.

” My PF dosent display i have error message

The requested URL /moda/dokumentalne/ was not found on this server.

Apache Server at lubstudio.pl Port 80 “

ANy idea how to fix it?

lavared Purchased

funny thing when recovery my 1.2.4 theme it dosent work to ;( my web is down..

Hi! I’m sure you’ve been very busy with the update and that;s the reason why you couldn;t answer to my post. So here I go again, pasting my previous question.

Im using very wide images inside my portfolio items. My problem is that the theme downscale them to fit the window’s width by default, and i can;t find where to change it.

Also i realized that it’s using a different version of the original pic with a smaller size, and in some cases this brings me problems.

Please, can you help me? Thanks again


Hi, Please! I need to know if you can answer me or i should ask someone else? thanks.

Hiā€”nice to see a new version up. I notice this still doesn’t fix the issue I reported about a month ago,: that on Ios7/Safari on iPad at least, it is possible to drag the horizontal slider images up so they overlap with other interface elements (seriously messing up the appearance of the site on an iPad). This problem is still there with a clean install of the latest version of the theme: can you provide any idea of when this will be fixed?

lavared Purchased


can u tell me how u manage to fix portfolio page to be displayed correctly with update 1.2.5?

as i have web error :(

Can not make portfolio page. Once click the link, it says page not found. Help me out. in hurry..

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Hi – thank you for the beautiful theme! I have a problem with webfont, I have purchased Avenir pro from myfont, and followed their instruction to put the font and css file to my server and put the css link code on header.php. But the font is not showing correctly. Are there any specific files I have to put additional codes? Here is the link to the website. http://sunoceanltd.com/soldeli




so it looks like you were able to change the font into another while using Google Fonts. The process a bit different when you’re using MyFonts. I’ve tried signing up and all they ask is to include a specific script. I can see that you’ve followed different instructions. If you could point me to a page where they are explained, I could tell you what exactly you need to do.

Cheers, Vilius

bzz1251 Purchased

Hi Vilius, Thank you for the quick reply. Here I have uploaded the instruction. http://masainaba.com/StartHere.html. I thought I followed the instructions correctly, but as you pointed out, please let me know where I did it wrong.

Thank you so much for your help,

bzz1251 Purchased

Hi Villus, I haven’t heard from you regarding the web font. I have tried what I can do but it still doesn’t work. It would be much appreciated if you could help me with this.

Hi, I get the following php error: PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$count …/wp-content/themes/fluxus/lib/sharrre.php on line 48

It’s regarding the pinterest api json decode. Any suggestions?



thanks for reporting. To fix this you’ll need to edit js/jquery.sharrre-1.3.4.js. Around line number 115 you will see this:

pinterest: "" 

change it into:

pinterest: "http://api.pinterest.com/v1/urls/count.json?url={url}&callback=?" 

In the same file find and delete line that says:

urlJson.pinterest = this.options.urlCurl + '?url={url}&type=pinterest'; // PHP script for Pinterest...

Should be around 394. Make sure you clear your browser cache and the issue should be gone.

Cheers, Vilius

lavared Purchased

V plz help me!

when i create new page/portfolio/contackt/ page

hyperlink seems to be alwasy broken and display

” Not Found

The requested URL /kontakt/ was not found on this server.

Apache Server at lubstudio.pl Port 80”


lavared Purchased

solved permalink needed to be reseted.

Hello there! I’m trying to set up my website, but i can’t solve one problem(cant find any solution either). The problem is that the “Add Media” button (in “Pages” section) isn’t working at all (nothing happens). I’d be grateful for some hints – thank you :)


ops sorry – it’s the issue with the WP not the Fluxus theme.


Could you please update the changelog so we know what’s new in version 1.2.5?


How to check the appeciate count for a portfolio on the admin panel?

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Hi again. I aksed some questions on the previous page but did not get some answers.

Right now I am really bugged by the portfolio page constantly crashing on ipad and no matter what. I can’t even switch to grid portfolio because it changes the url and instead of site/projects/blabla I get site/portfolio/blabla

Any ideas ? It is kind of urgent because I keep getting crash complains and it’s a showstopper bug.

Thanks -Aurel

aurelm Purchased

site is , again: www.dystalgia.com


These are the responses I gave in an earlier entry that haven’t been answered.


[service title=”Hello” icon=”pencil” image=”http://www.robbykim.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/homepage2-760×504.jpg”] Example Text [/service]


Is the code that I entered.

Another thing, is there any way to bypass the cropping feature on the full page slider? Not doing the “fit image” option but having it fill the page?

For the Project Types and using different layouts, do I have to make a project type for every piece of work I put up, or can I just use the “add new” option to do that and use that project type as a parent?

Sorry for all the questions but for the horizontal portfolio, is there a way to get rid of the left information bar and just have the first project hug the left side? Similar to this: http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com/work/

SOLVED: Instagram icon was missing

After the update my circled Instagram icon in the footer was missing. If someone else have this issue:

1. Open the fontello.css

2. In line 297 change the code from



.icon-instagram-circled:before, .icon-instagram:before

Done :)