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good work :)


Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.

Super clean, one of the best offerings here.

Hopefully got a few affiliate sales coming your way ;).


Too kind! Glad you like it! :)

this is excellent! very clean and simple, and that dribbble feed on the right side is awesome, I’ve got 3 questions:

does it show always the latest dribbble shots? I don’t have to do anything?

is there also an option for dribbble in the top right icons?

I’m on tumblr already but never used a custom theme on it… how easy is it to install?



Hey Daniel,

Glad you like the theme. To answer your questions.

1) Just added your Dribbble username to the dashboard, and your 4 latest shots will appear.

2) Yep, we can do this!

3) Just copy and paste the html from the file Theme Forest provides into the Tumblr dashboard, and your away. The theme comes with a well documented installation guide.

Many thanks

before I buy, “no larger than 48px by 48px”? can I not have a bigger logo on the header? for example 80px by 80px


Good work! The update to remove icons if no ID are entered has just been approved by Theme Forest and should be available to download now.

Just copy and paste as per the installations say and that should be resolved.

I will look into social sharing tomorrow and photosets again in the morning.


yes it’s fixed now! now only the rest along with the bigger logo, so far an awesome theme and awesome support from you! apreciate that!


Excellent, leave it with me, I will push an update today! :)

Felt in love with this stuff. Purchased!


A warm welcome! Thank you for purchasing! If you get stuck, let me know.

Just picked this theme up, and it’s looking slick.

One issue I’m running into, though, is that some images have disappeared, and it seems like they’re smaller one (maybe because they won’t stretch? Not sure about the mechanism that controls that..it may be something else).

In any case, it’s causing a bit of trouble, and I’m hoping something can be done about it!

Otherwise, loving it so far; keep up the good work!


Thanks for picking up the theme!

There is a note about images disappearing in the FAQ , and resolutions for this. Ideally, it would be more benefit to re-uploaded the missing images, so the higher resolution version is generated.

If this is any issue / problem, follow the FAQ on how to ‘downgrade’ the image replacement, so that all images are served at 500px.

If you get stuck, let me know.

Once again, thanks for the purchase.


Just to let you know, I updated the ‘High Resolution Image’ code, and the FAQ . Download the revision from Theme Forest, and things should be a lot easier.


Ah, got it. Thanks!

Any chance of this theme being done in Wordpress?

I don’t use tumblr because I like being in control of my own webspace, but thats not your problem ;)

It’s really great for mobile devices! I tried out your test sites and its incredible :D


Firstly thanks for looking at the theme!

Currently there are no plans for a Wordpress release of any of the themes I create for Tumblr. :(

fr3drik Purchased

Excellent theme and superb support by Mike. Five stars, no doubt.


Thanks Fredrik!

CurtisE Purchased

Great theme! It is exactly what I was looking for, but I was was also wondering about the possibility for a larger logo. Is there anyway I could get a copy of the tweaks to allow for a larger logo?

Thanks a lot and great theme!


Firstly, thanks for purchasing the theme! :)

I am currently working on a large update, due towards the end of tomorrow, that will have support for a ‘larger’ logo of 80px by 80px, as well as a host of other features.

How big would you need to go?

CurtisE Purchased

Ideally the logo would be 100px by 100px but 80px by 80px should work perfectly.

Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to the update :)


Not a problem, and glad 80px by 80px will work for you. Will let you know when the update is accepted :)

daven29 Purchased

Looks good, works great, brilliant support.


Firstly, welcome on board and thank you for the kind words!

Glad you like the theme, hitting up a nice update at some point today, so check back for it tomorrow! :)

Ekstr Purchased

Hi Mike,

Great theme. Love the simplicity while being innovative thingy about this one :D

Like someone above me already said before, can we beg (if you’re lucky we go onto our knees for you) for a Wordpress version of this theme somewhere?


Hi there!

Firstly glad you like the theme, people really seem to be enjoying it.

I am afraid, there will be no Wordpress version of this, or any of my Tumblr themes. :(

Hi Mike, Is there a way to have the tags NOT show up on the images? I love everything about the theme but for photography, those overlays a bit distracting.


Hi there!

Firstly, thanks for buying the theme! I really do appreciate it.

I am just waiting for a rather big update to be accepted by Theme Forest. This has revised tags, and an option to hide the date / post type etc.

I can provided you with a little CSS to remove these specifically for photo posts only. Can you confirm this is what you need?

The CSS would be great Mike. Will tags (in a future update) be searchable or is the plan to have them link to the drop down “filter post type?”



Add the following to Advanced > Custom CSS (in the dashboard), to hide the details on images:

#posts .photo .details {

At the moment, I won’t be adding support for Search until Tumblr fixes it.

You can, as you mention, filter posts, by tagging them, and then adding that tag to the dashboard, under Nav Item 1 – 9. What ever name you put in these fields, you must tag the post with the same name, for them to be picked up when using the filter menu. (Example: Photos in the Nav, shows posts tagged ‘photos’. You can rename these to what you like.)

Hope that makes sense! The new update is with ThemeForest, just waiting on it be accepted. :)

Thank you!


My pleasure! If you get stuck, just send me a message or comment!

Again welcome aboard! :)

One other question Mike. Is it possible for me to replace the text title in the header is an image rather than the small logo image?


Hi Alex.

If you look on the FAQ this is answered there. If you get stuck, let me know.


Hi Mike, It looks like the “pages” link disappears on smaller screens your example. Am I just missing the new location?


Hi Joseph,

‘Pages’ should always be visible in the Filter Posts / Drop Down menu.

Does that help? :)

Hi Mike, first of all I’m loving the theme, has got everything I want and looks great.

The only thing missing that I would like to be able to do is replace the logo and text you have on this theme.

Would it be possible to ditch the text part of the logo you have and increase the size of the small logo part? At the moment you only have square logos, 40×40 80×80, but the logo I would like to add is 65px height x 430px width. As this logo would replace the one you have would it also be possible if the image would link back to the main page when clicked?

If I could get this setup I don’t think there is anything else I’d need to do for my site, everything else is just perfect.

Thanks, Mark


Hi Mark,

Thanks for purchasing the theme, and glad your enjoying it.

I have updated the FAQ on how you can replace the logo with an image. This should also return you to the Homepage when clicked.

Any problems, let me know.

Thanks, mikedidthis.


Thanks for the quick response Mike.

The updated info in the FAQ did the trick and goes back to the homepage. The logo resizes when the windows size is changed which was a little unexpected but is probably for the best when viewing from different sources.

Thanks again, Mark.

yimamura Purchased

Hi Mike!

This is by far my most favorite theme—well worth every penny!

I was just curious if there was a way to enlarge the width on text posts. Reason I ask is that majority of the posts and pictures in my blog are text post. And I was wondering if the embedded images can be a bit wider and not constrained within the text width. I have a few photo posts that looks great, wide and all. And I’d like the images to match in width.

I’ve found a fix to this actually but I’m very new to this whole responsive web design thing, and I notice it screws up the layout in smaller screens.

Much appreciated, Yas


Hi Yas,

Thanks for the kind words, makes it all worth while.

Yes, the width of the text posts is changeable via CSS , just need to take into consideration the details on the left side.

I you can send me the URL of your Tumblr, I will take a look, and give you some custom CSS that will expand the text width for all screen sizes.

Thanks again, mikedidthis.

yimamura Purchased

Thanks Mike! That would be much appreciated! My blog is at http://quillandfox.tumblr.com/ :) Thanks again!

yimamura Purchased

Why thank you! :)



Sorry for the delay. Below is the code, copy and paste it into the Custom CSS section, under Advanced on Tumblr’s customize sidebar.

I made it as wide as I could without it looking strange.

@media screen and (min-width: 46.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags { margin-left: 9.7em; width: 36.55em }
@media screen and (min-width: 55.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags { margin-left: 9.7em; width: 46.15em }
@media screen and (min-width: 64.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags { margin-left: 9.7em; width: 31.95em; }
@media screen and (min-width: 73.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags {margin-left: 9.7em;  width: 41.55em; background:green;  }
@media screen and (min-width: 82.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags { margin-left: 9.7em; width: 51.15em; background:red; }
@media screen and (min-width: 91.5em){
    article #posts .post .content, article #posts .tags { margin-left: 9.7em; width: 61.55em; background:red; }

Let me know if you have any issues. :)
yimamura Purchased

Thanks Mike!

I’ll dork around with it—and let you know of issues!


franwess Purchased

Hi there,

Just a question regarding pages—I do not see a menu item for my two pages as in the demo?

I also am missing some images from posts—I had a look at the FAQ solution you mentioned in the comments but can’t really see how to fix this.

Please help.



franwess Purchased

Hi there,

Thanks for your quick reply, the images issues seem to be fixed—I quickly updated the theme to the latest version. Sorry about that!

I still cannot see any pages though.

The url of the site is francoiswessels.org



franwess Purchased

HI there,

Please ignore previous response. It seems everything is OK now—pages are showing up as well:)

Sorry if I wasted your time.




Not a problem, glad your issue is resolved, and thank you for purchasing the theme. Any more issues, do let me know. :)