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Great template, awesome work :-) !

Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much! Let us know if we can be of service in any way.

Nice work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for a great looking template! The customer support you gave when needed was friendly, courteous and prompt. A very professional service! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on “am_themes” future offerings! All the best! :-)

Thanks for the review, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.


Just setting up the template cant seem to delete the social icons only change them. Please tell me how to delete them.


Hi Fraserjones. Please email me through the contact form on my profile page at the bottom so we can speak in more detail about your problem. Are you using mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, or are you using the HTMl in some other platform?

Thanks for contacting us.


the font style drops when i send this from mailchimp to gmail? i imported it correctly, what is going on? i thought css was inline?

on demo with chrome it looks good but via gmail on chrome it goes to time romans font and not the one on demo.

Hi, thanks for contacting us. Gmail is amongst the last clients which strip down the embedded stylesheet, and while the styles are inline, the font face is set in the embedded stylesheet. We can try setting the font face inline for the version you’re using and that should do the trick. Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page and let me know what layout you are using so I can help. It’s the middle of the night here but i’ll be able to help you in just a few hours.


Hi there, I’ve just tested the theme using emailonacid. Works well, apart from in outlook 2013, the darker bit of colour under the buttons is much taller than the td height, and the line that separates each section:

is much taller than 1px height. do you know how to fix this?


Hi, thanks for the message. Please keep in mind that EmailOnAcid and Litmus, although great tools, have their flaws. Please check the template using a simple test to your own account and see if the issue exists. If it does, please use the contact form on my profile page to send me an email so we can assess it and find a solution.

Thanks for contacting us and have a great weekend.

I just downloaded this email template and cannot edit it in MailChimp. It says it is MailChimp ready. Why is this not working?


Please make sure you use the files from the Mailchimp folder.


Thank you! That was dumb. Much better! :)

Sweet! Let us know if you need any extra help.

I am trying to delete and change social media icons and only some will change. The last 3 on the right will not delete. How do I fix this?


we can understand why working with Mailchimp can sometimes be frustrating but I guarantee that our template works. That’s why we’ve had so many customers to it and all our other templates. We’re offering you the possibility to allow our support team to solve your issues – that means hands down support until we solve all of your questions. On the other hand if you still want a refund please contact Envato support, they handle these kinds of stuff.


For now, if I could have the answers to my questions so I can see if it truly is MailChimp and not your template, I’d appreciate it. That will help my decision on whether we need a refund.


Please resend the email, we didn’t find your support request.

As long as this template has been accepted here on Themeforest it means that it’s been checked by the review staff, which means it’s working as specified. It’s clear that you need some help and we’ll make sure you get it.

We’re looking forward to that mail again.

Thanks for the feedback. Cheers

Hi there,

I have few questions about mailchimp.

1. Does your template support content mode

2. Does your template support design mode

3. Does your template support drag to reorder function, edit etc, edit

4. What about social icons, are they user friendly, easy to edit? edit

5. What about functions like on linked image, staling, settings, content, columns? edit

6. Is newsletter responsive and display properly on all devices.

7. Are links like subscribe, unsubscribe etc working.

Thnx for an answer in advance.

I also would like to know what is the maximum size of image in header that can be used maintaining responsiveness … Other thing is – will email go to the spam folder or will be delivered correctly. I have bought a newsletter which always go to the spam folder while other mailchimp templates works fine.

Hi 30Flux,

For some reason these messages didn’t pop up as unread so I’m super sorry for the delay. Please send us the same message to so we can help out.


Does not seem to be functioning anymore.


What exactly isn’t functioning? It’s working perfectly for me.


hey I just want to delete cta buttons how do I do that?


Unfortunately at the moment that’s only possible manually, although we are actively working on making it possible, we’ve got a new builder coming out within a couple of months.



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Cheers! :)