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Very nice potential – a few quick questions!

1. When clicking on a category, what happens when there are 4 or more articles in that category, the most I saw was 3; I would like to see how they stack if that is possible?

2. The top menu – are those links to Pages?

3. Is there a blog category as well and how would that look like?

4. Is it possible to have the slideshow pause on mouse over?

5. How are the slideshow and post images set up; are they autocreated or custom fields?


1. Check “Wordpress” category…i put there 5 articles.
2. Yes. Top menu is for pages.
3. I don’t understand what you say.. ;d
4. Yes…is possible. In header.php find this line:

auto: false,
Here write instead of “false”..”true”

5. Images may change from the “images” folder. Just replace the default image with your 650×240px image.

Is there really a need to put profanity on the preview? Seems pointless and immature.

i do not see that sliding images is linked to any page/post.

Sliding images links can be changed in header.php also the images.
You can put a link to the posts… take a look on the demo.

nice theme..i like it

I can’t see the live preview, it says it is a reported attack site

reported attack site as well for me

me too! (using Firefox 3)

i don’t understand..why ! !

now is ok ??

reported attack site as well for me too

... still getting: Reported Attack Site! “This web site at idea.bogdanblog.net has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

Google is reporting your site as suspicious. Detailed information can be found here.=http://idea.bogdanblog.net/

Reported Attack Site here too. =/ Not going to risk viewing the live preview.

ok..thanks guys i hope to solve this problem today

now demo is ok ;d


Very nice design! I really like this theme.

I have a question about the menu bar that is really important.

Can the menu bar link directly to a category and show a gallery of the posts in that category.

i.e. Clicking on “Showcases” on the menu bar should be the same as clicking on the tag showcases in the post description.

It is really confusing that it goes to a blank page.

Thank you,

Oh yeah, thank you for fixing the demo. I also checked this a few days ago and got a warning. Its good I didn’t purchase another theme and decided to check back here.

Hy..i don’t understand what you want

Showcases in the menu bar is a page of blog
Showcases in the “post description” is a category

This theme is very close to what i am looking for in terms of layout, magazine style, “read more” multiple stories, scrolling feature story. I just want more ability to customize within the WP Admin area, color theme and the like.

Do you have anything like that?