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No, it still starts from number 3. The Page Accordion.

Can you send me instructions maybe?

I just looked at the download… Uhg. Seems the directions are missing the first page for some reason. I will send you the directions and Make sure the the download updated. Sorry for the confusion.

Brilliant, all sorted. Thank you!

Hi, back with another problem! :[

The side-bar seems to have messed up and everything has moved that was in it. Do you know why this might be?

I sent an email with a screenshot to explain this better a few days ago but just wanted to post on here too in case you missed it or didn’t receive it.


Sorry didn’t get your email. Try sending through the form on theme forest by clicking my profile icon and look in the right column. They get tagged in my email that way and I am less likely to miss them. Please also send a link… way better than an image.

Ok thank-you, just sent! :]

Hi there I have a problem with the home-page Featured category display on the slider in the header of page.

These posts for featured category are not displayed, also the browser (IE 8) tells me the error following streams:

Message: 'position (). Left' is null or not an object
Line: 214
Character: 234
Code: 0

This error is only displayed on the home page and not in the other pages of the portfolio.

Please help me

this is the link:

I sent you an email with the login… thanks!

Ok I take a look soon

I’ve probably done something wrong, but your help is greatly appreciated.

Lot of thx.


Hi, I’m using FolioThemePortfolio v.1.1, WP and all Plugins up to date. I noticed that all Java Script Elements (Slideshow, Flow Panels, social icons mouse over) don’t work anymore. I don’t know after which update of WP or the Plugins this happened. I tried allready deactivating all plugins, but it didn’t work.