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Hello- My site is jessicahiller.com I love this theme. Love how it looks and how the backend works. I started my website with this theme about a year ago. Everything was working very well for several months. Just the other day I noticed that the images don’t show up on my homepage, portfolio page or any of the “Related Projects”.

I’ve done lots of research.. Talked to many people at Tech Support at GoDaddy.com. I read on this site that it could be a permissions problem .. “Check this out (Remember to 777 the cache folder) i.e. Try changing wp-content/themes/folioway/cache folder permission to 777. Worked for me.”

I am not able to change permissions on this folder through neither my File Manager on GoDaddy or thru Fetch.

I’m on a Windows server over Linux. Not sure if that’s a problem, but I was told I shouldn’t migrate until my issue is solved.

I was told it may be a plugin issue. They are all up-to-date and highly rated.

Folioway and Wordpress are up-to-date.

I hope that you can help me. I am at a complete loss.

jecca411 Purchased

There are no posts without a featured image. All my featured images are showing up however they have lost the rollover function.

Please take a look at my site: jessicahiller.com to see what I mean.


The page function is spoiled in the background, here is the error list, you can enable your browser developer tools to see it

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://jessicahiller.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/folioway/js/custom.font.basic.js" 


"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://jessicahiller.com/wp-content/themes/folioway/core/thumb.php?src=/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/92Ywebsite_LG2.gif&w=940&h=390&zc=1&q=100" 


"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://jessicahiller.com/" 


TypeError: $("#comment").on is not a function
[Break On This Error]     

...sponse){$('.pwddefault').val(response);$('#comment_ready').html('<strong>Please ...</strong>
jecca411 Purchased

How do I fix this?

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Hi there

I see you have an updated version of the theme 1.4 Any chance of getting the border issue on Portfolio items fixed?


Hi, I just install the new version. Can´t see the custom tab of my folioway admin panel. I cant upload logo or any other thing. How do I fix this? Can´t see both local or live install. Thanks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic see? no custom tab in the general setting folioway panel. I need to fix this ASAP .


I think you will see it after maximize the browser window.


Oh… I had 14 hours working in a row. I feel pretty stupid now….

Hi. My latest work area suddenly stop working. YES SUDDENLY it was working just fine and I upload a image and it works and upload the next one and show a black square. I follow every instruction on the help center forum (change my cache folder permission to 777 into the folioway folder via ftp) and I have the latest timthumb version. Can you help me PLEASE . I on an schedule and I´m pretty behind. this is my site [url] http://uniformesgalenos.com PD: and my PHP GD library must be fine because, as I told you before and can see it in the site, It was working fine. Please help. Thanks.

Great theme! I’m planning to purchase it, but one question: is it possible to make the header space (where the logo Folioway is) smaller? Thank you!


If you mean the height of the header, it’s defined in the standard stylesheet file style.css, you can simply change the height value there to alter the header size.

Hi, Is it possible to have a single image or slideshow only on the Home page? Thanks,


Absolutely, there are options for you to add or remove modules on the home page.

This theme is currently now working for now. For an example, the back end. I translated the default .mo and .po files into da_DK.mo and da_DK.po respectively. How ever, only front end are being translated. I need the back end translated as well. Something like “Twitter Updates” should be translated into “Twitter Opdateringer” in Danish.

How do we solve these common issues? Browsed the iwak forum and unfortunately as it is, strings containing my kind of issues, hasn’t been replied.

Please, help?


Fixed, please upgrade Folioway 1.4.1 to view the translations.


Is it possible to change the font size of a portfolio categorie?



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...Sorry. Of course after an entire afternoon of trying to figure this out, the moment I post on here I figure it out.


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Hello there,

I’ve been using your this theme for several months already and it’s been great until I activated & de-activated another theme, for some reason my porfolio stop working the links and hovers are not working also the lightbox. Any ideas on how I could fix this problem? My site is www.nohocreative.com

Thanks a bunch!! Jc


Could be some scripts of that theme left to affect, just a wild guess, you can open the console of your browser developer tools to see if there are any error.

Hey there, I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to set this theme up so i can have 3 or maybe even 4 rows of “Our Clients” instead of only one?

So for instance; having 3 rows with i.e. 6 logos (200×200px) each row?



Yes of course? the content width is 940px, logos couldn’t be displayed in a row will be displayed next row.

A further question is: Is it possible to embeed videos in the slider section on the home page? As i can see on the demo the photos are great – but is it possible to make the photos clickable which will through lightbox/fancybox or likely opens a video – just click when you click on a photo in the portfolio?

Best, Alex.


I’m sure there are plugins can do that for you.

Hi Addway, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme for my blog, but I have one question: Is it possible to delete the sidebar in the single blog post section to have the (single) blog posts in full width?

And another question: Is it possible to show more than one picture in a blog post, as a (pop up) gallery or would I need a plug-in for that? Sorry for this stupid questions, this is the first theme I am about to buy a theme and I am a bit nervous ;-)


Hi there,

Thanks for interested at my theme, here about your questions,

1. Nope without customization, single blog post is designed to be two columns

2. the content within a blog post is totally controlled by yourself, put on one or more pictures, insert a gallery using the shortcode or by a plugin, whatever.

Hi Addway We love your theme!

Please help with this: We disabled the slider on the home page, and made an additional content area the top module. Now there’s an extra divider before the additional content area. Is there a way to remove this? Thanks! Please check the website: http://imaginity.com

I am posting the following information because it may be useful to other users: We needed to turn off the slider so that it is compatible with WMPL . We are using RoyalSlider plugin to get the same effect and be able to translate it inserting different sliders in different post

We also changed the Latest work area (which wasn’t directing to different versions in different languages) via using another plugin. (TouchCarousel) linking to different “carousels” in each language.

Hope this helps.


It depends on which module it is, in your case, it’s post #2775 in your site, so CSS to hide the divider

#post-2775 {background:none}

Hey Bud,

Are you ever planning on turning folioway into a responsive theme?

Couple of other things I wanted to ask you, how easy would it be to turn the slider into a oat/blog article puller?

And can additional blog entries be added to the homepage easily?

Cheers matey Rich

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Hi there

First off, really love the theme. Ive just one quick question;

Could you explain how the social links shortcode works. i.e What the actual shortcode is, where do i set the urls for each of the links etc.?

Thanks in advance


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Really like this Theme, but all of a sudden it has stopped working on my opening page, with the following error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in /htdocs/public/www/wp-content/themes/folioway/folioway/index.php on line 22 , for my website www dot arqui9 dot com.

Please help me out with whats wrong and how I can fix it

Hey, I have a problem with my slider. I can’t get it to “count” and change image. It’s just stuck at the first image, even though i ‘loaded’ more files in featured panel. I have tried quite a lot now – changing in the settings within the featured panel. But it wont seem to “start”.

Any ideas?