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InfoStyle – I’m still waiting for a response from you…

The contents on my site are backward – with the homepage contents (and slider) appearing at the bottom of the site instead of the top. Please help! See here: http://thesandstonecafe.com/

Also, how do I change the word “Comments” to “Message” in the contact form?

Thanks, Theresa


As was said earlier by email, if you set up your site accordingly user guide, then you will not experience such problems.


InfoStyle – I never received an email from you… and I did follow your instructions step by step, with no luck. Can you please look into it?

Thank you


Finally figured it out on my own – it would be helpful if your instructions were more clear…

Unfortunetly I could not figure my problem out on my own, as SaraNelsonDesign said here.

I have a lot of troubles to resolve my questions, the instructions are not clear, very simple and I HOPE TOP GET EVERY answer I have been made all this morning to InfoStyle…


All your questions would be answered by mail soon. So be patient please.


Thank you. I had just a answer, I mean, “a phrase” that I didn’t understand what I need to do.

What I would like to have is “how to resolve my problems”...

I will wait (again) more answers, being patient, even if I had to share my website one month ago… Okay, thanks.

I’m (still) waiting for more answers… I’m really getting disapointed.

Hey, love the theme but I’m STILL having issues with the contact form… It’s only spanning a 1/3 column and I’d like it to go full width.

Please check out my site, http://www.fortecreative.me and let me know what’s going on. Thanks so much.


In order to improve customer support all future questions related to this subject please send to support@itembridge.com. Support requests in the item comments will not be taken into account.

imonhf Purchased

Hi, Can you please tell us – how to add a subtitle like you did on every page in the demo?


imonhf Purchased

like “WHAT IS OUR MISSION?” on the About page


Hi, if you want to quickly resolving of your questions, plese write on http://support.itembridge.com. Thanks.

A word of warning to all. “BUYER BEWARE”

This theme looks nice, but is not easy to get working correctly. An “instruction” pdf is included, but it is not entirely clear and people (including me) are not getting it working as evidenced in these comments.

“I’m STILL having issues…” “I could not figure my problem out on my own” “I’m really getting disapointed.” “it would be helpful if your instructions were more clear…” “I did follow your instructions step by step, with no luck” “Nice Theme but I’m having a bit of an issue…” “I figured it out… not easy to find right away” and “You simply stole the Halfcreative wp theme”

Do not buy this theme if you are new to wordpress, or not very good with code. This author expects you to figure things out for yourself. If you are ok with that, then the theme is very pretty.

The author began assisting people, but then just started to palm people off to support elsewhere. The author “Infostyle” is responding with unhelpful responses like “set up your site accordingly user guide”, which is actually a little insulting.

I have been trying to get it working for a few days now, and seem to be coming across the same problems as others in this comment list that remain unresolved. I too cannot get this theme to function as demonstrated, and I have read and re-read the instructions. I am now terribly frustrated and having to tell my client that they can’t have this theme. (many of the other themes that I have used just ‘work’ without as much effort)

It would be nice if the author had included clearer instructions, or even a video to clearly show how to get this theme to work. People may have more luck with the “Halfcreative” theme that this theme has clear similarities with. I am going to have to buy that one as well to see if it comes with better instructions.

Good luck to all who want to take the risk.

vruben Purchased

The WORST template purchase I have ever made! Definitely not worth even half of the price I paid! Easy to install? Forget! You have to manually setup every page and still it’s not working. If you’re looking for a fast solution and hope to get it here, my advice, go somewhere else


Hello vruben,
FollowMe is the WordPress Theme, but not ready Website and it is obviously, that you’ll need to set up every page. Please describe what issues do you have on ‘Itembridge Support’ page and we’ll help you to resolve them.

jstanto17 Purchased

I had a tough time setting up the template myself, but I had a complete opposite experience to most of these comments. I had some of the best technical support I’ve ever had on this. I asked my question, and then gave a login, and within 12 hours of asking they had logged in and fixed it all up for me.

Super thankful for the help and support I received.


Thanks for such comments jstanto17, it is very pleasure!

5 months, and I am still waiting the anwsers…

Dear Freehand-design,
sorry for inconvenience, please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll try to solve your issues as soon as possible:

Can some one here explain how to set up this theme ? :/ No response on the support ticket or even on the mail. This really Sucks.


Hello, akshet_tewari.
Please check your ticket on our support site and we’ll help you to solve this issue.


Had some problem with the server and all my side collapse. I was trying to upload theme once again on Wordpress, but there is a problem” the style.css file was not found. Can You help me with that?

Thanks! Daniel


Hello, Daniel. Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.

Hi Again,

How can I add some photos to the site?



Hello, Daniel. Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.