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When I activate the portfolio plugin downloaded from your web, the company hosting blocking the site because they detect the plugin like an attack or virus.

Can you help me, please?


Very strange, we’ve not had any reports of the plugin containing any malicious code (and I can assure you it doesn’t). Try contacting your host and asking them to unblock your site (which they shouldn’t do anyhow).


I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I love it, but I checked it out last night on my mobile and only the first three portfolio images (on my portfolio page – not a portfolio post) were showing. I upgraded to the most recent version of the theme today and the same thing is happening.

It’s as though lazyload (or something similar) is causing problems. The page is long and scrollable as though something should be there, but only a few portfolio items show.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Not sure, I’d need to pull it up on our test devices to see if we can replicate it. Do you mind contacting our support team – it’s much much quicker and easier to maintain communication between the ThemeBeans team and yourself. Thanks!

I have a question on behalf of my client who is using your theme. She is currently using the porfolio section to fill the homepage as in your demo, however, not every image she is using corresponds to a project or specific category, so now when you go from portfolio page to portfolio page, you see a lot of blank pages.

She would like to know if there is a way to skip certain portfolio items when you go from item to item via the forward and back arrows on each portfolio page?

Thanks Dorys

Ah I see. No it’s not possible to do that out of the box. There may be a plugin that may allow that – or you can try marking the post as private (though I don’t think the post will show up on the portfolio page either).

In the future do you mind contacting our support team – it’s much much quicker and easier to maintain communication between the ThemeBeans team and yourself.

Thanks! Rich

Thank you for your reply. In response to using the support feature on your website, you do not allow support unless an item has been purchased. I did not purchase the product, my client did.

Hey Dorys, we do allow support – you just need to create an account so that we know who you are and can tie your relevant tickets together – ultimately making support much more efficient :)


Hello ThemeBeans,

I really love that theme, but I ran into some problems that I could not solve, unfortunately:

- The submenu is not showing up in the mobile view, neither on my new website nor on your demo site. Is there any work around?

- Is it possible to show only one portfolio category on the start page instead of all the works?

- In your spaces theme, you have a masonry lightbox template for the portfolio categories. Is there a possibility to have something similar in Folo?

Thank you very much in advance, Jonas

Hey Bloom – the submenus are not accessible via the mobile menu, though I am working on an update to have two separate menus (one for the main menu and one for the mobile menu, so you’d be able to add any menu items that you’d like to it.

You’d need to modify the portfolio query on template-portfolio.php. If you contact our help center we’d be happy to point you in the right direction – though it’s a bit of PHP and you may need a developer to perform it if you’re not familiar with PHP.

Not out of the box. There’s quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work that would need to take place to tack that feature onto Folo.


When using the sort order in the dashboard, the portfolios do not change their position when using the prev/back arrows from portfolio to portfolio.

When I looked at the plugin files under editor, it says “Editing bean-portfolios/js/bean_sort.js (inactive)”

Is this the reason the portfolio is not sorting properly and if so, how can I make this active. The plugin itself has been activated.

Please note: my client purchased this product so I cannot ask for support through your support section on your website.


Here’s some answers for you:

1. The sort order is only relative to the order that the loop pulls in posts. WordPress’s default functionality for pagination is to include the relevant next and previous posts, based solely on the publish date.

2. It looks like you need to update the Bean Portfolio plugin your client is using. There’s a few relevant changes made from your version.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via our official Help Center. Thanks! Rich

Hey, not sure if you are still checking this forum but i’m having some issues with the mobile version of folo. i’m currently using it for my portfolio and it looks great in desktop mode but in mobile, the images get cut off after about the 10th post and, on every page but the home page, the images also get cut off width-wise so that only about the half the image is showing. For reference, I have an Android and my site is in case you want to see for yourself. Would there be a reason this is happening? I feel like it didn’t used to be like this when I first created the site about a year ago. Could it have something to do with a Wordpress update? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey there, we check everything – but if you don’t mind, could you forward your support to our Help Center and our team will take a look at it. Let us know if you’re seeing the same functionality on the Folo demo as well.

We’ll figure it out!


Hey Rich, I emailed you guys about a week and half ago through the Support page on your website and haven’t heard anything yet. Was wondering if you were able to look at my issue any further. Thanks so much!

Hey Matt, we had some server management issues when we moved our server last – your ticket may not have made it through (unless you have a ticket #ID).

Cheers, Rich

Hi, does this theme supports GIFs?

Indeed :)

Hi, does this theme supports GIFs?


jonpedlow Author Team


Yes the theme supports GIF’s in the posts as well as Featured Images :)

Hope this helps?

Hey there, first of all: great theme!

I just have one question: The images on the Portfoilio Template have a little Sepia Effect when I use Chrome Browser. When I use Firefox, the images do not have this effect. How can I disable this effect?

Sepia (Chrome)

No Sepia (Firefox)


jonpedlow Author Team

Hey there,

Do you mind requesting support through our official support channel ( )? It’s much more effective streamlining support communication instead of this commenting system



ohdeath Purchased

Hi, I’ve just installed the Folo theme and it’s given the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Bean_PrintLikes() in /www/sites/870/b8f/ on line 23

Any idea what’s gone wrong? I’m a bit of a novice to Wordpress so still figuring it out but have followed the basic uploading theme instructions. I don’t appear to be able to edit or see any of the main body content of the site. Is this error causing it?

Thanks J

Interesting J, Head to the Theme Customizer and disable the Likes option (screenshot:, save, refresh, then enable it again. If the issue still persists, contact us via the Help Center and we’ll check in and see what’s up.

Thanks! Rich

Hello, I’ve a questions, before purchase the theme: is the the possibility to filter the portfolio by category or tags? thanks

Not currently, though we’re thinking about adding that functionality. Thanks!


Hello, I’ve a questions, before purchase the theme: is the the possibility to filter the portfolio by category or tags? thanks

Not currently, though we’re thinking about adding that functionality. Thanks!


Under the URL on the portfolio project pages ( there are three boxes which help to navigate to the next/previous project, or to the homepage. This doesn’t appear on my portfolio pages. How do I add this? I have the plugin activated and have used it to create the portfolio, but I can’t see an option to add navigation.


Hey there! Just check the box ( in the Theme Customizer. If it’s already checked, uncheck it, save, refresh, check it again and save. That should do the trick :)


Thanks! :) I can now see the navigation, however it looks blurred ( is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

Are you possibly zoomed in on your browser, or out? Contact us via the Help Center so we can look into it a bit more :)

Please note that support is operated through our Help Center. To get in touch, create an account, login and create a ticket. We’ll take a look at your issue and get you some help usually within 24-48 hours.

Help Center | Login | Open a Ticket

Cheers! Rich

Hi there!

Beautiful theme! I’d like to ask a pre-sale question. Is it possible to have multiple portfolio pages? With each page having their own subnavigation?

Should look something like this: Main nav: Home – Portfolio 1 – Portolio 2 – Etc Portfolio 1 sub nav: Item 1 – Item 2 – Item 3 Portfolio 2 sub nav: Item 4 – Item 5 – Item 6

Is that possible with this theme? Thanks!

You could split them via categories. Basically each portfolio page will be a page of portfolio posts within the same category.

Cheers :) Rich