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can this template work with virtuemart? any shopping cart?

Yes it should work perfectly fine. You may need to customize the default virtuemart template to match our template.

regards, arrow-team


Ancadia Purchased

Hi Guys,

How can i make the template full width??



Thanks for purchasing our template.

All our support is conducted on our forums:

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regards, arrow-team

Hello, I cannot get the icemenu to show on my website, can you help?


Hi Joseph,

you seem to be using a different template than our template on your site. Fontaine comes with mega-menu position which works well with icemenu.

If you need support, please post on our forums.

regards, Joel


gampe Purchased

Hi Joel,

I have two problems with template.

In Module Showcase is h3 displayed even h1 was selected.

Can you please help me?

Thank you


Hi Tobias,

Since we use HTML overrides, the ‘header tag’ option won’t work. You can change that in fontaine_j3/layouts/module.php.

All our support is conducted via our forums

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Hi sorry for my english.

Two answer before purchase.

theme colors can be unlimited?

The modules, sponlifht breadcums top a-b-c, bottom and newsletter can be divided into multiple parts?



1. Yes you can edit existing and create new colors with the admin panel.

2. Yes you can divide the modules into different multiple parts with a max of six modules per position.

regards, Joel


You’re welcome :)

Have a nice day/evening.

I want to have two rows of 3 modules(total Six) in the bottom-a Module. Now when I add 6 it just keeps getting smaller and all six appear in the same line. I have already used the Bottom-b and bottom-c for other modules.

I have posted it there too. Just googled my query hoping to find any earlier request from your support forum I found this. I saw you were responding here so I just took a chance. :)

As I can see you have not responded to my post in the support forum yet

Unfortunately we don’t work on weekends. It’s Monday morning here and your support question will be answered in a while.


Hi, I would like to know if I can put small icon images in the slider text area? Under the text? Thx.


You mean where the button is? Yes you can add icon images. The slider text area is customizable to your liking.

regards, Joel

Yes exactly, the “Learn more” button position. We would like to put some client logos there. Thx.

Another question is, can you provide the PSD file? It will help our design works.

We have the very first PSD of the theme but only the front-page. If you need it send me an email once you’ve purchased the theme, to support [at] arrowthemes [dot] com and I’ll send it over.

We look forward to have you as one of our many happy clients :)

regards, Joel


ribeka Purchased

Hi, i bought the theme and wanted to install the template “” on joomla…i always get the following warning: Warning: POST Content-Length of 32982499 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 what does this mean?

Hi ribeka,

Please see this tutorial (under quickstart) on how to install the quickstart package.

If you have further questions, kindly post on our forums:

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regards, arrowthemes

Hi, I’m currently on and keep getting the message ‘The purchase code you’ve entered is Invalid.’ I’ve checked it numerous times and it’s right so can you please let me know if there’s an issue on the registration process. I can’t find an email address on your website to contact directly so have to use this public comment. Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Sorry to hear about that.

Are you using the same username as your Themeforest? You can send us an email with the purchase code to support [at] arrowthemes [dot] com.

regards, Joel

Hi, I got one of those Envato Market emails saying that there was an update for Fontaine on August 7th. I downloaded it but there’s no mention in the zip of what the updates are and I can’t find anything here under the item details tab. Can you list the changes please so I can see if I need to update?

I’m using the version I downloaded in July.



Hi Andrew,

Sorry about that. At the bottom of the item description, there’s a link that will take you to the changelog. In the changelog, we have highlighted the changed files/folders.

I hope that helps.

regards, Joel

Hello, please tell me whether you can buy the Fontaine template for College without support with a perpetual license. How much will it cost? Thanks in advance!


Please contact envato support in regards to this. Envato sets the prices for the items, and not the authors.

regards, Joel

Can you tell me if the filterable portfolio uses or is compatible with K2? (I need the extra fields in K2 for my site) Thanks.

Roksprocket (which is used to build the filterable portfolio) is compatible with K2 but it won’t pull the extra fields.

regards, arrowteam


My website pages have an site page height problem. When I enter any page in my website, the page looks longer than it should be and most part of the page looks blank before footer. According to my hosting company, the error occurs because of css file js files which is related to css file. Here is the scrshot;


All our support is conducted via our forums: If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here:

regards, arrowteam

I wrote the same problem in fontaine forum. Can you please help to fix this problem?

Ok. I’m looking into it.

I’ve created the same ticket in your support section:

I’ve now tried on more than one server, I keep on getting an error 404 file not found?

I always use quickstart, I know how it works, but it cant find the installation/index.php

The request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition.

Please check our response to this related thread


I’ve doen that, I’ve made sure that it’s in the root folder. I installed a fresh joomla, and then deleted all the files, and added quick start…the install works, I went and bought a new template cause I needed to get the project done, that quick start also works….so there must be another problem?

Could you request your web host admin to look into the log file to see what the actual error is? The message returned on that 500 Internal Server Error is ‘The server met an unexpected condition.’


Hi, I reduced the height of the Home-page Slider but the text box in the right does not align well. How can I do ? thanks


All our support is conducted via our forums. If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here

regards, arrowteam