Fontaine - Responsive Joomla Template - Business Corporate
Fontaine is a professional Joomla! template with a clean layout and elegant look for a corporate or business site. Fontaine comes packed with dozens widgets and an intuitive admin option panel.

Fontaine has been built on Warp Framework and UIKit, which gives the theme an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility, fast loading – using built in compression of files, data URIs and gzip minification.

Fontaine Joomla Template is 100% responsive

Fontaine Joomla Template is built with many layout options

Fontaine Joomla Template is built with 5 beautiful colors

reviews from arrowthemes customers

I have asked many questions regarding theme issues and used the support a lot yet i have not stated how fantastic Arrow Themes really are. I have ordered all of Joel’s Joomla themes and a must say they look absolutely stunning and so easy to use. On top of his amazing themes is the support he offers, i don’t think he can do any more.Thank you Joel.

As a user of a previous theme from Arrowthemes, I just want to say that they stand behind their work. I applaud the support. ~ zoommsp
LOVE this template. It is exactly what I needed for my client who has a pediatric surgery center!. ~ VectorTheory
your template is really awesome and it was the best choice to buy your template. ~ ramin83
Hi, i bought this template …compliment cause is easy, clean, nice…good job. . ~ denisphi
Joel, I just wanted to say you’ve done a fabulous job with Fontaine , extending YOO’s Warp and combining all the various extensions into a great demo install. I particularly love the template control panel for changing colors, fonts, etc. I’ve been using YOO theme for years but they never had a control panel like this until recently with uikit, LESS and WARP7. Our staff loves the pro look of Fontaine and chose it over even more recent advanced templates. I also like how you provided links to update the included extensions. You are very thorough and organized. Very pleased, thanks! ~ Wendy

features for arrowthemes templates

  • Supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.3
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited color styles
  • 60+ Admin options
  • 50+ module positions
  • Kunena 3.0 Forum styling
  • Zoo & K2 Blog styling
  • Widgetkit Image slider
  • Flexible columns and template widths
  • Portfolio/Gallery up to 5 Columns
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 10 Preset pages
  • CSS3 Tags for blog
  • Multiple Page Layout Combination
  • Custom module variations
  • Accordions and Tabs
  • Module Popup Widget
  • Instant ajax Search
  • Block Title color spans
  • Custom 404 Error page and offline page
  • Easy shortcodes plugin
  • Extensive and robust typography
  • Joomla template overrides
  • Built on Warp framework

credits for arrowthemes templates

changelog for arrowthemes templates

2.0.1 – 30-05-2014
^ Updated Icemegamenu - now included in template extensions 
# Fixed issue with links not having the color scheme in mobile screens
# Fixed issue when using multiple modules in mega menu
# Minor css improvements
! Changed folders/files
2.0.0 – 23-05-2014
+ Added support for Uikit
+ Added 7 module position: offcanvas, spotlight, absolute, mega-menu, header-right, top-c
+ Added new fonts: Equip, Lato, Roboto, Raleway
+ Added native bootstrap support (J3)
+ Added retina-display support
+ Added Stroke 7 Icon font set
+ Added two colors: Salmon and astral
+ Added dark skin support
+ Added mega-menu support with fly-out sub menus
+ Added support for custom background image
+ Added strict mode to template.js
+ Added translation support for tag line using the language constant JTAG_LINE
+ Added overlay color and effects for gallery/lightbox images
+ Added creative layout home page variation and 'Our team' page
^ Improved mobile menu - now uses offcanvas menu
^ Improved toggles to support child toggles
^ Replaced search module position with header-right module position
^ Updated Joomla 3 to v 3.3.0 and Joomla 2.5 to v 2.5.20
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.8
^ Updated Fontaine Kunena Template to v 3.0.5
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.4
^ Updated roksprocket to v 2.1.1
^ Updated rokcandy to v 2.0.1
^ Updated K2 to v 2.6.8
^ Improved font readability
^ Improved pricing tables
^ Improved Kunena forum template
^ Improved K2 styling
^ Replaced many images with CSS3
# Fixed missing two-fifths/three-fifths column blocks
# Fixed missing body classes in page
# Fixed alignment issues with Acymailing newsletter module
# Minor css/js improvements
- deprecated zoo from the quickstart. The styling though still remains
- deprecated mootools library from index.php
- deprecated footer and mid textures
- deprecated some fonts: abel, colaborate, bebas
- deprecated reveal.js and replaced it with Uikit modal box
! Swapped couple of fonts for their google fonts alternative
! Changed folders/files
1.2.5 – 08-09-2013
^ Updated Joomla to v 2.5.14 (J 2.5) and 3.1.5 (J 3.1)
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.6
^ Updated Kunena Forum component to v 3.0.2
^ Updated Fontaine Kunena Template to v 3.0.2
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.1.1
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.3
^ improved column widths for rows
! Changed folders/files
    css/bootstrap.css (J3)
1.2.4 – 16-07-2013
^ Updated rokSprocket Component to v 2.0.2
^ Updated Kunena Forum Component to v 3.0.1
^ Updated Fontaine Kunena Template to v 3.0.1
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.2
^ Updated K2 component to v 2.6.7
# Fixed issue with module layout in Acymailing 4.3.0
1.2.3 – 11-06-2013
^ Updated Lycose admin Template to v 1.0.2
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.5
^ Updated rokcandy to v 2.0.0
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.0.13
^ Improved color picker in Warp admin panel
# Fixed responsiveness issue in Kunena Template 3.0.0
# Fixed issue with K2 responsiveness in smaller screens
# Fixed issue with deviantart social icon
# css/js fixes and improvements
1.2.2 – 21-05-2013
+ Added roksprocket stripes styling
+ Added Kunena to Joomla 3.0 quickstart
^ Updated Joomla to v 2.5.11 (J 2.5) and 3.1.1 (J 3.0)
^ Updated Warp Framework to v 6.4.1
^ Updated Widgetkit to v 1.4.3
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.0.12
^ Updated rokSprocket Component to v 1.8.10
^ Updated Kunena Forum Component to v 3.0.0
^ Updated Fontaine Kunena Template to v 3.0.0
^ Updated Lycose admin Template to v 1.0.1
# Improved performance of bootstrap overrides
# Fixed issue with deviantart social icon
# Fixed issue with background image custom html module
# Numerous css/js fixes and improvements
- Deprecated ie.css
1.2.1 – 09-04-2013
^ Updated K2 component to v 2.6.6
^ Updated Widgetkit Component to v 1.4.2
# Improved bootstrap compatibility in Joomla 3
# Fixed issue with Joomla 2.5 quickstart
1.2.0 – 05-04-2013
# Fixed issue with Joomla 3 whereby on saving template settings, warp exited the edit screen
# Changed the way config.xml reads color fields. Now uses the native warp text field rather than color field
# Fixed issues with bootstrap.css in Joomla 3
# Improved pricing tables css plus other minor css improvements
^ Merged script.js and template.js to optimize load time
^ Updated Widgetkit Component to v 1.4.1
^ Changed order of css loading; custom.css now loaded last
- Removed color admin field [warp config]
- Removed acymailing from quickstart; the styling though still remains
- Redundant color pickers have been omitted, namely: sheet_shadow_color, header_content_color, rights_color, rights_link_color, rights_link_color_hover, all kunena color options, table_header_bottom_border
1.1.9 – 03-04-2013
+ Added checksum verification for template files
^ Updated warp framework to 6.4.0
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.0.11
^ Updated K2 component to v 2.6.5
^ Updated Acymailing component to v 4.2.0
^ Updated roksprocket component to v 1.8.7
# Improved K2 styling and overrides
# Fixed bug with K2 comments in Joomla 3
# Minor CSS/JS improvements
# Improved vertical side menu; show current active sub menu on page load
1.1.8 – 22-01-2013
^ Updated warp framework to 6.3.3
^ Updated Widgetkit Component to v 1.3.5
^ Updated Kunena forum component to v 2.0.4
^ Updated reveal plugin to v 1.1
1.1.7 – 17-01-2013
+ Added support for Joomla 3.0.2 (template and quickstart included)
+ Added lycose admin template (J 2.5)
+ Added three new fonts: Abel, Source Sans Pro, Open sans
+ Added 4 new showcase overlays
+ Added mosaic filterable portfolio
+ Added support for K2
^ Updated the background textures
^ Updated warp framework to 6.3.2
^ Updated ZOO Component to v 3.0.8
^ Updated Widgetkit Component to v 1.3.3
^ Updated Google map plugin to v 2.18
^ Updated Acymailing newsletter component to v 4.0.1
^ Updated rokcandy to v 1.5.0
^ Updated roksprocket component to v 1.8.2
^ Updated Kunena forum component to v 2.0.3
^ Integrated colored sidebar navigation to Joomla native menu.
^ Improved Slider responsiveness to show title in smaller device screens
^ Improved CSS3 tags. now you can choose color in template settings
^ Improved widgetkit audio/video player skin
# Fixed issue with FAQS/toggles in IE8 -> Updated FAQ macro shortcode; more info here:
# Fixed issue with Category dropdown filter
# Minor CSS/JS improvements
- Deprecated tooltip.js -> changed script.js
- Deprecated the HTML version of vertical menu
- Dropped support for GK tabs in favor of roksprocket tabs
1.1.6 – 01-10-2012
^ Updated warp framework to 6.2.6
^ Updated ZOO to v 2.6.6
^ Updated Kunena forum and fontaine kunena template to v 2.0.2
+ Added rokSprocket component with slider styling
- deprecated image preloader due to relative path issue in IE9 when using SEO friendly URLs
1.1.5 – 24-08-2012
^ Updated warp to 6.2.5
# Fixed issue with logo module position/tag-line 
^ Updated ZOO to v 6.2.4
^ Updated widgetkit to v 1.2.2
# Minor CSS improvements
+ full-page layered PSD added
1.1.4 – 07-08-2012
^ Updated warp to 6.2.3
# Fixed issue with copyright module position when used without the footer module
# Fixed module position issue whereby last module dropped to next row
- Removed 'back to top' title from scroll to top arrow.
# Fixed black outline border on lightbox
# Fixed the overflow on the vertical navigation menu (1.1.3)
+ Widgetkit slideshow styling for home-slide style now available for non-quickstart installation (1.1.2)
1.1.1 – 21-07-2012
^ updated menu.css to fix height of text seperator when used on level1 menu
# Tidied up template.php
1.1.0 – 11-7-2012
^ updated warp to 6.2.2
+ Responsive design.
1.0.0 – 03-07-2012
+ Initial Release

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