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Interested in purchasing this theme, I’m currently running the updated version of woo commerce. When will you guys update the theme so that its compatible?

hi, we are still working on other theme update first. you can use woocommerce 2.4.3 first until we update the theme

Hi is there a way to change the blog post pages so that there are 3 posts per row instead of scrolling through individual posts in this theme?

we only have list, but you can use blog grid shortcode for that purpose like in our home demo

Thank you but the live preview here is not working..

Hi mecial1. Thank you for informing us. We have changed the address. Kind regards.

Hey, So did you find some issue for the Rich Snippet ?

Hi benjgallier. What do you mean with issue in Rich Snippet? Can you elaborate me, please? Kind regards.

Hi, I’m trying to use the subscribe feature. I have an account through MailChimp. How do I connect MailChimp to the subscribe feature so that my viewers can input their e-mail and get an e-mail from MailChimp? Thanks.

Hi flavorandsabor. Grab your Signup Form URL here -> http://kb.mailchimp.com/lists/signup-forms/share-your-signup-form. Paste the URL to your theme options ( Food & Cook > Subscribe & Connect > Subscribe Settings > Subscribe By E-mail to MailChimp ) Kind regards.

Worked! Thanks!!

Hi, I just downloaded your latest version and updated to wp 4.3 and now my site went crazy. In theme details it says that I have version 2.5.4. If that is so how do I get 2.5.5?

Hi Sp0ok I need to see ( the config or error log ) Can you give your sitelink, wp-admin, and ftp in support.daffyhazan.com/ , please? Kind regards.

Hi, interested in theme, would like to know if the Shop page can have a sidebar instead of full-width?

Hi. projectpop. It’s possible. You can check this link -> http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/food-cook/shop/ I’ve assigned the sidebar. Thanks for your interest. Kind regards.


dave99 Purchased

What happened to the footer widgets? I tried to do an update and lost the footer. Also I cannot access my slider page to edit the slides. The slide text is broken


Hi dave99. We moved footer settings from Theme Options to Customizer. So you need to assign footer area via customizer first.

“also I cannot access my slider page to edit the slides.”

Did you get blank screen when access rev slider on wp admin? Can i see it? Kind regards.

is there a way to remove the hoover effect on all images on the site

Hi mediavita. Are you sure about this, as example, when you hover recipe image you see recipe information that only shows when hovered. Can you tell me which section that you want? Regards.


medical1 Purchased

How do you change to full-width or change the max-width?

Hi medical1. We define

 max-width: 940px;

in our stylesheet. You can custom it with your needs. Let me know if you have another query. Kind regards.

Hi there i am getting ’cheatin uh’ when trying to add my logo? I have used this theme with wordpress 4.3 and having same problem. Than As per your comment I downgrade it to 4.2.2 but I am still having the same issue. Can you please suggest me the solution.

Hi there. If you to use WP 4.3, make sure you’re using at least Food & Cook 2.5.4 Kind regards.

How do I use Featured Slider instead of Revolution slider? Setting the option “Enable the featured slider on the homepage.” does not work.

Also “Display the sidebar on product pages?” does not seem to work, I have to set the Sidebar to Right on each product page itself to make sidebar appear.

Hi projectpop. At the moment, featured slider is not working properly, require update for next version. We suggest to use better slider : Revolution Slider.

About sidebar, you can see our demo http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/food-cook/product/coffee-snack/ , can u share your site url and wp admin to be tested ( jolt.dev[at]gmail.com ) Regards.


Yelenap Purchased

Hello, Dahz

I translated the theme into the russian language through a program poedit. But the subject did not translate everything, such as setting the theme is not much translated and disappeared settings menu. What do I do in this situation?

send photos:

http://s42.radikal.ru/i097/1509/fb/d727a33d42d4.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i642/1509/b7/6c8814a51605.jpg http://s004.radikal.ru/i205/1509/24/890cdd5bc9d7.jpg http://s020.radikal.ru/i703/1509/c7/8cec0cd471bb.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i626/1509/dd/d4ebf0791903.jpg

Thank you in advance for your reply!


Yelenap Purchased

Hi, I’m a week ago to send a file, you can help?

Hi Yalenap. Sorry for the delay. I’ve imported your po into my localhost. Yes, the string is not transable although is available on po list. I’ve contacted backend developer. We’re working on it. Sorry for the incovonience caused. Kind regards.


Yelenap Purchased

Hi Dahz,thanks for the answer, I’ll wait.

Good morning,

I registered in your Support Center but it doesn’t have a ticket section. Is it solely by email or through this comment box?

I am having issues with the demo, I followed the steps as indicated in the documentation and none of the information came out. Pages were created with absolutely no content, the demo is a big reason why I bought the theme but with no content it could have been any other theme :(

Please advice. Thank you

I deleted everything and reinstalled it, now it captured the information. I have a few questions though:

1. I don’t see the main example with the parallax images. How do I get that?

2. All the pages are done in short code, is there no visual editor that helps build the pages?

3. Where is the support? I saw a disclaimer it took from 24-28hours I believe to get answers but I am already by the 5th day :( Not good.

Hi melizzamaria. We have an additional break last weekend.

I’m afraid your server failed to import the demo content from our server. We can help you with installation. Filll this form : http://support.daffyhazan.com/free-installation-demo/

Hi melizzamaria.


You can use this shortcode :

[parallax img_bg="http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/food-cook/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/straw.jpg" height="500px" padding="120px 0" img_pos="center" speed="0.1" class="pro"]

Fill img_bg with your image url ( Rec. Size 1920×1080 )


Yes, we don’t include Page Builder Plugin.

You can check this knowledgebase -> http://support.daffyhazan.com/knowledgebase/food-cook-shortcode/


“I registered in your Support Center but it doesn’t have a ticket section”

We don’t use ticket system ( Like : Ticksy )

You can visit the forum page, check Food & Cook there.

Sorry for the incovonience caused.

Hi there, i would like to make the tags in the recipe post jusk like the normal post but i could not find any place to make the tags, could you help me to find out where it is? Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Hi muathemewordpress. We disabled Tags Taxonomy from Food & Cook due technical issue. Sorry for the incovonience caused and late reply. Kind regards.


marmdm Purchased

Hi Dahz, I’ve updated the theme to 2.5.4 version and I have three problems: 1. Problem with the recipe grid in all courses. The thumbnails doesn’t stay in a row, between a picture and another there are white empty spaces. Here the link so you can understand: http://lacuocagalante.com/recipe-type/primi-piatti/ 2. I would the top alignment for featured images in articles, in old versions of the theme there was an option in food general sectings to activate the possibility to chose the type of alignment. I can’t find it anymore. How can I do it again? 2. I would to insert again the share options that there are in recipes, also in articles too. I did it in an older version, but with the update doesn’t work anymore the solution you gave me, because files changed. Thank you in advance!

marmdm Purchased

I think the key to everything is in this string: class=”landscape thumbnail thumbnail-blog aligncenter” but I really can’t figured out how change the center crop…

Based on this link. http://lacuocagalante.com/adotta-uno-chef-chic-pietro-dagostino/ I dont see featured image. If you mean this : http://lacuocagalante.com/category/adotta-uno-chef/ the images are not aligned because they already wider than container. Or do you mean something else?


marmdm Purchased

Hi dahz, yes I mean the second option, for example in this link http://lacuocagalante.com/category/adotta-uno-chef/ images are aligned in the center, heads are cutted on the top and it’s not nice, how you can see for example in the first article “Adotta uno chef (2): ristorante La Capinera di Taormina”, with timthumb I could control this issue but when I updated to 2.5.4 all images were again cropped in the center, so my images result cutted at the top, I just would the crop top and not center.


djamel75 Purchased

hello, i by this theme and import the demo but the revolution slider dont work for me ???

Hi djamel75. If you picked WP 4.3.X on your site, please use Rev Slider Version: 5.0.9 to make it works like our demo. If you need that version, open a topic in our Support Forum ( support.daffyhazan.com ) Regards.


medical1 Purchased

This update is terrible. There are so many problems with it. The subscribe box no longer shows up. The advanced search button is in a weird place. The grid flashes small then opens the normal sized images.

Product categories is supposed to be at the bottom of the page but is at the top. The Please subscribe is completely gone from the recipe pages they were the same as the post pages. None of this was an issue until I updated the theme.

And when I switch back to the old theme. it no longer works either. The font is bigger, the logo doesn’t show up, the page flashes small thumbnails then the large one and the search advance – blog, recipes etc disappear after loading.

It also now looks terrible on mobile phones


medical1 Purchased

The layout is still bad the advanced search sits under the search bar the search bar does not work still. Blog Recipe Product disappears when page loads and you have answered NONE of my questions above – not here or in your “support Form” . The only thing you have sent is Sorry for wrong screenshot.

I’ve visited your site through native iPad.

Some elements are working correctly as you wrote above.

The style is coming from our layout.css

( Footer Link and Hover )

( Icon colour for advanced search, but i’m nout found it aligned wrong )

Let me know how it goes.>

The support here is terrible.


dahz_support Author Team

Hey there. I’ve answered all of your query in theme support forum. Thank you.


medical1 Purchased

No, actually you have not answered any of my questions at all. And your last message on your “support forum” said only this. “

Have you checked your problem with disable all of you additional plugin, first?

” Which I have done and then you wrote

“I’ve answered it.

Please use proper word.”

I have problems translatin to spanish some words of the theme: 1- In shortcode Recipe list the word “Yield :” in other sections is translated ok 2- In the blog the word “In” before category. 3 In comments of recipes an blog the word “Responses”

¡¡Please help me to translate!!


Hey gomito Number 1 & 2 is available to be translated. Have you update your po file(s) to get that string? 3. What is responses, i don’t see that ( Leave A Reply, maybe ? ) Kind regards.


gomito123 Purchased

Question answered in FNC support system. Thanks!


dahz_support Author Team

Hi gomito123. I’ve updated your po and attached it in our support forum. Kind regards.


medical1 Purchased

How do you do full width posts. Single posts that do not have the sidebar and are full width?