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on the new version multipage the menu is not static when you scroll down on the single page version then menu stays at the top how do i bring this back on the multipage version

Exactly, it’s just enough to add full-sticky-menu class to nav tag :)

could you add this as an update and reupload?

Hi toycruiser,

I see what you mean, but by default onepagers have sticky menu and multipages don’t. That’s usually the case and it works for most of our customers and that’s why we do not plan to change mulipager to a version with sticky menu. Of course if you have any troubles implementing this feature, our support team will be more than happy to help you out at

Thanks, createIT

What is the css setting to make the background images full width? only one of my background images is full width the others are boxed

where is the setting to change this?

Hi toycruiser,

Could you please post this question to our support team at It may require to see your HTML code to exactly pinpoint where the problem is.

Thanks, createIT

It’s here background image 3 this is in the one page demo and does not appear in the same template in the multipage version when i insert using the same code its boxed how do i make it appear like the above url

Hi toycruiser,

I’ve forwarded your question to our support team. Your issue can be viewed here:

Thanks, createIT

Is there a way to make the point track in real time?

Hi, not at this moment. But we’re thinking about introducing that into WP version :)

Hey, just letting you know that WP version is now available and it does include the “point track” feature :) More information is available here.

From the wonderful comments I can see that a word press version is in the works. I am also very in love with the food truck theme and will purchase it as soon as it is available for word press. Last I see it was about 70% finished have you made any more progress. Keep up the amazing work.

Hey, thanks so much! Wordpress is indeed mostly done, we already closed the development and are now doing tests. We are hoping to release it within next few days, week tops.

Thanks a lot and stay tuned :)

Hello friend, amazing template. Thank you very much! I wish to change the color of the active menu bottons, i coulnd find it. can you please let me know, im using ribsndogs! thanks mate!!!

Hi Ciscooo,

You can try something like:
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .active > a{
color: blue;

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to use our support forum here:

Thanks, createIT


Very nice the Design, I hope the wordpress theme are finished to buy this. We have a project that loves this design, but I need just the theme…

Day to launch¿? Regards,


We are creating demo pages and will upload today (or in case of problems, tomorrow). Depending on TF delay, for 100% it will be available next week.

Thanks, createIT

Any updates for the wordpress theme? Regards :-)


Yup, today in +-6 hours we will upload so hopefully it will be accepted in +-2 days. Stay tuned!:)

Thanks, createIT

Yeah great!

Hi Guys! How does it feel to be so desired? Like a Pretty Blonde in Bikini? Hahaha! OK, you last answer to previous post says more or less 2 days and this happened 4 days ago. Its my turn to ask and also, how will I know that the WordPress is available? Will it show me that option as I check out or you will make a big “STARBURST” in the main page of the product that says” “NEW WORDPRESS EDITION”? GRACIAS! :)


Ugh! This theme is going to haunt us:) To be honest, it’s ready but creating 20 demo sites (each flavour, onepager and multi page version) takes waaay more time than we participated. Our latest ETA is to upload it tomorrow.

Sorry for this delay, but we want to make sure it will work as expected and therefore demo pages needs to be thoroughly tested:)

Thanks, createIT

Very much looking forward to the WP version – no pressure ;)

I will let you know when it’s online, its a matter of hours, maybe days now.

hey, we’re finaly online with WP version! It’s available here, hope you like it! :)

Hey, I am interested in purchasing this theme, does it have RTL support for Hebrew ?


Right now this theme is not specifically optimized for RTL.

Thanks, createIT

Any updates for the WP Version?

yup, being reviewed by ThemeForest crew now, I will let you know once its online :)

What’s going on with the Wordpress version?

already in revision process of ThemeForest :) Should be online any hour now, I will let you know once we’re online :)

Just found this theme,,, Amazing design ! buying the minute it goes Word-Press

So you’re saying you’re buying it in few days? :) thanks!!

Hey guys, great that you’re in the approval channel now. While we’re waiting, did you decide to just show a few blog posts on the main page and paginate them, or will we have the option to go to a separate blog archive page from the main nav menu (or at least from the main-page blog section), and them just home-link back to the main page when necessary? The reason why I ask is that I run a pretty active blog for our BBQ business, and the separate blog page setup is critical. Also wondering if we’ll be able to embed calendar functionality like The Events Calendar plugin, but as long as we can have the full calendar as a separate archive page too, I’d be fine just linking to that from the smaller Events main-page section like you did on the HTML version, and that would keep it cleaner for mobile displays anyway.

Hi there!

I think I won’t break any rules if I posted URL to the WP demo page already: it’s here :-)

We don’t exactly have the calendar functionaity in the theme, but there is a custom post type – event, so using it smartly may produce interesting results.

Blog archive – yes, that would be possible, simply creating a custom link and putting it in the menu :)

There is one feature that we absolutely love and hopefuly you’ll find it useful: it’s the “foodtruck locator”. If your food truck changes location often, you can simply bookmark one page on your mobile device and tap on it whenever you move your truck. It will automatically update the map on your website, showing all your guest where the food is actually served, This feature could be used also for other purposes – looking forward to see peoples creativity :)

Stay tuned, any moment WP version might be available for purchase! :) createIT

Thanks for the demo link!

Hey, we’re finaly online! WP version is available here :-)

Will I be able to adjust the height of the slider on the WP theme? For what I have planned it looks a touch too big and a thinner version would be great.

Hmm, that’s a good idea- we will add this as our next to do feature. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to add them obour support system:

Thanks, createIT

So what is the real launch date of the WP Theme? Looking forward to purchasing it.

It’s in the review process now, we were hoping to have it online… yesterday. It’s any day now, could be even today. Sorry for such an unclear answer, but we can’t be sure how long the ThemeForest review process will take :)

We’re finaly online with WP version! It’s available here ;-)

Is the splash page included?

Hi Bigs,

Splash is not included (you are the first one who has this request), but once Foodtruck is bought, feel free to contact me at – I will send you a link to a zip file with splash.

Thanks, createIT


Bigs Purchased

Great, you have an e-mail! :-)


Yup – you should have an e-mail too ;)

Thanks, createIT

Hi any updates about wordpress version? i had read here that u say its almost ready, its coming the next week, but thats never happen!!!

Can you tell me if it will be available soon otherway i have to think in another theme for my project. Thanks

Hey Jose,

We are impatient here too, as WP version apparently got stuck in the queue of ThemeForest reviewers – it’s there for almost a week now! We are really hoping to have it online any day or hour now, but that’s really in hands of Envato now, not ours. Sorry for that! Please try to hold on couple more hours/days (?).

Thanks! createIT

Hey, we’re finaly online with WP version. It’s available here :)

Hi any updates about wordpress version? i had read here that u say its almost ready, its coming the next week, but thats never happen!!!

Can you tell me if it will be available soon otherway i have to think in another theme for my project. Thanks


We are still waiting for approval ;( if it’s not going to be published today, we will contact Envato support. Sorry for this delay, but unfortunately it’s not entirely up to us..

Thanks, createIT

ok if its like that i will wait for it!!! congrats because its a really different template, i love it!!!

I dont know why my comment its dupplicated, sorry about that