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how to update?

So use Solution 1. You starting to build website and you don’t know how to use FTP?

thanks for your wonderful answer!!!!! Its a mirror of your customer service. Why do you wrote solution 2 if it doesn’t work? Forget it. Its my first and last theme that I buy from you ;-(

I’m sorry you feel that way, but the support is for themes, not for Windows or Mac OS. I will be more than happy to help you if there’s anything wrong with theme or if you don’t know how to do something in the theme or it’s functionality. Your problem is really Windows basics, which beyond our support scope.

The solution 2 is working, but you have to change folder name inside the theme zip file. That’s why it tells you that folder exists. You see what I mean? It’s just a folder renaming issue and you giving out on me.

In my opinion solution 1 is better because you can overwrite existing files without creating new folder. Just remember to backup your files first if you did any css or php changes on your theme.

Hello, I’ve created a blog in a website using your template and I have difficulties to select only one category to show up in the article list. I’ve been using this code : [blog posts=”4” item_width=”one_third” categories=”albert1er”] to show only the albert1er category article but the blog page shows all of them and not only the albert1er ones. Is there any thing I can do to fix that ? Thanks

Please open a ticket on our Support site

I purchased your Food & Wine Responsive Wordpress Template. I am having trouble getting the Slider Images to scroll the top of the website. The Sliders seem to populate as small thumbnails. Can you please advise the appropriate Slider plugin so that my Wordpress will mimic the images scrolling on Food & Wine Responsive Wordpress that I purchased. Thank you.

Open a ticket on our support website

I purchased your Food & Wine Responsive Wordpress Template. I am having trouble getting the Slider Images to scroll the top of the website. The Sliders seem to populate as small thumbnails. Can you please advise the appropriate Slider plugin so that my Wordpress will mimic the images scrolling on Food & Wine Responsive Wordpress that I purchased. Thank you.

As I said in the comment above, please open a ticket on our support website

Hi there,

just wanted to say thanks for creating such a clean, simplistic theme; i adapted it our hotel’s website and its worked out great! Thanks again, look forward to any future themes you produce.

My site:

Thank you very much :) It looks really great! Please rate our theme if you haven’t done it yet.

I sent a request 6 days a go to as instructed in the documentation and I haven’t heard back. I’m developing this site for a client so I need an answer asap. Here’s what I wrote in the email:

Hi, I purchased this theme just last week and I’ve just began development. I’m having issues with the menu not adjusting to the ipad resolution. It overlaps the logo.

Please help.

Hi and sorry for inconvenience. Please open a ticket on and we will help you ASAP.


Above is my website link…m not able to change the logo background dimension and color…even i tried to change it from style.css…but i cant see any changes.

Please help me for the same.

Please open a ticket on our support website

Wow seeing some of these replies to customer, am deffo not buying this theme. Awful customer service.

Wish you good luck with other theme.

Hi I purchased the theme food and wine and in order to open a ticket is asking me the purchase code, I dont see thsi code anywhere. All I want is to paste the food menu into a page. I dont see the option to do it.

Thank you

Have a look at this image. It’s the instruction where to find the purchase code –


das_C Purchased


I would like to buy this template. Before I’ve got two little questions: Is it possible to change/switch the logo-position with the navigation/menue bar = logo on the right and navigation on the left? And is it also possible to change the color and opacity of the bar itselff? thanks.

das C

Yes and yes.


eexus Purchased

Hi I’m running the latest version of Food & Wine 1.3 and I just updated to WP 4.0.1. The review slider on the homepage below the main picture slider does not seem to be working properly. It jitters as the review scroll sideways and stops half way through transitions. Do you have a fix for this?


I do not understand what you mean, please send us and email through the profiles page with your website URL. I need to see the issues, as on the demo site I do not see anything wrong, and we didn’t have any issues with this carousel before.

Thank you.

Theme Updated to version 1.5:

- Illustrated menu template added

- Option for sticky navigation added

- Menu shortcode button fixed


joomgio Purchased

Hi, I wrote Saturday, November 29 to support: you did not answer. Today I upgraded to version 1.5, and the problem is not solved. I have the problem with the insert image icon in the Home page, (under Review Carousel). This: png The image is in code but the browser doesen’t see. Please see your email. Thank you


I do not see any email. Can you please write us to

I think that you just don’t have the image on your server so its is not displayed.

Thank you.

Hello, I like your theme a lot and would like to suggest it to a client I’m working with, however the Reviews page of your demo is showing a Forbidden error. Can you fix that soon so I can include your theme in the list of options I’m giving my client please?


thank you very much. Weird issue, I just fixed it.

Thank you.


dgtldre Purchased

Hello, I recently updated to the latest theme. I had no updated in almost a year. Everything seems to be working ok except the sliding review carousel. Its flickering all over the place. I tried 2 different browsers. Something has gone wrong in the update I’m assuming?? Can you advise please

Very weird, I don’t see anything wrong in the demo on IE, Firefox and Chrome. Send us email to with your URL and we’ll have a look.


dgtldre Purchased

Hello, I sent an email yesterday to the email above as directed. Still no reply… Please let me know when I can expect an update


We have 48 open support ticket at the moment and we’re just 2 guys working together on themes and support, so please be patient. We’re not a big company with an army of support agents but we’re trying really hard to help everybody as fast as we can.

We’re planning to hire support agent from January, so if you know somebody for this position then let him know by sending this link with a job offer –


i’ve installed ‘Post Types Order’ to re-order the menu-items. but i have so many menu-items that it is very difficult to do the re-ordering. is there another plugin where you can do the re-ordering within categories ? or is there a possibility to customize this plugin .. so it is possible ?


all depend on how you want to re-order. Maybe in some cases it would be easier to modify theme files instead of using a plugins. You can write to our support email and I will see if I can help with that. Modifying a ‘Post Types Order’ is beyond of support scope, I don’t know anything about how it is written inside so I can not tell you anything here.

Thank you.


Is the theme compatible with WPML? I need a website in 2 languages. Thank you!



overall yes, but you probably will have some problem with language switcher. But in this case I may help you.


Thanks for the quick response! Can I create different galerys with different photos?

For example:
Page1: 6 photos about ice cream
page2: 6 photos about drinks
page3: 6 photos about all the food?



yes sure its possible.

Thank you.


eexus Purchased

Hi, do you have an updated revslider plugin for this theme?


we do not use a Revolution Slider plugin in this theme, its not included.

Thank you.

Customer support update:

To improve the free support we provide to our clients, we have changed the ticket system to Ticksy. We no longer provide any support via email or Zendesk, unless it’s a presale questions.

If you have any issue with your theme, please go to and open a ticket.

Thank you.

Prepurchase questions:

Would I be able to use Visual Composer without a problem with this theme?

Is the menu built in to the theme or are you using a plugin (if it is a plugin which one)?

Does your support provide custom css if I can’t figure something out?

Do you make a child theme available as well?

Thank you.


1) I sure yes, but as you understand VC elements will have their own basic style, also it will not collect theme shortcodes;

2) Menus are built in theme;

3) Support include fixing bugs and issues, not customizations. But if it will be something quick we may provide a snippet for you;

4) There is a child theme included.

Thank you for your quick response.