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keren banget sumpah :D
good luck buat salesnya gan


makasih gan :D


setuju sama yang diatas!


Good luck ;-)


Thanks ;)

Fresh and awesome. :)


thanks man :)

I am hungry now :delicious: Well done :)


Thanks :)

Nicely done. I like that zoom button in gallery.


Thanks :)

Woohooo ajiiib!! :D

Keren banget tuh indikator menu nya, ga sabar pengen liat versi wp nya ;)

Follow dulu aah.. Good luck ya jualannya.


Thanks, banyak orang indonesia ya sekarang disini :D

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I have just bought this template which is very good so well done.

However the contact.php form seems to have a slight problem. The problem is that when you add all your contact details and a comment and click send you still get a message saying ‘type your message’.

I tested this on your contact.php file as well and it has the same error.

Can you help fix?

Thanks for your information, I can’t believe I forget small codes. I will update the file with the fix, meanwhile you can change it by edit contact.php line 90 you will find this code:
<textarea cols="10" rows="20" class="input textarea" id="text-comment">
Add name attribute so it looks like this:
<textarea cols="10" rows="20" name="message" class="input textarea" id="text-comment">

Nice theme – i would need it in Wordpress though… Plans for coverting this into WP version? if yes, when? :D


I will create the wordpress version if the html have a good amount of sales ;)

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thanks for the time and effort put in

Is it possible to sort the Beverages (Style 1) using a plugin like Qucksand? Really great template


I never use Quicksand plugin before, but I think you need to modify the html & css code to make it work with Quicksand

One more question, When i open this page on monitors with resolution smaller than 1152 x something, i need to scroll left and right. Is there any way to scale the website if the resolution is smaller than 1152?


Sorry but this template minimum width is 1152. So it will have horizontal scroll bar. But if you open it with smaller resolution like iphone it will display the mobile version.

Is it prepared for working with Ipad (full page) ?


Sure, already test it on new ipad, but the homepage cannot be full layout because there are not enough content to fill the height

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Really nice template, works great! I just have a question about the gallery page. How do I make prettyphoto show the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons?



I just notice that a new version prettyphoto have next/prev function, I still using old version, so you need to update the pretty photo script. Or wait a few days, I will update this theme with the new version of prettyphoto

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Is there any chance to make this template work on 1024×760 resolution? I’ve used this css:

transform: translate(-5%,-6,5%) scale(0.88);

-moz-transform: translate(-6.5%,-6.5%) scale(0.88);

-ms-transform: translate(-6%,-6,5%) scale(0.9);

-webkit-transform: translate(-5%,-6,5%) scale(0.9);

-o-transform: translate(-5%,-6,5%) scale(0.9);

and jquery to call this css file if the resolution is exactly 1024 in width. This scales the website down by 10% But the problem is that the fonts get too small, and they become hard to read

is there any other way?


Maybe you need to increase the font size if you use your method. Or you can change the min-width CSS in:



And change the CSS width in:






But the problem is the inner page, you will see that there is book image as background. So if you reduce the width you need to edit the images too.

So I think your solution is more easy but you need to increase the font size in CSS

Did you have WP version.

Very nice work

please let me know if you come up with a wordpress version of this


I still create the wordpress version

please let me know if you come up with a wordpress version of this

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BUG REPORT You have a 404 on tblhead.png throughout the site. Is this a missing image, or unnecessary css?


Hmm, that’s unnecessary css for table header, I will fix it in the next update

I have paid for and downloaded the theme but every time I try to upload it it takes forever (hours) and then winds up with errors. I have a lot of Wordpress experience and have installed countless themes and never had this problem. Any ideas?


This is HTML version, the wordpress version will available this month. Thanks

Nevermind. I realize now that it’s not a Wordpress theme when I originally thought that it was. PLEASE make a Wordpress version of this and I promise I will purchase it IMMEDIATELY .