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Não me adaptei o tema. Ele não é dinâmico, achei bastante restrito no nível de personalização de páginas.

Ficou muito amarrado.

HI there.

Then you must be doing something wrong. If you are facing any issues please open a ticket at our support forum at and we will help you there.



I don’t find how to put this part “Like our work? We are available for one more awesome project!” and the green button “Get in touch” in the bottom of the portfolio page.

Hi there, you can set these at Theme Options > Portfolio Settings.

If you have any more questions please head over our support forum at and we will help you there


Thanks !

I have updated, and secondary menu bar is not working and main slide css crash.

I cant’ also set custom backgrounds there are all gone.

Hi there,

please head over our support forum at and we will help you asap there :)

hello?? i just post a topic on your forum about 2 days ago.. you are answering here but nobody helps me over there?

Hi Alberto.

Please note that support is not provided at weekends. Your ticket should be in the queue and will be replied soon.


ok thanks. looking forward to get some help.

Will this theme be compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast and override the Inbuilt SEO Settings? Thanks!


Yes, it would do the same. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Other than the homepage, can a basic page work with sections and widgets? Or is that only for the homepage?

We have created a plugin that allows just that :) So you can have as many widgetized pages as you wish.


Pre-Purchase Question:

My logo requires more vertical space—will this adjust for a larger logo, or can you help me with that edit?

I’ll also want to remove the outline/grid, but I saw you post that could be adjusted.

Those two changes and… it’s perfect for me! :)

Hi there,

We can sure help you out with that. Just create a ticket on our support forum after purchasing and we’ll help you as soon as possible. Thanks :)

Purchased! Will be with you over there soon. :)


I was going to purchase this theme, it is one of the best among the portfolio templates over here, good loooking and ergonomic ;-)

However I have noticed a problem :

In am a mac user, and when using Firefox and Chrome, in the portfolio section, all the images of the projects when you select “All” are displayed (which makes 4 lines of projects). It is not the same in Safari, where only 2 lines appear. Whatever is the filter we select, it seems some projects are missing compare to the other browsers.

Could you please tell me if this is fixable, it is a bit embarrassing no ?

Thanks a lot !

Actually I purchased the “Meth” theme, even better ;-)

Good, we are really proud of Meth :)

If you run into any issues please feel free to jump on our support desk at and we will help asap.


I have integrated “Testimonial” sections with two testimonials in it. But it didn’t get scroll.

What will be the issue that testimonial is not scrolling?


Hi there

Please open a ticket at our support desk at and describe your issue. We will help asap.


I have logged the ticket:

Please try to give answer assp.


Hello, I have two problems with your theme The first is that I cannot reduce the time of the slides called testimonial, can you suggest me how can i do it? The second problem is that I would change the translation of a few buttons of your theme, what is the plugin that you suggest for this? thanks stefania


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forum | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

I Like this Template, but i need in Joomla is Possible? Thanks.

Hi, no, unfortunately only WordPress version in available.


Hi there, how do I change the order of the items in the slideshow?

Hi, slides are ordered by publish date. If you change the publish date of each slide it will be ordered accordingly:

If you need any further help please use our support service at


Thanks! And how do I change the color of the text in the sliders? (the h2 class “slider”)

As said above please use our support service at for further support queries, as support is not provided at the comments section :)


On mobile, the call to actions in the sliders do not appear… is there any way the entire slider area can be made clickable, so that mobile users can click on this slider, and arrive at a sub-page?


Hi there

support is provided through our dedicated support system only. Please submit a support request via this page: and we will have a look. Make sure you include a link for your site.


Is there only two pages (homepage and about) which allow use of e.g the “our team” widgets? This is a bit annoying… great theme otherwise.

Is there no way one could tweak the website to e.g have 2 pages using the “our team/about” template?

Nope, not out of the box, sorry. For any support requests or questions please use our support system at


Hi there,

Pre-sale questions here. I really like your themes, they seem easy to use, simple and nicely designed. I’m just not 100% convinced which one would best suit my needs. I’m leaning toward Forest based on looks, but I’m flexible :)

My questions:

1) Would I be able to put a big search bar in the header image/slider area? I know it’s possible to add a search bar in a widget, but not sure if the header area is widgetized. If not with Forest, is their another of your themes that I would be able to make the search bar the main focus of the home page?

2) I’d like the site to have a forum, preferably a Q&A style forum. I’m planning to try out the DW Question and Answer plug-in .. and if that doesn’t work out well, maybe just go with bbPress. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have any issue with using these two plug-ins. The forum would be on the inside pages, so no impact on the homepage.

Thanks for clearing up these questions!

Hi, I’m afraid Forest is not the theme for you, neither or themes support a forum or bbpress.


Thanks for your response! The forum plug-ins don’t really need any special support. I just want to make sure they wouldn’t break the site. Perhaps more important is the question about whether I would be able to put a search bar in the header, or in a very prominent position, in any of your themes.

Most of our themes have widgetized pages (Ink and OM included). So you can use a default search widget as a section widget in the structure, and with a bit of css customization you can achieve the desired styling.


Hello!! Please. is it possible to add this scrooling animation to forest theme? here is the link

Thank you!

Not out of the box, it will require some custom coding by your side.


How about a free download of this for those of us who purchased Proxy!

Hi there!

Unfortunately we do not have any such control over our themes a Themeforest. Envato handles pricing and free downloads.

Thank you

Hi just wondering if your theme supports Visual Composer?

Cheers :)

Hi there! Nope, unfortunately VC is not supported!

Thanks! John

i had a dream about this theme i think. idk how but i searched for forest theme because thats what i heard in my dream and i’ve found this. seems to be the closest to what i remember from dreaming.

but i think i need to use this theme to help my business take off

All the best! let us know if we can help somehow!

Please, in single portfolio itens can i use arrows instead bullets nav? thank you

Hi, we have already replied this at our support desk. Thanks!