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I have just updated the theme….but it is now reporting errors. Anyone else having similar issues?


Can you send over the errors? http://boxystudio.com/support/

Hi! I love that you do such great church themes. I’m currently using Rebirth for our church but we need something responsive. I would like to get your feedback about whether it would be a smoother transition to move to Peace or Forgiven? I’d love your recommendation. Thanks!! www.ResLifeNJ.org


Saw your note on the Rebirth page about retiring it. Will move to Forgiven. Take care!


Yeah, I would suggest Forgiven. The transition isn’t as smooth as just activating Forgiven, but it’s an easy theme to work with so it shouldn’t be too bad. Shoot me a ticket if you’re having any problems! http://boxystudio.com/support/

Hi, I can’t seem to add feature image under “People”. Any directions? Thanks!


This issue was fixed in the latest version (1.4), did you update yet?


No. How do I update it?


You should see an update link on the WordPress Updates panel. If you don’t, you can always get the latest version from your Downloads page on ThemeForest.

Having this issue:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Could not create directory

Installation failed.

Any suggestions?


Shoot me a ticket with your login information: http://boxystudio.com/support

If I get this theme are you going to retire it?


I currently use your savior theme. Will this theme integrate well with the contents already in place, such as events and sermons?


Unfortunately, no. Forgiven is an entirely new theme.

Hello. I am experiencing some weird behavior with your theme. I keep getting a “Cannot access local image” error on the homepage where I am using a Forgiven slider and below that the features circles don’t output anything when hovered. Can you please provide any help on this?

Our temporary URL is http://kudzuartzone.h-d-s.gr/

Thank you very much.


Everything looks okay, but I do see some errors in the console. The slider works and the Feature Circles look fine. Maybe some of the issues do have to do with the 3G connection. :)


Yes, the issues had to do with my laptop connecting through my 3G connection. Thank you for the immediate reply and support. By the way, the errors that you mentioned you see in the console, are they related to the theme? Or maybe another plugin? If they are theme based please tell me how to resolve them. Thank you very much, your theme and support are grade A+++


They’re not theme-based, because I would see them on my demo sites, so more than likely it’s a plugin related issue.

And thanks! :)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to leave a comment saying THANK YOU rather than asking for something!

Your theme fits our requirements perfectly. I have been receiving great feedback on my site, and every time I mention an issue to you, you fix it. When I make a suggestion, I find it available to me at the next update.

Thank you for the great theme and great support. Keep it up and all the best for continued sales!


Well that just made my day. Thanks so much!

Quick question does this theme come with Demo content as shown in the preview? or do you have to create this look from scratch?


Yep, it comes with the XML files to import the demo content.

Hi, I want to refresh my organization web site and keep colors and general layout. Here the original printscreen of the web site: http://carolineguenette.net/printscreen-cf34.png

We also need: Calendar Events, Gallery photos, theme must be avalaible in French.

Also, it’s not a Church Organization. Can we disable the Church/Sermon plugin?

I have a programmers background but it’s been a long time since I did web programming (CSS, PHP). I want to customize the theme with a mimimum of changes in the layout.

Do you think your Forgiven Theme can be easily customized for my purpose?Thanks.

Caroline (sorry for English mistakes…)

Is there an updated Changelog? You gave me alink previously but it hasn’t been updated since august.

Hi there,

I purchased the theme a week ago. Is there any way to make the background scale? If it has to be done in code, which file do I add the html content to?




If you go to the Theme Options panel on the last tab you’ll see a field for Custom CSS. Add the following there:

body { background-size:100% auto; }
amaan Purchased

Having ‘security issues’ trying to install this theme. All other themes I tried to install worked fine. Please see the comment from the hosting service below:

Hi I keep getting the following error while trying to install a WP theme:

This Page is currently not active Something went wrong with the site caching! Please try refreshing this page, that should fix the issue.

If you’re the website owner, please contact the SiteGround Support Team for further assistance.


The reason for this page is due to the fact that our mod_security is blocking the upload theme function of your application for some reason: Code:

Error reading request body, error code 70014: End of file found severity "EMERGENCY" uri "/wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme"

The reason however, is unclear as there might be major vulnerability in the files that you are trying to upload to the server and due to this for them to get blocked by our mod_security. I would recommend you first try with another template and see if this issue continues. If it does not I would recommend you to check the files of the template before you upload them to server or alternatively, find another archive for the template and try to install it from there.

If however, the issue is present with the new template you are trying, please provide us with the login details and template so that we can try and recreate the issue on our end and if everything is working properly and it is false positive we will remove the rule that is blocking the template from installation and install it for you.

Best Regards,


I’ve never encountered this issue and I’m sure there aren’t any security vulnerabilities in the files. My suggestion would be to install the theme manually via FTP: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes#Adding_New_Themes_Manually_.28FTP.29

Hello , I have some questions before buying the theme Forgiven .

1. Does the theme is translatable ? Files pot, mo ? ( French ) 2. Can I disable the plugin church ? 3. Is It possible to modify the source files ?

Thank you . Caroline

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, but if you modify the files you can no longer get support for the theme. Just be aware of that!

French translation ready or I have to do it?


You would have to do it. There are english po/mo files available and you can use something like Loco Translate: http://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

Hi, the theme description says that it includes the home PSD but there is no PSD in the zip I downloaded, where can I find that file?


Open the readme.txt file from the download, there’s a link in there for you to grab the PSD file. Sorry about the confusion!

Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme, but the link to the documentation is returning an error so I can’t look through it all properly. There’s also no way of directly contacting you with queries without the Themeforest purchase code, but I obviously don’t have one yet.

Could you share the correct/fixed link to the documentation or an email address I can contact to ask specific questions about the capabilities of the theme? Thanks.


Sorry about the documentation, I’m working on getting it back up and running (I changed systems). Feel free to shoot me a direct email from my Profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/BoxyStudio

gohclgi Purchased

Hello! I am showing the latest version of Revolution installed is 4.3.5. The plugin has now been updated to 4.6.5. Any projection on when we’ll get the new release for Forgiven theme?


Vimeo should work fine. Shoot me a ticket, I’ll help you get it updated! http://boxystudio.com/support/

gohclgi Purchased

Vimeo in a Revolution slider is still not working for me. Added a support ticket. Thanks.


Okay, I’ll get back ‘atcha on Monday. Thanks for sending over a ticket!

In my Forgiven:page settings event countdown option is not showing. can you help me?


You’re welcome!


In tribe bar in event page the event views selection bar is not showing. WHY?


Not sure what you mean, a screenshot maybe?

DaddyDez Purchased

Thank you for such a great theme. I was wondering if there was a way to change any “Sermon” references to just “Audio” or to set up an audio page just like the sermon one to be featured in the sermon area of the homepage? is it a css file that i can edit? once again, thank you.