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catoui Purchased

Hi, I’ve dowloaded the files and I don’t see any links to the PSD in the READ ME file…

Sorry, Forgiven doesn’t have a PSD file.

Great theme! Is there a way I can change the overall page width? I tried it on style.css but it doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks in advance.

Customizations to the theme aren’t covered under our free support. You could adjust the page width but a lot of other items would need to be adjusted in order to look right. Image sizes, slider size, etc.

Hello Guys!!....Would you consider adding an option to upload a background image for pages? That would be helpful. Thanks

Hi, please advise if it’s possible to support multiple languages with this theme.

Not at this time, sorry.

On the demo site, the menu remains visible when scrolling. Is it possible to keep the header visible as well? A client wants to keep it visible at all times and want to confirm before possibly purchasing.

You cannot do that, but with some customizations it would be possible.

I try and install theme. It fails saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I figured it out.

I get a broken link when trying to access the Forgiven Add-Ons when hitting the Install link from the Plugins page from the Dashboard.

The same is for all the plugins mentioned in the notice.

Cannot find Featured Circles section either.

All support requests like this are handled via our support desk. Shoot me a ticket with a URL and your login information so I can take a look:


Is there a way on the Staff template to leave off the button for “Read Biography”? I am just wanting to have a page with the full staff pictured and contact info, but no individual pages with biographical info. Thanks!

That works great! Thanks! Is there a line of code or something that I can do to add the email addresses under the phone number on that “full staff” page? I can add the email address to the “excerpt”, but I would prefer it to have the same font style as the “Position” and “Phone number” listed.

Thanks again for your time.

For that you would need to customize the PHP templates. Our free support doesn’t cover that, sorry!

Ok. Thanks for replying.


gohclgi Purchased

Hello, we’d like to explore the option to include a ‘buy now’ button on the sermons to purchase a high quality audio file. Do you have a list of recommended ecommerce plugins that will work with the theme?


gohclgi Purchased

No, I have added an MP3 to the sermon and the “save audio” button does not appear. The PDF button appears, but the MP3 did not (automatically).

Hmmm, can you submit a ticket with your login information so I can take a look? Feel free to ask for me by name (Justin Scheetz) so the support agent can reassign it to me:

gohclgi Purchased

Sent, thank you!

How do i add the social icons to the footer? Also, am I able to use Sermon Manager as my default sermon plugin?

Appearance > Theme Options > Footer Settings

I haven’t used Sermon Manager so I’m not sure about that.

Can the Sermon plugin be disabled separately? It seems as thought it’s linked to the staff and events page/plugin. I wanted to replace the sermon plugin with another similar plugin for sermons.

Sorry, no.

Where to find the sermon rss?

You will need to add the “post_type” variable to the feed URL. For example, if your URL is then the feed would be here:

Nice theme. I Really appreciate the fact that it supports Church Theme Content Plugin! In the future, if I will need to change theme I won’t lose all sermons, people ect. (as long as I migrate to another theme that support that plugin…). Some questions: - which languages are available? (I need italian) - how do you handle premium plugin update and support? Will I have direct access security updates and support from the actual maker of the plugin?

Thank you.

I don’t have any languages available, but you can translate using Loco Translate or POEdit.

As for plugin updates and support, you would only get premium plugin support from the Church Theme Content plugin developers, not us. You have access to our support for the theme only. Hope that makes sense!

Have you considered adding featured image or thumbnail support at the series level for sermons? It would be great to be able to set the series image at that level and only have it be overwritten if a featured image was set at the individual sermon level. It might also be mice to set a different large image for the series archive pages where individual sermons are listed.

Overall… I’m very pleased with my purchase and look forward to any future enhancements.

Before I changed to the Forgiven theme, I used category podcasting in Powerpress and sent our podcast through iTunes from the “Posts” page. Since we’ve switched to Forgiven, I’m using the SERMONS template, but our podcast is not showing up. I turned off Category Podcasting in Powerpress and no luck there either. I’m talking to Powerpress about this as well. They suggest using a 301 redirect for the new feed since I’m not using Category Podcasting any more, but the feed from the sermons page (I went to “page source” on my SERMONS page and searched for “rss”) contains the same info as the “old” feed. They also suggested going back to Category Podcasting, but categories aren’t available on the SERMONS template that I can find. Is that possible, or is there a way to link a post from the POSTS page to the SERMONS template?

Just trying to figure out the best route to go about this.