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The church I work for uses this theme but I don’t have the purchase info required to submit a ticket. Is there a way to change the colors for the sidebar? I can’t find it anywhere under Customize. I’m using a form (ninja forms) in the sidebar and it’s reverting the text color to black instead of the grey (color I’ve selected for text) that it automatically reverts to on the webpages.

Shoot me a ticket into the General Questions category and I’ll give you a hand. :)

Where are the settings for the slider? Not the revolution slider. I disabled all slider plugins but the slider still exists, so it’s not in any slider plugin settings. I just want to be able to change the images.

Shoot me a ticket and I can take a look for you:

Hi, I purchased this theme, and I love it. However, I have some questions:
  • How to get the upcoming events on my site just like this template: ? Which settings do I need to use? I am using The Events Calendar (non-pro version)
  • How to get a page on my site just like this template: Which settings do I need to use?
  • In the theme options I am setting colours for The Events Calendar, however they don’t get applied, did I forgot something?

ps ; The last question is invalid

  1. The template you’re seeing does not use Event Calendar plugin, it uses the Church Theme Content events. If you disable Event Calendar you will see the events functionality from the other plugin appear and then you can use that template.
  2. Create a page called “Blog” or whatever you’d like. Go to Settings > Reading and choose that page as your Page for Posts page.

Please update the status of WPML compatible. thank you!

I have a question concerning the sermon layout. We only do audio sermons. Can the audio player and save pdf etc buttons be accesible without clicking on the “view sermon” button? Basically, the layout you have for the featured sermon on the home page is what I would like for all the sermons in the archive to look like without having to click on “view sermon” button. Is this possible? I hope my question is not confusing.

Sorry, not at this time. They will need to view the full sermon to download the PDF, etc.

why doesn’t your demo content come with any actual pages/layouts?

It does come with pages, posts, woocommerce products, church sermons, etc. Have you purchased the theme and ran the import? If you’re having issues, feel free to shoot me a ticket:

hi, I just reuploaded and it worked. If I have additional questions, I’ll reach out on your support site. Thanks.

Hello, I’ve just come across a little quirk on the post comments format of my site. Might have been something I changed in the code at some point, but the post author isn’t displaying on the post comment box. It just displays ‘Says:’. You can see it on this page:

Any quick code fix for that? Thanks! Love the theme.

Forgiven got a recent update to fix this issue (I believe), do you have the most recent version of the theme installed? The latest version is 2.0.91

It seems like WP 4.3 just hit today. Is Forgiven compatible?

Also, I upgraded to the paid version of Slider Revolution so I could get specific support there. Users might want to know that you currently have to disable “Forgiven Add-Ons” to import any slider templates downloaded from them.

You may see some errors when updating to 4.3 if you have WP_DEBUG turned on. If you don’t though, there’s no issue. I’m working on an update to fix these messages though.

Hello Guys!!....Would you consider adding an option to upload a background image for pages? That would be helpful. Thanks